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Mary - 11/28/00 02:14:14
My Email:minimemary-2000@yahoo.com
Your country: united states
Your city and state: Wisconsin
What you like in my page: everything
Hi, I would like any information on Stepien's who settled in Wisconsin. Thanks!

anna - 11/21/00 19:11:33
My Email:amkais@home
Your country: canada
Your city and state: winnipeg mb
What you like in my page: everything
hello teresa my name is anna stepien. my self im looking for my father wich i didint see for 25years.last time i here from my moms sister that he lives in poland in the city by name brzeg ,i will raelly by very thankfull to you for yors help if you only can.

Frank Gavel - 11/14/00 19:43:00
My Email:fgavel@netexp.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Shelby Twp. MI
What you like in my page: Everything
I have a cousin who who is interested in doing similar research on our paternal name Sliwinski, he has begun some initial research, but I believe you site will offer him a great deal of ideas and information I will be passing your site name to him. Your ite is excelent. Sincerely, Frank Gavel

Martin Prochnik - 09/28/00 15:51:36
My Email:martinnmi@aol.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Fairfax, Virginia
What you like in my page: Very nice photos
Very interesting history and excellent photos. Could you tell me a little more about the village of Prochnik? How name? How large etc. Thanks! Martin Prochnik

anonomous - 09/22/00 21:22:08
My Email:lmp01@gurl.com
Your country: united states
Your city and state: romulus Mi
What you like in my page: your pictures
hi, how come your page is all about you?, why can't you help people find out the meaning of their surname? That is why i came here, but i found your site is like everyone else's plain, boring =, and all about you. I am not trying to be mean but i would li e to know what my surname means and i can't find where to go, all of the sites are about their families, friends but none of them have helped me. thank you for hearing me out! anonomous

Natalie Stepien - 08/31/00 21:06:00
My Email:nrs_13@hotmail.com
Your country: Canada
Your city and state: Winnipeg, Manitoba
What you like in my page: the origin of my last name
Wow! I have always been interested in my history. My paternal grandfather immigrated from Canada after the war. He married my Russian grandmother, and had five children. Their history and escape from the concentration camps is truly amazing! I hope to one day visit my grandpa's relitives in Poland. Thanks!

Krzysztof Stepien - 08/29/00 04:19:02
My Email:jstepien@optonline.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Lindenhurst NY
Born Sandomierz 1963, Father Stanislaw from Wojcieszyce, Tarnobrzeskie, Mother Janina from Wojcieszyce Piaski, Tarnobrzeskie. I'm maried to Jolanta, 2 children, boys, Karol & Bartlomiej. In USA from 1993.

Joăo Ricardo Villodres Stepien - 08/22/00 02:19:39
My Email:jrvstepien@ig.com.br
Your country: Brazil
Your city and state: Santo André - Săo Paulo
What you like in my page: history
My grandparents emigrated of the polônia after Second World War. My grandfather called himself Alfredo Stepien and my grandmother called Olga. They lived in Săo Paulo, while my grandfather's brother went to Canada. My grandparents had three children: Andrzej (my father), Jan and other brother that don't remember now the name. I hope to have contributed to this website

Kristen Fabus - 08/19/00 04:49:36
Your country: USA
What you like in my page: Origin finds

Anne Stepien - 07/06/00 06:03:00
My Email:Astep17427@aol.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Amherst, NY
What you like in my page: Everything!
Hi Teresa! It's nice to meet another Stepien. I never realized the name was that common and was fascinated to find we have a coat of arms! My grandfather is listed on your "Stepiens of Radwan" page. Not sure what kind of info you're looking for but if I c n do anything to help, email me at Astep17427@aol.com. Anne Stepien

Andrzej STEPIEN - 06/05/00 13:18:36
My Email:a_stepien@hotmail.com
Your country: Poland
Your city and state: Wroclaw
It is nice to find your surname on the WEB! I am Polish, living in Poland and currently working for UN mission in Kosovo. I like the page and promise to come back.

Tomek Stępień - 03/18/00 01:20:50
My Email:ncg@kki.net.pl
Your country: Poland
Your city and state: Niedośpielin k Radomska
Fajnie, że znalazłem taką stronę. Pozdrawiam wszystkich Stępniów na całym świecie.

Zach Allen - 11/27/99 21:07:48
My URL:http://www.paneurasian.com
My Email:peel@it.pl
Your country: Poland / USA
Your city and state: Warsaw
What you like in my page: Creativity
I thought your page was wonderful, and showed a lot of work. I am interested in etymology, and stumbled across it. I am an American (no Polish roots) living in Poland. Zach Allen

Mark Dillon - 11/03/99 14:01:38
My Email:mdillon@steinroe.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Chicago, IL
What you like in my page: Detailed genealogy
Hello. My great grandmother was Rozalia Stepien. She was born around 1885 and lived near Weis Kolboszowa, Poland until she immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Brooklyn, NY in 1911 with her husband Jacob Prus. Her parents were Adam Stepien and Katarzyna astula.

Piotrek - 06/21/99 10:20:24
My Email:wieczor@mp.pw.edu.pl
Your country: Polska
Your city and state: Pulawy
Mam nadzieje ze nie zapomnialas jezyka polskiego. Moja mama tez sie nazywa Teresa Stepien.

Mark S. Dudek - 05/02/99 00:22:07
My Email:msdudek@juno.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Pittsburgh, PA
What you like in my page: Well Organized
I have a Tomasz Stepien in my family tree. Our records show he married a Petronella (Patricia) Dudek and lived in Amsterdam NY around 1904. Does any of that sound familiar? Mark Dudek msdudek@juno.com

Sharon Stempien Dendy - 04/21/99 13:54:21
My Email:smdendy@aol.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Hermitage, TN
What you like in my page: sharing family history
Hi, Teresa, Thanks for the time and effort put forth to share our name history. I am the firstborn offspring of Henry Stephen Stempien (birth 1/24/34) and Carol Helen Cathcart (birth 12/20/34)My birthdate is 2/14/55 and I married John Louis Dendy(6/28/75)We have 2 s ns: Jeffrey Orman Dendy (9/2/77-2/19/98) Michael Henry Dendy (8/25/81)

Marianna Zambroski - 02/14/99 13:33:30
My URL:http://erie.net/marian/
My Email:marian@erie.net
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Erie,Pennsylvania
What you like in my page: your photo's
Hi, Thanks for answering my e-mail. I would be very grateful if you could find information for me about the Zambrzycki's. My husband's cousin was a well known model in the 60's . She passed away two years ago. She was married to a Hollywood producer At the time of her death, they were separated.I noted the name Stepnowski. There is a well known football player named Mark Stepnowski from our city. Your life from your photos sounds very interesting. Our life was quite interesting ,my husband was a football coach . We bred and raced thoroughbred horses. We no longer do either , we are retired and enjoy/ and live through our children and grandchildren. I would be forever grateful if you could get some information on the Zambrzycki name and family history. I have been impressed what little I have found. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. Marianna Martucci Zambroski marian@erie.net

Franka Doris - 01/12/99 16:39:10
My Email:fdoris@pkc.gov.uk
Your country: uk
Your city and state: perth, scotland
What you like in my page: geneology lapuc
Searching for family members still alive in Poland. Your page a great start. Father came to Britain after 2nd World War, spent duration in Labour Camps and Concentration Camps in Germany. Bronislaw Lapuc. DOB 12 April 1912. village, Zontaci I think. I a named after my Grandmother, Franciszka, my Grandfather was called, Constantine. Be gratefull for any info. Thanks.

Stefan Krawczynski - 01/06/99 16:43:03
My Email:bullwalker@telia.com
Your country: Sweden
Your city and state: Trollhättan
What you like in my page: Your name Krawczynski
I also have my rotes in Poland, Warsaw. My father came to Sweden 1948-50? His father hade a shoefactory and he also sold shoes.My father died 1963. His name was Jerzy Krawczynski. I am 39 years old and my brother is 37. We are surching fore relatives. Pur aps we are relatives? We have no kontakt with any relatives in Poland. But they exist. Please write us a litle bit more about your familytree in Poland. Greatings from Sweden, Stefan and Michael Krawczynski.

Brian - 11/14/98 05:13:36
My Email:campers@gateway.net
Your country: USA
What you like in my page: links, info
I've just started researching my family history and I've gone as far as a May 20, 1906 marriage in Rutland, VT of Katarzyna Stepien (Katherine) to Wojciech Joseph Sikora. I hope I can add to your info - or even find my family in your pages. Thanks, Brian

Mary E. Stempien - 11/05/98 19:25:35
My Email:MBTDC@aol.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Albuquerque, NM
What you like in my page: Visiting the guest book!

robert and carol stempien - 10/20/98 21:47:04
My Email:stemprc@cbpu.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: coldwater mich.
What you like in my page: your web site
very interesting history, their are a lot of stempiens in detroit, coldwater and quincy area.like to here from some of you. by.

tim stepien - 10/18/98 23:40:06
My Email:k9sb@aol.com
Your country: usa
Your city and state: syracuse, new york
What you like in my page: amazining, i thought we had an uncommon name. my grandparents came here to the usa from poland and settled in the polish neighborhood on the west side of the city of syracuse. keep up the good work on informing stepiens ar und the world

10/04/98 12:52:11
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

LaVerne - 09/20/98 03:27:09
My Email:lmelton@wcn.net
Your country: US
Your city and state: Garibaldi,Oregon
What you like in my page: Polish web sites
I've started my research on my Polish roots, and need more Polish web sites. Your pictures are lovely. Hope I learn to do that one day. My maiden name was "Kluskowski" and my mother's maiden name was "Zmijewski" They were from Bydgoszcz, and Plock district(Zmijewo village). I am the last in my line of Polish heritage. I want to get it all recorded before I join the ancestors. LaVerne Melton

Dr.Ghaleb Radwan - 08/14/98 14:04:03
My Email:gmradwan@t-net.com.lb
Your country: Lebanon
Your city and state: Aley
It is realy a good thing to go to the origin and know about the history.I hope if you want to write me to know more about you,and to get introduced to more Radwan;s in the world. Thank you Ghaleb

Bill Fonferek - 07/27/98 17:07:18
My URL:http://www.familytreemaker.com/
My Email:fonferek@bellsouth.net
I noticed Charlotte Stepien is married to a Ferek. Do you have any info on that family. I have been in contact with 3 different families in Chicago, PA and Ohio. The Polish Genealogy Soc of CA is researching FEREK,FERECK, Fireck. They have a 1875 conn ction from Portage WI to Bydgoszcz Poland. These names also are on the Die Ahnenstammkartei De Deutchen Volkes list. Bill

MARK ORBAN - 06/11/98 18:18:59
Your country: USA
Your city and state: FT WORTH TEXAS

Michelle Stempien - 06/11/98 06:36:12
My Email:mcstempi@flash.net
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Alameda, CA
What you like in my page: Helps me find out where the heck the rest of the family is!
Thanks a bunch for your efforts to put together some background information on this diverse bunch of folks. Although we are separated by generations and continents, there is still a bond that transcends all of the barriers. What do you think about a reu ioun of sorts? Anyone have any suggestions?

Irene V. Rabiega Tomory - 05/28/98 17:27:13
My Email:irenet@alaskalife.net
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Anchorage, Alaska
What you like in my page: We might be related!
Teresa, I have been searching for family members and by far the information in your site may indicate in some way I'm related to you. I am sending information I have on my mother, who was born in Miechocin.

shoji - 05/17/98 10:55:07
My URL:http://www.shoji-i.com
My Email:webmaster@shoji-i.com
Your country: Japan
Your city and state: Osaka
Hi, my name is Shoji whoo live in Osaka. Nice web site !!

Krzysztof - 04/08/98 08:54:21
My Email:kch102@hotmail.com
Your country: Poland/USA
Your city and state: Olkusz/Chicago
Przez przypadek zahaczyłem o tą bardzo profesjonalną,interesującą stronę,która z pewnością zainteresuje moich bliskich znajomych Teresę i Kazimierza Stępniów(Stępieniów?)z Koszyc mojej rodzinnej miejscowości w woj.kieleckim.

Peter Koszyczarek - 03/30/98 02:31:08
My Email:pktrap@wi.net
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Union Grove, WI
Just looking for my roots.

Jamie Stepien - 03/25/98 03:47:31
My Email:JStepien@nibuisg.telstra.com.au
Your country: Australia
Your city and state: Melbourne, Victoria
What you like in my page: History, photos etc
Hi! I'm a Stepien you haven't found yet! Please send me an email if you'd like some information about myself and my family (we're in Melbourne and Adelaide). Great page by the way! Very interesting. Hope to hear from you soon. Jamie.

Ken Pinkley - 03/22/98 21:49:43
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Acres/5791
My Email:kpinkley@ohio.net
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Elyria, Ohio
Just surfing through. Come visit

Ken Pinkley - 03/22/98 21:48:20
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Acres/5791
My Email:kpinkley@ohio.net
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Elyria, Ohio
Just surfing through. Come visit

Ahmed Ghazwneh - 03/18/98 15:34:17
My URL:http://oocities.com/heartland/estates/7182/
My Email:1-ahmed.ghazwneh@mailcity.com 2-pal.ahmed@wowmail.com
Your country: Palestine
Your city and state: Jerusalem
What you like in my page: ALL
OH Great HomePage !!heeeee send to me e-mails to be friends like the (THE THREE AMIGOS) GOOD LUCK

ANNA - 03/17/98 13:31:56

All your friends send their love.

Greetings !

Kazimierz Stepien - 03/12/98 18:29:46
My URL:http://ng28@dial.pipex.com
Your country: England
Your city and state: London
I did not realise that there were so many Stepiens.My father settled in the UK after the World War 2. His family came from a village called Dombrowa which I believe is near Krasnik - do you have any information on these Stepiens?

Yannick - 02/19/98 22:09:33
My URL:http://www,expage.com/page/forceofchaos
My Email:wolfheartmtl@hotmail.com
Your country: CANADA
Your city and state: Montréal, Québec
nice page, youre in France, so tu dois parler français? comment ça va en France tu aimes? moi je suis au Canada et c'est tres bien, mais je souhaites un jour aller en France...bye!

Diane - 02/13/98 21:36:40
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Hills/6304/index.html
My Email:indigo@earthling.net
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Mt. Airy, North Carolina
What you like in my page: The Polish Links
I have a friend who has had the most difficult time finding Polish Links, it seems there are not alot out there, I have forwarded your page URL to her and hopefully she will find connections to her Polish ancestory. Think your page is quite well done, goo luck!

Anna - 02/12/98 11:55:53
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/SunsetStrip/Underground/9170
Your country: Pl
Your city and state: Koszalin
What you like in my page: it is nice
I just wanted to say Hi. Well, I have always wondered who my ancestors had been.

Tina Blankenship - 01/28/98 20:37:27
My URL:http://www.wp.cc.us
Your country: America
Your city and state: Morganton,NC
What you like in my page: pictures

Michelle Skinner - 01/05/98 21:15:54
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Meadows/5430
My Email:lmskiner@gte.net
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Trenton,TX
What you like in my page: different cultures
I am very interested in genealogy and the different cultures in which we find ourselves involved. Check out our page and see some german background info.

Pietro Aretino - 01/03/98 16:27:59
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/athens/8263/
My Email:ssecondo@tin.it
Your country: Italia
Your city and state: San Secondo Parmense
What you like in my page: Non saprei
Ci sono capitato per caso... navigando fra le stelle...

Dawid Stepien - 12/18/97 07:57:47
Your country: Polska/Deutschland
Your city and state: Strzegom/Mönchengladbach
What you like in my page: Everything

Ian Zaremba - 12/11/97 12:17:58
My Email:izaremba@istar.ca
Your country: Canada
Your city and state: Ottawa, Ontario

Thomas Paul - 08/13/97 10:55:30
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Prairie/3272/index.html
My Email:tompaul@mindspring.com
Your country: USA
Your city and state: Plainview, New York
Hi Teresa, welcome to the web. Good luck with your web site!

Marion Gevers - 08/12/97 01:56:05
My Email:marion@eepjm.newcastle.edu.au
Your country: Australia
Your city and state: Newcastle, NSW
Salut Teresa! Je suis venue jeter un coup d'oeil a ton site suite a la demande d'Andre concernant Peter Stepien. I am impressed by what you have done so far! Keep up the good work. Cheers Marion Gevers (originally from Belgium, now in Australia)

André Orban - 08/05/97 12:31:25
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/CapeCanaveral/7473/
My Email:andre.orban@unece.org
Your country: Belgium, living in France
Your city and state: Ferney-Voltaire
Congratulations, Terenia, for your good start. Keep on making these excellent pages on the Stepien surname

Name: Monica Courtney
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: USA
Time: 1997-07-25 16:40:00
Comments: You did an excellent Job on the Stepiens. The history was very interesting. Thanks for all your efforts!

Name: Julianne Konopka
Referred by: From Geocities
From: CT
Time: 1997-06-29 14:15:00
Comments: My grandmother was Josephine Stepnowski from Ostroanka, Poland, born 12/28/1893. I know that her brother lived on LI, NY and that there are many Stepnowski's there. Her father was John Stepnowski and her mother Rosalie Kupis.

Referred by: From WWW.LPAGE.COM
From: Boston, Mass. U S A
Time: 1997-06-13 05:10:00
Comments: This is of much interest to me. You have made so much progress since the first time I visited your web site. I hope in the future I can add some information to your ever growing source of information. Henry Stempien

Name: Piotr P. Stepien
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-04-30 06:45:00
Comments: Czesc, W homepage catalog Stepniow moj adres jest nieaktualny, prosze wstawic zguw@ibbrain.ibb.waw.pl Znalazlem nowego Stepnia : jest nim ksiadz Roman Stepien, proboszcz parafii rz-kat. Sw Wojciecha w Mominie ( woj. kieleckie) Pochodzi ze Stepniow z okolic Sandomierza. Prosze go wciagnac do katalogu. Pozdrowienia, Piotr P. Stepien

Name: Tadeusz Stepinski
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
From: Uppsala, Sweden, Szczecin, Poland
Time: 1997-04-24 06:21:00
Comments: Swietny pomysl! Moze dojdziemy do pnia drzewa Stepniow!

Name: Monica (Stempien) Courtney
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Hamburg, NY U.S.A.
Time: 1997-04-23 18:29:00
Comments: Very interesting research. I didn't know that we Stempiens were all spread out.

Name: Hank Stempien
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Syracuse, New York
Time: 1997-03-02 13:32:00
Comments: I am new to this Web page and will check it out further.

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