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Thank you for dropping by to read my collection of Friendship Quotes. I started collecting them mid way through 1996 and earlier this year I put some of them up on my other home page where I work so that others could share them with me.

In late June 1997, I discovered GeoCities, and decided that this would be a better home for my quotes collection. I have moved my quotes over to here now and I plan to update them on a regular basis - possibly monthly, depending on how many visitors I get. So if you intend calling back, please bookmark THIS page so that your visits get counted and I can tell whether it is time to change my quotes. When you call back, go to to see the changes since you were last here.

My NEW Quotes will always go into Friends I, migrate through Friends II and eventually will be Archived so that new visitors, who may have missed them, can still access them.

Visitor's contributions will go into Visitor's Quotes and will only be Archived when the page gets too big.

If English is not your language of choice, or you are intending to travel, check out my new Languages of Love page.

I have collected hundreds of friendship quotes, so if you would like me to send you a Friendship Quote on a particular topic, Sign My Guest Book and give me the WORD or PHRASE that you need. If I have a quote that includes your WORD or PHRASE, I will E-mail it back to you as soon as I can.

Just for interest sake, I have looked up the DICTIONARY definitions of FRIENDSHIP and LOVE for you. Although, I really think that the quotes say it better.

If you would like to know more about me personally, or my family and other interests, please visit my other homepage sites.

If you have a Home Page that you think I would like, please leave a message In My Guest Book or E-mail me.

Thank you for visiting my home. I hope you like what I have done.

If you leave through my front door, you can visit some of my neighbours before you go.

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