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Fifth Generation

392. Lydia Ann ACKLEY499 was born about 1767 in Connecticut.4,231,499 She died on 1 Aug 1856 in Paynesville, Meade, Kentucky.231,499 The following is a letter written by Lydia. I have made no attempt to correct the spelling, but where I could not decipher the context, I have taken the liberty to try to clear up the confusion:

Athens January 20th 1814
To my dear children. I take this time to right to you hoping these lines may find you well as many here are at present. I have had my health very well for most of the time I have been hear and have reason to bless god for it. I received a letter from you dated in September that you was well and had another child. I pray god that you may have wisdom to bring your children up in fear of the lord. I long to see you and your children but god only knows whether I will or not. I am so febell at the best. I am afraid of trying to come to see you if I should die on the road it would be of no comfort to you. I have talked some to Daniel but have not sene him. I was sorry to hear he had cut off his too (toe) but Mrs Sharmon told me it was not all cut off and had got well. He told mw Richardson was going to the Orlens. I sopose he is gone. Whether he has heard of the death of Mrs. Davis or not she is dead. Mrs Miner, a sister of Mrs. Davis has talked her child, Sally Club, has lost her little boy. Mr. Gillmore has come here with his family. Mr. Carpenter has bought in this town. He has buried his little girl. They have no child and John Gillmore has no child. Robard Gillmore has come to Newark about fifty mile from here. They bring us news of a great many deaths in Whithall. John Malkficin, Joseph Benjamin, Abel Pusel, the two Martins, Amos Asting and many more which you may have heard. They have had the most distressing time that was ever known in these parts. They tell me that for a long time last spring the people did not work. It was as much as they could do to bury the dead and take care of the sick. We have been much favored in these parts with health but we must not think to escape no more than others. The call is to us to be ready for in such an (h)our as we think not of our Lord to become on us. Mr. Sharman told us you had froste which hurt your corn very much and your whe(a)t much hurt was like to make it very scarce which is a great judgement on a place. We have a plenty ofall kinds of fruit, peaches and apels and made twenty barels of sider and have a plenty of apels now. we had had no snow this winter to cover the ground and the wether very mild. We have made about six hundred weight of cheese and it sels for one shilling a pound our money. Saly Robards is married and gone away. Give my love to Mr. Sims and family. Tell them that their brother Gillmore and family are at Maryetty. He has not bought a place yet but I hope they will buy in the town. Waiting to get settled Mis Carpenter is hear at our house. Send her love to all her friends. Give my love to Mr. Bentley and his wife and tell her that her .......... is dead. Give my love to Daniel Richardson and wofe and all my acquaintance. I have no more to right but what you have heard. Our children send their love to you and your children. George and Jeremie wants to see you all very much. I want you to right when you can. I fear you do not get our letters we right to you. Harry told me he found a letter in the post office that he wrote to Daniel six months before. He said he paid the postage and burn it. Hary has bound himself to a hatter to learn the trade. If he stays his time and larns the trade it may be well for him.He has ben ther longer all rady than I though he would stay. I hope he will be more stedy than he has been of late.Mr Sharman told me that you work yourself almost to death. That you set up all night to work and that you had spun more that one hundred fifty pound of sho(e) thread which I think is ways more than you is fit to do with a young babe. If you kill yourself at work who will thank you for it. I fear you work Lyd too hard and will get her to be we(a)kly.What doth it profit to gain the world and lose your sole which is more worth than the whole world. I wish you to lay up for yourself treasure in heaven that cannot be taken from you. I wish you well with all my heart longing to see you and your children which are near my heart. All I can do for you is to comend you to god who is abell to keep you in life and in death. I would leave you with him then. From your dear mother.
Lyda Ackley
My righting is por whether you can read it I know not.

Lydia Ann ACKLEY and David RICHARDSON were married on 11 Aug 1798 in Whitehall, Washington , New York.5,231 LDS has ca 1789 and of Carlton, Worcester Co., MA David RICHARDSON (son of Daniel S RICHARDSON and Sallie BURROUGHS) was born about 1765.499 He died on 15 Sep 1832.499 Lydia Ann ACKLEY and David RICHARDSON had the following children:



Daniel Saxon RICHARDSON.



Polly (Mary) RICHARDSON was born on 26 Aug 1795.499 She died on 26 Aug 1795.499



Lydia I RICHARDSON was born on 28 Aug 1796.499 She died on 5 Jan 1797.499






Lydia II RICHARDSON was born on 30 Oct 1799.499



Louisanna I RICHARDSON was born on 9 Jan 1802.499 She died on 26 Jan 1803.499



Abram Ackley RICHARDSON.






Lewis Robinson RICHARDSON.






Warren Hardin RICHARDSON.



Albert Garry RICHARDSON was born on 12 Sep 1815.499