from "Dances With Wolves"

A Native American Version Of The
Twenty Third Psalm


The Great Spirit is my herdsman. He provides what I need.
He causes me to rest where the green grass grows.
He takes me to the silent waters.
My soul he brings back to full strength.
I walk the right path because he is my guide.
This brings honor to His name.

When I cannot safely travel on high ground, but must
walk the dark valley below, I am not afraid.
When death hides in the shadows, I will not fear evil
because you are by my side.
I feel very secure when I see your strong rod of power
and your walking stick that gives me support.

You make my enemies watch while I sit down to feast
at your table.
You cause many special favors to fall on me.
So many that I can't hold them all in my hands.
I know that good things and favors from you will be
my companions for the rest of my days,
and I will live where you live forever.


© 1990 John McClure
2445 S.W. 46th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

 Many thanks for these pictures, Silverhawk.

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