My Dickerson Family Line
(My sources were from Floyd Co. By Dr. Amos D. Woods.)

The Dickerson Family, originally from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The family included
Griffith Sr., Griffith Jr., Moses Sr. and Obediah . Between 1782 and 1787, they acquired land grants for approximately 2200 acres on the West Fork of the Little River, three miles North of the present Floyd County Courthouse.

I am sure that most of you have information on Griffith,Moses and Obediah. If not then write to me I have limited information myself.

Our family line begins with Moses Sr.

Moses Dickerson, Sr. (b. 1746 d. 3/23/1834) married Jemima Sullivan (b. 1756 d. 5/26/1846); both are buried in the Pine Creek Cemetery in Floyd County.
Their children were:
Marriages Between 1780 AND 1850
This is a partical listing.(Virginia Counties only)
  • Anne to William Smith 7/May/1798
  • Benjermin to Sally Jennings 9/Jan/1788, Prince Edward
  • Elijah to Dumaris Williams 7/Dec/1848, Floyd County
  • Elijah to Judith Maderis 24/Oct/1796
  • Elizabeth to William Garrison 16/Jul/1791
  • Elizabeth to Hiram McDaniel 4/Aug/1823 Pittsylvania County
  • Elizabeth to Joshua Lawson 6/Nov/1793
  • Frances to John Goodman 13/Dec/1790
  • Frances to David Smith 12/Jan/1788
  • George W. to Lucy Brown 2/Sept/1816, Franklin County.
  • Griffth to Mary Huff 7/Apr/1793
  • Henry H. to Eliz. Slusher 29/Nov/1844, Floyd County
  • Jemina to William Watkins 1/Sept/1798
  • Kiturah to John H. Williams 23/Nov/1850 Floyd County
  • Leonard to Susanna Hilton 11/Nov/1816 Patrick County
  • Leonard to Susannah Hylton 15/Mar/1846 Montgomery County
  • Leonard to Lucy Slater 27/Dec/1846 Patrick County
  • Leonard to M...Rentfro 20/Jul/1787
  • Morrell to Charlotte Jones 21/Dec/1848 Floyd County
  • Nelson to Eliz.Henderson 29/Nov/1792
  • Peter to Lucy Fore 17/Jul/1797
  • Riley to Sarah Rutruff 11/Oct/1849 Floyd County
  • Susanna to James Barber 25/Sept/1779
  • Wigington to Unah Dickerson 20/Sept./1845 Floyd County
  • I would like to thank my cousin Pat for helping me with this information. I hope that you have possibly found part of your family from this page. Any and all information will be helpful to complete this. Names inRED indicate my decendants LINKS OF INTREST TO DICKERSON Wilderness Road Regional Museum has the manuscript of the book by Dr. Woods. With most all of the people from Floyd County.

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