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Friendship Quotes, Poems and Pages
Cards, Flowers, Toongrams, Postcards
My Friends on the Net
Locate Lost Friends
Some of my Geocities Neighbours
Australian Sites
Check out Fun Cameras
Some Interesting Sites

Friendship Quotes, Poems and Pages

Tifarah's Garden
A beautiful site - many friendship related pages. 10 Aug '97

Dorothy-Ann. The first one to find my page and send me some quotes. Visit her for more Quotes.

A page devoted to Friendship and Love!!! 10 Aug '97

Suzanne's Romance Corner. Devoted to Romance on the Net.
10 Aug '97

Annabelle's Quotes about Love, Life and Friendship
A lovely Quote site.

A lovely site - some good quotes. 20 Aug '97

The Poetry Garden Lovely Poems. 4 Sept '97

The Friendship Page Everything there is to know about Friendship. 5 Sept '97

Sherry's Page
- contains some nice Poems and Sayings
28 Dec '97

Raine's Home Page
28 Dec '97

Love Stories, Poems, Lovegrams - Great Love Site
28 Dec '97

Net Soup

Read Tammi's lovely Poems Page and her Quotes page.
28 Dec '97

The Friendship Place

A truly lovely page with Poems, Quotes and other friendship related pages.
17 Jan '98

The Quotations Page

Quotations Pages - Series (XXI)


Friendship Resources

Send a card to someone you care about from

My Own Card Page

Send someone some flowers from Virtual Flowers Homepage

Huge variety of Julie's Gifts for Someone Special
25 Oct '97

Greeting Cards, Postcards, Awards by Awesome Cyber Cards, Awesome Award Center and Awesome Site for All Ages
hosted by cartoon cat Marlo Marmalade, dog JJ Jamm.
22 Nov '97

Links to 100's of E-Card sites at Birdie's Nestful of E-cards
20 Aug '97

Kris's Cards for all occasions.
20 Dec '97

Smacks of Romance

30 Dec '97

Toss a Snowball at a Friend
20 Dec '97

A few VERY GOOD (risquè) Animated Cards and Screensaver.
20 Dec '97

Send a funny virtual postcard from Toonogram

KMMC - Multimedia Greeting Cards


Postcards - for all occasions - Email one to a friend.

Kodak Multimedia Postcards.

Post-A-Puzzle Cards

Keep in touch as you tour the World via
Cyber Café Guide version 13.0

Mirabilis ICQ

to contact friends on the Net.


My Friends & People I've met on the Net.

Jim ... Call me RIMMER




Barby 20 Aug '97

Donna 4 Sept '97


Locate Friends

International White and Yellow Pages

WhoWhere? Email Addresses

E-Mail Directory

Mirabilis ICQ
to contact friends on the Net.


Some of My Geocities Neighbours

Laura's Fun House 10 Aug '97

Annabelle's Bungalow - Try her LINKS Page

Famous Voices Answer Machine Messages
Download for your answering machine.

Suzanne's Place 10 Aug '97

Kitten's Korner 19 Oct '97

AUSSIEFRIENDS Learn about Australia.


Proudly Australian

Check some of these sites to see why I am proud to be Australian

Australian Photos - See what Australia looks like.

Aussie Slang Dictionary - Understand Oz Words & Phrases

Outback Bootscooters Aussie Dance Sheets.

Aussie Links Links to other Aussie sites.

Wonderful, Friendly Site
25 Oct '97


Cameras on the Web

Feet Cam - Includes a foot archive.

London Cam - Check out the weather in London.


The Astounding Cave Cam
Jason working in his windowless office (cave).

Ferret Cam - Watch Roman Milner's Ferret.

GhostWatcher Cam - Help spot a ghost.

Steve's Ant Farm


Other Interesting Friendly Sites

Kodak Home Page

Calendar Plus - Free Computer Photo Calendars

I-Ching, Tarot, Biorhythm, Runes, etc.


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