Kentuckians for Custody Equality
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Kentuckians for Custody Equality

Kentuckians for Custody Equality Home Page was started on 07/26/97. According to the counter, you are interested visitor number - that stopped by on purpose or accidentally since July 1997. This site was last updated on 5-3-99.


You may find this book very helpful. It is available from Barnes and Noble. It covers topics such as "Preparing for the Battle", "Custody Variations", "Setting Priorities", "If you are unable to settle", "Your day in court", etc. The price is well worth it ! Click here to find out more.
Fighting for Your Children: A Father's Guide to Custody

Also here's a great book that helps you find practical solutions to over 40 issues such as health care for the children, relocating, holidays, modifying an existing agreement, minimizing conflict..... This book contains fill-in-the-blank-forms for deciding issues such as "what religion the child will be taught", "who pays for the dentist", "what happens when/if Mom moves in with a boyfriend", etc. ? These forms are great guidelines for deciding major issues in advance of court proceedings and that will save you time and money and heartache ! Child Custody: Building Agreements That Work

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I have published this web page in an effort to form an "internet support group" for those interested. Also, I want to help people find support groups in KY. This web site is not meant to be a place to get legal advice. I am sharing my experiences and experiences of others that I have met along the way. I do not want to be misunderstood. I am very much in favor of Motherhood. I also am very much in favor of Fatherhood. The child's best interests is my main concern. I feel that children should be loved and supported by both parents, spiritually, financially, and emotionally.

When I tried to find a KY support group a couple of years ago, I called a Father's Rights group in California. The young man I spoke to, searched his data base for KY groups. I expressed my concern that Kentucky fathers had little or no hope of rescuing their children from a life with no dad in the picture. The young man was scanning his list of national support groups while I talked. He laughed and said, "No wonder KY men are not making any progress ! There are only two phone numbers for KY support groups". He went on to say, "If Kentuckians would form more groups and become active in the quest for equal rights for Dads, then you'd see a change !" Most other states have many active groups that are making a difference in Father's Rights, by seeking ways to change laws and educate the public.

Custody Equality ?

I was blessed to grow up in a home with both of my parents. It makes me sad to think of children that are deprived of that ! My own children also grew up under the daily guidance of both parents.

Both of my parents came from large families. One of my grandmothers, gave birth to 15 children ! None of my grandparents were divorced. They faced many problems, but were able to work through their problems.

All families have been touched by divorce, however, and mine is no different. Watching family and friends go through divorce and custody problems, made me very much aware of the battles that "dads" face in trying to get equal time with their children. I wish to help other Dads, especially Kentucky fathers, work toward the goal of Custody Equality. Many dads, moms and grandparents are working hard to change laws in all states. Kids need Dads, too, and I support that issue, a great deal. Times are changing and Moms are not always the best choice. In many, many cases, I feel that custody should be equal.

Walking a Tightrope ? The custody issue is a delicate issue. It is also critical to your children's lives. The first step is finding an attorney that will work for you.


Do you really want characters like these ? Someone who wonders why a man would want to read his children a bedtime story, change diapers, go to PTA meetings or watch Barney on TV ?
There are many of these attorneys out there. I've talked to some that couldn't understand why a father would want to do the things I've mentioned above. In my observations, the majority of these (men) were over 50 years old. When (if) they had children in their home, men brought home the pay check and the women fed the babies. Younger attorneys, however, are men and women who have probably participated in the nurturing of their own children or experienced upbringing by both parents. It is important to get to know your attorney prior to hiring him/her. Ask questions. Check references. I'm sure there are some good attorneys out there, older ones and younger ones. This person's attitude could affect the outcome of your child's life !

A great site with information regarding custody and divorce is Divorcesource.

  • Don't let anyone tell you that Dads can't get sole custody in KY. Many attorneys discourage Fathers from even trying, no matter what the situation. Let's face it, there are some situations where "Mom" has serious problems and "Daddy" is definitely the best choice.
  • Don't use the term 'visitation'. It is outdated. Dads want equal 'parenting' time. 'Visitation' is something you do with your friends and neighbors. It is an insult to say that caring fathers just want 'visitation' with their children.
  • Custody and Divorce proceedings don't have to cost thousands of dollars. Talk to your friends that have been through similiar experiences. Talk to your local Child Support Enforcement office. Staff can suggest helpful ways to save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

  • WE ARE ALWAYS GLAD TO HEAR ABOUT A NEW SUPPORT GROUP FORMING. Please e-mail one of the addresses at the bottom of this web page, so that we can list your support group location. There is no charge for this service.
  • F.O.R.C.E. -- Morehead area residents can now contact Chapter President Robert Neal Pettit, 903 East Main Street, Morehead, KY 40351 Phone: 606-784-2425. Pager number within the 606 area code is toll free and accessed as a local number at 741-3387. E-mail Meetings are on the fourth Saturday of each month, with press releases in area papers and radio stations providing notice of upcoming meetings.
  • Help in NORTHERN KY
  • Help in ELIZABETHTOWN area, contact F.O.R.C.E. (Fathers on Rights for Custody Equality)
  • Help for the LEXINGTON area, contact a F.O.R.C.E. representative.
    The FORCE Hotline number is 606-736-3735. This is a pager number and the Lexington group tries to return all calls within 24 hrs.
  • Help in Glasgow . . . a new F.O.R.C.E. group meets the first Wednesday night of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Glasgow library.

Support groups are spreading all over KY.

Kentuckians need to join the growing national force of people striving to promote (when possible), custody equality. An excellent source of national information is American Fathers Coalition


TRY to be optimistic. Sometimes the best thing we can give our family and friends is a smile, a hug, and a prayer.
A prayer for Dads, Moms, Grandparents and anyone affected by the heartbreaking experience of divorce and custody issues...

God, Grant me the Serentity to accept the things I cannot change...Courage to change the things I can... and the Wisdom to know the difference...

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