75. Wilonese WHITE was born on 6 Jan 1946 in Sardis, Crenshaw Co., AL.

She was married to Terry Sanson LOWE on 6 Nov 1964 in Sardis , Crenshaw Co., AL. Terry Sanson LOWE was born on 9 Jul 1944 in Crenshaw Co., Al.. Wilonese WHITE and Terry Sanson LOWE had the following children:

child+189 i. Terri Lynne LOWE.
child+190 ii. John Randall LOWE.
child191 iii. Amelia Caroline LOWE was born on 21 Feb 1977 in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alab.
child192 iv. James Cory LOWE was born on 29 Jun 1978 in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alab.

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