Those o ye that live in Craigyhill, an lets face who disnae these days, wull kno aal aboot thu majir renovations that are goin' on roun the that. For aal those noo livin abroad, some even by choice, an aal them "Ethnic Craigyhillians" oot there we hae knock'd tigether a wheen a pictures showing ye how the hills goin' tae look in the future. Note that despite it aalmost bein' the year 2000 McGregors hae not yet replaced their big black bike wae a wee lad in a jet pack delivering whole loads a shoppin in the form o single tablet as everyone predicted they wood.

Here are a few pictures o the hill taken last Christmas (2 yeers ago noo, Baiy!). As usual it was pishin' doon an blowin' a gale wae a grey sky so low ye could bounce a milk crate aff o it. Gie yirsel a guid soakin wae cold water, sit in the fridge wae a fan blastin' away at ye an imagine the sweet soond o wains cursin' in the distance whilst lookin at these pictures. Ye should feel right at hame.


Even the cheery colour scheme cannae lift the gloom!


High visibility hand rails fir auld folks. Can't ye almost hear the life affirming crack o a half inflated "Wembley Trophy" aff o them big booards on McGreggors windaes?



A rare picture o "The Frywell" when it's no burnin'


Time tae leave the bottle oot fir the Maine man! But mind, dinnae leave wan o yir wains alone in the hoose when he comes cos thur bound tae get a bottle o boggin "Soda water" instead o the delicious "American cream soda". By the distinctive dispersion pattern o the pebbledashing I'd say that was a coalshed in the backgroond.

I'll add mare later.

Ah cannae howl it in anymaire, get me tae a page that has a bog on it!!!