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Peter Avant   NC & Talbot Co Ga .  m. to a Susana
son    Benjamin Avent B NC 5 Apr 1799 
                                D 17 Oct 1878  Lafayette co. Ms
          M 1st Olive Patton    14 children
1.Francis Marion Avent   b. 5 July 1823  Ga    m.  Harriett 
2.Katherine e. Avent  b.  9 July 1825  Ga   m. Charlie Lovelace
3.William Edward Avent  b. 10 Jun 1827      m. Filorah Ann  Harmon 
4.Mary Susan Avent   M. Joseph L. Goolsby  
5.Ellender Caroline Avent  b. 4 Aug 1830  Ga m. 1st James Beverly 
Borroum,  2nd James Monroe Choate  
6.Samuel B. Avent   b.  3 Feb 1832  Ga
7.Thomas Londa Avent  b. 14 Sept 1833 Ga  m. Susan P.O. Jones  
8.Martha Ann Avent  b.  22 Aug 1835 Ga  m.  John T. Rayburn
9.Sarah Antonette Avent  b. 4 Dec 1837  Ga  m.  S.O. Watson
10.Julia Jannett Avent   b. 12 Apr 1840 Ga or Ms   m. Isaac East
11.Eliza Fredonia Avent  b. 3 Mar 1842 Ms  m. Andrew J. Goolsby
12.George Washington Avent  b.24 Jan 1844 Ms  m. Mary Rebecca Wilson 

13.James Knox avent   b. 26 Aug 1846  Ms  m. Mary F. Singletary
14.Alford D. (doc) Avent  b. 1848  Ms  m.  Mary Sneed  & ?  Beshears

2nd wife
1.Georgie Anice Avent  b. 26 Oct 1865  Ms   m. A.A. Newell
2.Benjamin McComel Avent  b. 1 Jan 1868   m. Rose Hendricks & Lillie 
3.Henry Avent  b.29 Jan 1870   m.  Fannie Mills
4.Safronia Jane Avent   b.  30 July 1875   m. M.W. Mitchell is looking for:
I am descended from Agnes Ann Avent born in 1875 in Somerset, Bexar Co. TX. Most of her brothers and sisters were born in Gonzales, Tx. Her parents were Joseph Alphaus Avant born 1848 in Austin, Tx and Caledonia Stevens. They were married in Gonzales in 1869.

JOSEPH ALPHAUS AVANT/AVENT b. 8 Oct 1848 Austin, TX d. 27 Jun 1919 Beaumont, Jefferson Co. TX buried in Lake Charles, LA m. 21 Aug 1869 Gonzales, TX CALEDONIA STEVENS b. about 1853 Somerset, Bexar Co., TX Children: 1) MARY AVANT b. 1 Jun 1870 Gonzales, TX d. about 1943 2) WILLIAM MARION AVANT b. 21 Apr 1872 Gonzales, TX 3) AGNES ANN AVENT b. 15 Feb 1875 Somerset, TX d. 11 Jan 1948 Lytle, TX 4) JAMES THOMAS AVANT b. 21 Aug 1876 Plainview, TX d. 14 Jan 1941 Red Rock, TX 5) JESSE LEE AVANT b. 9 Jan 1879 Gonzales d. 18 Aug 1943 6) ILEY FOSTER AVANT b. 27 Aug 1882 Gonzales d. 17 Oct 1952 7)OSCAR LOUIS AVENT b. 11 Apr 1885 Somerset, TX d. 25 May 1935, Atascosa, TX (Old Rock Baptist Church- buried) 8) SARA FRANCES (FRANKIE) AVENT b. 15 AUG 1887 Gonzales, TX d. 19 Jan 1970 9) JOSEPH WILMER AVANT b. 1880-1889 .............................................................................. ....................................... 3)AGNES ANN AVANT m. 4 Nov 1891 ROBERT HENRY ROBERTSON b. 19 Aug 1866 LA d. 18 Jan 1931 Somerset, TX Children: 1)ROBERT ODEN ROBERTSON 2) ELMER HENRY ROBERTSON 3) AZZIE BETHEL ROBERTSON b. 1895 4) ANNIE MARY ROBERTSON 5) BERNICE A. ROBERTSON 6) BESSIE CLARA ROBERTSON 7) JESSE WILLIAM ROBERTSON 8) HAZEL AGNES ROBERTSON 9) F- LIVING ................................................................. I am descended through AZZIE ROBERTSON ( He is my great grandfather.) I have the dates on the Robertson if you ever want those and then on down to me.

The next line belongs to Sheila at

 Peter Avants b. 1796
NC and Married a Mary Elizabeth Sharp from SC
Their children were:
Joseph Avants b. 1816 Tenn.
John Avants b. 1818 Tenn.
William Avants
Isaac Avants
Andrew Jackson Avants b. October 5, 1826 Tenn.
Thomas Warren Avants & William Cary Avants (twins) b. Sept. 05,1830 
  Anderson Co. in EasteTenn. Thomas Warren Avants is my ancestor my third
  grandfather and Thomas married Frances Elizabeth Stoveall in 1849.
Winey Avants
Nelly Avants
Peggy Avants
Polly Avants
Amy Avants
Abby Avants

This is my Avant line as follows that I have: (Also Sheila's line)
1) Peter Avants 1796 + Mary Elizabeth Sharp 1796 (both cal. births)
   2) Joseph Avants  c-1816  + Mary?
   2) John Avants 1818  + Mary Sharp
   2) William Avants
   2) Issac Avants
   2) Andrew Jackson Avants 1826-about1900
   2) Thomas Warren Avants 1830-1902 + Frances Elizabeth Stoveall    (My
Direct Line is from this man)
   2) William Cary Avants 1830-1898 (Twin to Thomas Warren) + Elizabeth 
W.Higgins 2nd Wife Malinda Sharp
   2) Winney Avants
   2) Nelly Avants
   2) Peggy Avants
   2) Polley Avants
   2) Amey/Amy Avants
   2) Abby Avants

>From Thomas Warren Avants and Frances Elizabeth Stoveall there decendents

3) John Stone Avants 1850-1934 + Sarah Ann Rich   2nd wife Melissa Ann Dosier
3) James Mathew Avants 1851-1918  + Susan Catherine Armstrong
3) Drevrey Avants 1852-1854
3) George W. Avants 1854-1857
3) Mary Lucy Avants 1856- 1857
3) Alcey Elizabeth Avants 1859-abt.1898 + John Christopher
3) Virginia Haseltine Avants 1861-1929 + James C. Eidson  (My Ancestors)
3) Thomas W. Avants 1866-1950 + Amanda McCrae
3) Frances Mahaley Avants 1869-1917 + John Elliot Stockton
3) Wiley M. Avants 1873-
3) Calley Monroe Avants 1873-1952 + Anna May Web
3) Jesse M Avants 1874-1896
3) Polly Ann Avants 1878-1968 + William Bunch  2nd  Cullen Kuykendall  3rd
Andrew Richard Jarman.

I have quite a lot of information on this line and I have contact
with quite a few of the descendants.
This line is documented by a lot of Cherokee Indian land applications.

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