TOI : 4:58pm

5:02 > Feeling slight anxiety and tightness in the chest. Mostly due to the fact that I ALWAYS have anxiety whenever I take any sort of medication.

5:43 > I'm feeling more relaxed and a bit tired, no anxiety whatsoever.

6:19 > I feel absolutely wonderful. There's been this smile thats just been fighting with my inhibitions to come out and show itself! I am in such a good mood I'm taking my parents (who I NEVER hang out with) to the movies, on me! Food tastes wonderful...although I couldn't eat very much, got full very fast. I just feel so relaxed and not a worry in my mind. I've noticed I have been having minor difficulties focusing as my mind has been tending to wander in this state. I'm thinking......maybe I'll take some more when I get back home...I was going to say something else...but I totally just lost my train of thought.