La Famiglia Colloraf(f)i

Qui sono nati di miei amati genitori hanno tanta storia da raccontare.  This means "One who is born to my beloved ancestors (parents) has many stories to tell."

Welcome to The Collorafi / Colloraffi Family Heritage Genealogy Site! We are attempting to locate all of the Collorafi / Colloraffi and related families in order to find and preserve our heritage. Collorafi / Colloraffi families from all over the world are working on this project which we hope will benefit our children and grandchildren. Thus far we have found that most of us are from the Messina area of Sicily. Please join us with any information and / or questions. Watch this Collorafi / Colloraffi Family Home Page for new information and findings in our Collorafi / Colloraffi quest.

Domenico Colloraffi's Confirmation Photo (c. 1923, New York)
Vincenzo and Maria Colloraffi Wedding Photo (c. 1908, New York)

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