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Antiville direct

Your web host agin humanity

Contact us an' weel show ye hoo tae get fwee internet access. Forgit BT an all those b@sturts that send sombity roon on Friday evenin's when yer no even in. Ah mean thatz the time when (bi-monthly) yeel be enjoying the remainer o yer giro at some doontoon waaterin hole.

Weel show ye how tae stick a wee bit o a cornflakes packet intae the meter tae full the electic man.

(the insurance man wrote this bit fir me)

At Antiville Direct you will be assured of fast connection, blackmail opportunities and a false address where the *Kay's catalogue will be delivered.

Stick we us an' we'll see ye rite!

Cummin Soon

How tae get free cloudy limeade

Getting free rides on some poof frae Churchill ro-ad's bike.

Havin a converstaion wi Scotch Ronnie an' beatin the rap.

How to hide the fact that ye live in Lealies drive.



Naw ye cannae "borra" ma Grifter, I'm away back tae Craigyhill. 1