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New additions to our kitty family, but no pics yet.Sorry!

We adopted Lil' Precious from the local "Safe Animal Shelter"
in September, 1998. She's a little Maine Coon cat like you've never seen before.
Why you may ask? Well...she has no tail!

We also now have a black female named Dos,
who I brought in from the cold in November, 1999. She has a very fluffy tail!

And last, but not least, there is a stray momma and her
4 little babies living under my home that we are feeding. So cute!!

We are most proud to have received this award
from our Community Leader, Sparrow66!

Our Daddy is home from the aircraft carrier again.
We keep our yellow bow up for all the other
service men and women who are away from home!

The Kitties have their own rooms in the main house. They love visitors! And if you have the time, stop by the club house to see our links, clubs, and awards. The teddy on the swing holds our webrings.

Because we love them dearly, all of our kitties have always been spayed or neutered, and except for Tommy who lived in the country, they have all been kept indoors for their health and safety. Also, none of my kitties have been, or ever will be, declawed! Please do the same for the sake of the kitties!

A Kitty's Poem
I'm just a cat and we'll get along fine,
As long as you remember, I'm not're mine!

Given to us by our friend Mama Bear. She found it at Grandma George's.

Do you like cows?Then come visit Barb's Bovines!

Explore the dark palace of Bourbon's Blue World!

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