Do you think that you may be from Craigyhill but aren't sure?

Only 5,000 people actually live in Craigyhill, but 56.4 million people around the world claim to be of Craigyhillian descent! Take our simple test and find out the truth
Choose a, b or c in response the following questions:

What are the 4 primay colours in which "Snorkel coats" are available?

Buckfast is a.....

What are your favourite biscuits?

Name three flavours of Maine Lemonade?

Identify this sound - HSDUsk6#$ftsdZZZfwq*9k

If ye answered all (a):Yir no frae Craigyhill. Maybe yir English, a regular school attendee, or somthin'. Pish aaaff.

If ye answered all (b):Yir frae Antiville, Baiy. How the f@#k did you gain access tae a computer. An even bigger question is, by what bizzare sequence of involountary spasms did ye manage to switch it on an get tae this page???? Go an wash.

If ye answered all (c):You are HOME Brother. Come, breathe in the smoke from a chimmney fire with me as it whafts across the green. We shall break a bottle in the park tae honour our forefathers.

Hame Mammy noo. 1