Hilluns are we

The Craigyhill Anthem

Craigy craigy craigyhill
I'm af oot tae the Tech oul boys club
And I'll drink and drink my fill
Wiest up, stap slabbering and shut up yer gub
Fir I'll gie ye a dig in the bake
If ye try tae take my freedom away
In the fridge is a piece of Dundee caake
An it'll all I've left till I get my pay.

My life I'll give for the sacred soil
Of Craigyhill, built on good honest toil
Fir as far as I roam I'll never ever meet
A better place for me to rest me oul feet
I'm back for gude noo so shut yer hole
For I've hidden the cheque, just send from the dole
Let us stand proud as Craigyhill folk
I'm away for a skinfull of bass before I'm broke.

By Craig D. Hill Snr. (1812)

Hame Noo.