31. Ida WARD was born on 10 Aug 1898 in Alabama. She died on 31 Aug 1991 in Florida. Family group record shows birth date as 10 Aug 1896.

She was married to Solomon PATTERSON in Alabama. Solomon PATTERSON was born in Alabama. He died in Florida. Ida WARD and Solomon PATTERSON had the following children:

child99 i. Margaret PATTERSON was born on 3 Oct 1916 in Alabama. She died in 1942.
child100 ii. Ally O. PATTERSON was born in 1920 in Alabama.
child101 iii. Infant PATTERSON was born on 1 Mar 1922 in Alabama. Stillborn
child102 iv. Liller PATTERSON was born on 22 Nov 1927 in Alabama. She died in 1942.
child103 v. Thelma PATTERSON was born on 2 Jun 1930 in Alabama. She died.
child104 vi. Solomon PATTERSON was born on 13 Apr 1934 in Alabama. He died in 1952 in Florida. Died in car accident.

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