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A Legacy of the Kid Brothers of St. Frank

Foundation Information

The Legacy of a Kid Brother of St Frank was formed to continue the work and ministry of the late Rich Mullins, who was killed in a car accident on September 19, 1997. A contemporary Christian musician, Rich Mullins purposed to draw people into the pursuit of God through his music and his life. Though he's gone now, his music and ministry continue that purpose, especially with the formation of this new foundation, led by Rich's brother, David Mullins, Rich's friend, Jim Dunning, and Rich's friend, Alyssa Loukota, formerly of Compassion USA.

Rich understood the dignity and beauty of the poor and why Christ taught His followers to let go of worldly possessions so that faith could be lived to the fullest. Rich sought to love the oppressed, and moved to the Navajo Reservation to live out his beliefs. He lived in a small trailer, and then moved into a small hogan he built - all on a limited income, even though he could have lived like a king. He gave away his money and himself, believing that Christianity is shared by example and with love.

Rich wanted to teach music to children and youth on the reservation and to show them the love of Christ by loving them himself. Rich believed that music is the language of the soul, and Rich wanted to give the gift of music to children.

Rich's ministry, Kid Brothers of St Frank, was started with his best friend, Beaker, as a contemporary way of mentoring younger men and discipling them to pursue Christ and live a Franciscan lifestyle. The Legacy hopes to continue this by discipling young men and women as they grow into the next generation of Christian leaders.