Descendants of Christian Fry

Generation No. 1

1. CHRISTIAN1 FRY was born in Germany, and died 1809 in the American colonies. He married CATHERINE ?. The Children of CHRISTIAN FRY and CATHERINE ? were: 2. i. JACOB FRY, b. Virginia; d. 1842-1845, Johnson Co., IA. 3. ii. GEORGE FRY, b. 06 Dec 1785, Germany; d. 27 Mar 1831. 4. iii. ABRAHAM FRY, b. Abt. 1787; d. 22 Aug 1827, Green Co., PA. iv. JOHN FRY, b. 1802; m. MARY A. OLDAKER.

Generation No. 2

2. JACOB FRY (CHRISTIAN1)1 was born in Virginia, and died 1842-1845 in Johnson Co., IA. He married SUSANNAH PECKENPAUGH2,(b. 25 Oct 1785 d. between 1842-45, Johnson Co., IA)the daughter of GEORGE BECKENBAUGH and SUSANNA ? abt 1803. For more information on the BECKENBAUGH/PECKENPAUGH family see Dave Pickenpaugh's site. More About JACOB FRY: Fact 1: Jacob was a soldier in War of 1812 and moved to OH in 1829 Fact 2: Jacob died between 1842 and 1845 in Johnson Co., Iowa. Fact 3: He is buried in Frytown Cemetary, 10 miles W of Iowa City Fact 4: Along with his brother, Abraham, Jacob was one of the first white settlers of Licking Co., OH Fact 5: He moved to Johnson Co., IA in 1839 Fact 6: According to the Frytown, Johnson Co., IA history book (source #4 below), Jacob's date of birth was 21 Oct. 1785. This would conflict with the above date of his brother, George's birthdate also in 1785. His gravestone indicates his date of death as 15 Jul 1842 (at the age of 56y 9m 25d). Interred at the Church of Christ in Frytown, IA. More About SUSANNAH PECKENPAUGH FRY Fact 1: Died 10 Oct 1849, Washington Twp, Johnson Co., IA at the age of 58y 7m 6d. This would put her birthdate at 4 Mar 1791. Susannah was born in Franklin Twp., Green Co., PA. Interred at the Church of Christ in Frytown, IA (source #4 below).

Photos of Jacob and Susannah Fry's headstones and a view of Frytown, IA Thank you cousin Dave for sharing these pictures!

The children of JACOB FRY and SUSANNAH PECKENPAUGH were: i. EVE FRY, b. 1803, Green Co., PA3; d. 1885. ii. ELISABETH FRY, b. 1807, Green Co., PA5; d. 1899; m. JACOB OLDAKER. 5. iii. GEORGE W. FRY, b. 1809, Green Co., PA; d. 1901. 6. iv. TITUS R. FRY, b. 02 Feb 1811, Berkeley Co., VA (WVA); d. 1902. v. WILLIAM FRY, b. 1813. 7. vi. ENOS FRY, b. 1815. Enos was a wagonmaker vii. MARY E. (POLLY) FRY, b. 1817; d. 1901. viii. SUSANNAH FRY, b. 1819; d. 1895. 8. ix. JOHN FRY, b. 1820, Licking Co., OH; d. 1902. 9. x. MARSHALL FRY, b. 1822; d. 22 May 1863 Killed near Vicksburg in Civil War xi. ANGELINE (ANNE) FRY, b. 1825. xii. JACOB FRY, b. 19 Jul 1826. xiii. ABRAHAM FRY, b. 1830; d. 1890. xiv. JAMES FRY, b. 1832. 3. GEORGE2 FRY (CHRISTIAN1)was born 06 Dec 1785 in Germany, and died 27 Mar 1831. He married ELIZABETH PECKENPAUGH, daughter of GEORGE BECKENPAUGH and SUSANNA ? and sister of Susannah, the wife of Jacob Fry. Children of GEORGE FRY and ELIZABETH PECKENPAUGH are: i. TAMZEN FRY, b. 17 May 1806; m. ? CROUSE. ii. WILLIAM FRY, b. 09 Jun 1808; m. SUSANA STRONSNIDER. iii. SUSANNA FRY, b. 19 Sep 1810; m. CHRISTIAN SELLERS , JR. iv. GEORGE FRY, b. 07 May 1813. v. SARAH FRY, b. 13 Feb 1816; m. JOB THROCKMORTON. vi. ELIZABETH FRY, b. 20 Nov 1818; m. SOLOMON GUTHRIE. vii. JOHN FRY, b. 08 Jan 1822. viii. CATHERINE FRY, b. 09 May 1826. 4. ABRAHAM2 FRY (CHRISTIAN1)was born Abt. 1787, and died 22 Aug 1827 in Green Co., PA. He married MARY PECKENPAUGH Abt. 1814, daughter of GEORGE BECKENPAUGH and SUSANNA ? and sister of Susannah and Elizabeth, above. Notes for MARY PECKENPAUGH: After her husband, Abraham Fry, died after returning from procuring the family farm in Licking Co., OH., Mary went on to the farm. She took her 6 children and, being pregnant with her 7th, loaded up the wagon with all their belongings and travelled to OH, camping at night along the road. The children of ABRAHAM FRY and MARY PECKENPAUGH were: i. ABRAHAM FRY, b. 06 Jan 1816, Green Co., PA; m. (1) SARAH MYERS; m. (2) ELIZABETH BISHOP, 03 Nov 1864. ii. GEORGE FRY, b. 29 Sep 1817, Green Co., PA; d. 09 Mar 1900, Rappey, IA; m. DELILAH JACK, 02 Jul 1844. Delilah was b. 11 Jun 1864 d. 1885, in Rappey, IA.(note: these dates do not seem correct, but are quoted from the Beckenbach book cited below. It is possible that her birth and marriage dates are switched...) iii. JOHN FRY, b. 04 Sep 1824, Green Co., PA; m. REBECCA LIMING, 17 Feb 1849. iv. JACOB FRY, b. Aft. 22 Aug 1827.

Generation No. 3

5. GEORGE W. FRY (JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)was born 1809 in Green Co., PA, and died 1901. He married KATIE KEPLER in 1833. More About GEORGE W. FRY: Fact 1: George moved to Iowa in the Fall of 1839 Fact 2: Geoge and Katie had 13 children - only 7 are named, the rest are unknown at this time. The Children of GEORGE FRY and KATIE KEPLER were: 10. i. OZIAS FRY, b. 1832, OH. 11. ii. VIRGIL FRY, b. 1832, OH iii. MELISSA FRY. 12. iv. ISIAH FRY. v. SARAH FRY. vi. AMOS FRY. vii. MARY M. FRY. 6. TITUS R. FRY (JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1) was born 02 Feb 1811 in Berkeley Co., VA (WVA), and died in 1902. He married JANE PRESTON (b. 28 Oct 1815, Licking Co., OH), daughter of SAMUEL PRESTON and RACHEL FROST. The children of TITUS FRY and JANE PRESTON were: i. MARY J.4 FRY, b. 1836. ii. RACHEL E. FRY, b. 1838. 13. iii. SAMUEL PRESTON FRY, b. 15 Jun 1840,Johnson Co., IA. iv. WILLIAM A. FRY, b. 1842 v. AMANDA FRY, b. 1844 vi. ESTA FRY, b. 1850 vii. FLORENCE E. FRY, b. 05 Feb 1854 7. ENOS FRY (JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1) was born 1815. He married HESTER JOHNSON 28 Dec 1843. ENOS was a wagonmaker. The children of ENOS FRY and HESTER JOHNSON were: i. HARRIETT FRY, b. 1845 ii. CHARLES FRY, b. 1848 iii. ELLEN FRY, b. 1851 8. JOHN3 FRY (JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)was born 1820 in Licking Co., OH, and died 1902. He married (1) MARGARET HARRIS 17 Sept 1841 in Johnson Co, IA. He married (2) AGNES M. SEITZ (b. 1856)24 Oct 1878 in Johnson Co, IA. The children of JOHN FRY and MARGARET HARRIS were: i. JAKE FRY, b. 1844. ii. THEODORE FRY, b. 1846., m. Nancy ? (b. 1849, OH) iii. ELIZA FRY, b. 1850. 14. iv. ELIAS H. FRY, b. 1852. v. LAURA, b. 1855. vi. CORA FRY, b. 1858. vii. SILAS FRY, b. 03 Oct 1860 viii. PLEASANT H. FRY, b. 1862. ix. IDA FRY, b. 1864. x. INFANT FRY. xi. CLARA FRY, b. 01 Jan 1870 The children of JOHN FRY and AGNES SEITZ were: x. HARRY FRY, b. abt 1880, m. MABEL TAYLOR. xi. FRED FRY, m. NELL WAGNER. xii. FRANK FRY, m. EVA STONER. xiii. EARL FRY, m. HETTIE SHAVER. xiv. LEO FRY, m. VI BILLINGS. xv. GEORGE FRY, m. NELLIE CRAW. xvi. GERALD FRY, m. ETTIE ?. xvii. GERTRUDE FRY, m. HARRY BIGELOW. 15. xviii. CLIFFORD LAMONT FRY, b. 09 Apr 1901. 9. MARSHALL FRY (JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1) was born 1822, and died 22 May 1863. He married ELIZA HUMPHREY 21 Jul 1846. Marshall was killed near Vicksburg in the Civil War. The children of MARSHALL FRY and ELIZA HUMPHREY were: i. JOHN H. FRY, b. 01 May 1851. ii. FRANK FRY, b. 1853. iii. ANNE FRY, b. 1855. iv. CORDELIA FRY, b. 1856. v. ELIZABETH FRY, b. 1859.

Generation No. 4

10. OZIAS FRY (GEORGE W., JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1) married ADALINE ? (b. 1833 IN) in 1859. The children of OZIAS FRY and ADALINE ? were: i. WILLIAM FRY, b. 1855, IA. ii. ELIZA FRY, b. 1857, IA. iii. LILLIE M. FRY, b. 1865, IA iv. NELLIE FRY, b. 1869, IA v. EDGAR C. FRY, b. 1872, IA 11. VIRGIL FRY (GEORGE W., JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1) was b. 1833 in OH, m. HARIET ? (b. 1839, OH) The children of VIRGIL FRY and HARIET were: i. CHARLES FRY, b. 1859, IA ii. FRANK FRY, b. 1860, IA iii. CATHARINE FRY, b. 1862, IA iv. MARY J.FRY, b. 1863, IA v. OVILLA FRY, b. 1869, IA 12. ISIAH FRY (GEORGE W., JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1) was b. Apr 1836 in Johnson Co, IA. He married MARTHA ? (b. Mar 1843, IA) in 1861. The children of ISIAH FRY and MARTHA ? were: i. LUCY FRY, b. 1862. ii. ELLEN FRY, b. 1865. iii. WILLIAM FRY, b. 1867. iv. CLARA FRY, b. 1868 13. SAMUEL PRESTON FRY (TITUS R.3, JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1) was born 15 Jun 1840 in Germany. He married FIONNA MELINDA GROSSCUP (b. 01 May 1848 Ashland Co., OH, d. 1921), the daughter of DANIEL GROSSCUP and FIANNA STOBER. Here is an early photo of Samuel and Fionna.

The children of SAMUEL FRY and FIONNA GROSSCUP were: i. HAYES ALLEN5 FRY, b. 10 Oct 1876, Iowa City, IA; d. 10 Oct 1958; m. IRENE DAVIS. ii. EDNA GRACE FRY, b. 04 Feb 1878, Santa Ana, CA; m. ROSCOE WILSON, 20 Jun 1900. iii. JESSIE MAY FRY, b. 10 Mar 1880, Albert Lea, MN; m. MARTIN E. STONER, 10 Oct 1900. iv. MARY EDITH FRY, b. 01 Mar 1882, Iowa City, IA; d. 30 Sep 1943, Arlington, VA; m. LORING W. BEESON, 03 Dec 1902. v. STELLA BELLE FRY, b. 25 Sep 1885, Iowa City, IA; d. 08 Jan 1908; m. WILLIAM LLOYD ROWLAND. vi. ANNASTATIA FRY, b. 31 May 1887; d. 13 May 1947; m. (1) WARD ROWLAND; m. (2) ? ANDREWS. vii. GLENN GROSSCUP FRY, b. 16 May 1890, Anaheim, CA; m. ELIZABETH NAGEL, 11 Oct 1923. David Fry descends from this family and is my 2nd cousin once removed. viii. ELLA LEORA FRY, b. 20 Aug 1892, Tucson, AZ; m. NATHAN LYNN, 12 Oct 1910. 14. ELIAS H. FRY (JOHN3, JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)was born 1852. He married ALFARETTA PALMER 03 Jun 1875 in Johnson Co., IA. The children of ELIAS FRY and ALFARETTA PALMER were: i. JOHN E. FRY, b. 25 July 1876. ii. ROVENA FRY, b. 1878. iii. ELLA LORRAINE FRY, b. 1879. 15. CLIFFORD LAMONT FRY (JOHN3, JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)was born 09 Apr 1901. He married ISABELLE LILA HARTSOCK (1904-1958), the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Hartsock, 25 Dec 1922. The children of CLIFFORD FRY and ISABELLE HARTSOCK were: i. PHYLLIS FRY, m. EVERETT WELLS. ii. DOROTHEA FRY, m. FRED GRETZ.


1. Edwin T. and Atha Peckenpaugh Brace, Descendants of Johann Adam and Anna Maria Beckenbach, (Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD 1975). 2. Erin Peters descends from Clifford Fry above. For information on her line Erin Wells Peters Fry Page. 3. Information on my own line (bold) is from family files, the Beckenbach book above, and from census research. 4. Frytown, Iowa 1854-1984 the First 130 years written by Marguerite Kinsinger and Shirley Yoder 1984 Typesetting and Printing By Kalona Graphics Kalona, Iowa 52247 5. Elona Smith descends from George Fry and Katie Kepler Fry. Elona's homepage at Family Tree Maker has more information about this line. 6. Additional information was gained January 1998 at the Family History Center Santa Cruz, CA from LDS microfiche files.

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