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I believe ALL these sites provide FREE Page advice, images, backgrounds etc.
Please E-mail me if you find this is NOT true, if any sites change their address, or are not available, or if you have another FREE site that that I should add.

Most links open a new copy of your browser, so that you still have access to this page while visiting other pages. If you do NOT like this method of linking, please E-mail me, & I will review my use of this process.

HTML Reference and Help Sites
Images, Backgrounds, Buttons Sites
Internet Related Sites
Shareware and Freeware Sites
Anti-Virus help and Software Sites

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HTML Reference & Help Sites

Try my Background/Text C O L O U R Test Page
next time you are designing a page.

The HTML Reference Library v3.0 Tips & Tricks and Colour Wizard.

Visit Suzanne's Place WWW Page for links to Home Page resources.
20 Aug '97

The 216 "Safe" Browser Colours
01 Jul '97

Coop's Colour Chart Reference colours by name
20 Dec '97

RGB Hex Triplet Colour Chart

HTML Elements List

HTML Reference Manual

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

HTML Quick reference Guide

HyperText Mark-up Language Quick Reference, December 1994

HTML Design Notebook

World Wide Web FAQ

Sun's Guide to Web Style
Basic tips & more advanced guides to Web Page design
20 Dec '97

Style Guide for Online Hypertext
Create a Web Hypertext Database
20 Dec '97

Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
The official Yale Web style Guide.
20 Dec '97

NCSA - A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Webmaster's Reference - Expert help on Web creation.

Wide Area Communications - Guide to creating graphics for the Web.

CGI Made Real Easy

HTML Writers Guild

BrowserCaps - Catalogue of HTML supported by Web Browsers.

Scanning Tips Online

Beginner's Guide to Forms

How to Optimise Your Web Page's Location in a Search Engine

GIF Animation Tutorial

Web Publishing and HTML


FREE Home Page Design Stuff

Windy's Fashionable Page Designs - FREE graphics, icons, buttons, bars and backgrounds!

Links to Graphics & other sites at Birdie's Nest
20 Aug '97

The Wizard of Draws' Graphic Treasury!
10 Aug '97

The Free Graphics Store
10 Aug '97

70,000 FREE!!! Cool Graphics: Clip Art, Backgrounds, Animations, Icons

10 Aug '97

FREE Clip Art, Animations, Icons

25 Oct '97

Button Borders
Member of The Background Ring
8 Sep '97

Kitten's Korner
Alternative Geocities Icons & other graphics
19 Oct '97

netCREATORS Icon Page!

Button World - Comprehensive collection of buttons for your Web pages

Wonderful graphics and Backgrounds.
20 Dec '97

Wonderful Country graphics for all occasions.
20 Dec '97

Coop's Colour Chart Reference colours by name
20 Dec '97

Lovely backgrounds and graphics.
31 Dec '97

Randy's IconBAZAAR - Icons, Backgrounds and Textures.
20 Dec '97

Realm Graphics 1000+ icons, and 100's textures.
20 Dec '97

Lynn's WebMastery Links to everything for your Web Page Design
20 Dec '97

Invaluable collection of link to a wide range of graphics material.
20 Dec '97

WebCo - Resource library of scripts, clip-art, buttons, etc.

Free Bees - Free Internet Stuff - Index

Rob's Sea of Graphics Wonderful Animated GIF files from TinCup

The Clipart Connection

Graphics Image and Wallpaper Archives


Index of Pictures and Rulers

Animated Gif Artists Guild

Roger Mikulecky - Omaha, Nebraska - ANIMATED GIFS

!!! FREE PAGE COUNTERS FROM PAGECOUNT !!! - The World Famous Guestbook Server


Internet Help

C/Net's Search using multiple search engines

Mirabilis ICQ
to contact friends on the Net.


Shareware (General)

Ziff Davis Aust. 1001 Best Downloads

C/Net Central's Software Download Page

Cerious Software Inc. - The Home of ThumbsPlus

Available Downloads From Parsons Technology


The Official File Fission Wizard Homepage

ZD Net Software Library - Top Rated Shareware

BUDS Home Page

FTP download area

Getting it for Free

PC Today Home Page

POW! Distribution Home Page -- the way to find shareware on the Internet

The Shareware Page

ZDNet Software Library - Exclusives

ZD Internet Megasite - Welcome!

Welcome to TUCOWS

Good Shareware Download Site

RealVideo Showcase


Virus Info

Welcome to Leprechaun Software

Leprechaun Software - Virus Buster

Welcome to McAfee VirusScan and other info.

Loyola University Chicago: F-prot Downloading


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