I am proud to have received the following awards
and would like to thank the people who awarded them to me.
Please visit their sites.

I am honoured to accept this from
Barby and Libby.


Awarded 26 May '98
Thanks Jean.


Awarded 7 Feb '98
Thanks Arie.


Awarded 14 Dec '97
Thank you Tammi

Awarded 14 Dec '97
Thank you Tammi

Best Guy Site
Awarded 14 Dec '97
Thank you Tammi


Awarded 15 Oct '97
Thanks Kristan.

Awarded 29 Sep '97
Thanks Suzanne.

Awarded 29 Sep '97
Thanks Suzanne.

Awarded 29 Sep '97
Thanks Suzanne.

Awarded 29 Sep '97
Thanks Donna.

Awarded 15 Sep '97
Thanks Kelly and Cindy.

My First Award

Awarded 29 Jul '97
Thanks Laura and Cassie.

Awarded 24 Aug '97
Thanks Bob

Awarded 24 Aug '97
Thanks Cindy

I am also very proud of
the following memberships or listings.


I am a member of
The HTML Writers Guild


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