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Norn and Grendel Paradise

Uddy Rashel

Safe COBs

Updated July 4, 1998
Now you can download the Psychadelic Ron Norn

We like to keep our Creatures safe from pain, fear, and illness. We have modified some COBs so that they are safe. If you have COE 1.5 or another COB editor you can do this yourself by changing the chemicals. The COBs originally came from CyberLife.

Albian Carrot BeetleAlbian Carrot Beetle
Bedtime BearBedtime Bear
Bees and Hive UpgradeBees and Hive Upgrade
Bouncing CarrotsBouncing Carrots
Cave FliesCave Flies
Shee Seed LauncherShee Seed Launcher
Christmas HollyChristmas Holly

Norn and Grendel Paradise
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