When I started out I knew that my father, William Jesse was the son of William Allen Odom and Amanda Luvenia Ann Adams. I had no idea who William Allen’s father was. Late one night, I was looking at the one census the local library has on Alabama, I found William’s father. William Allen was one year old in 1850 when the census was taken and listed as the head of household was Isaac W. Odom. Several pages over Amanda was listed with her family. I had seen Isaac’s name several times before in census indexes and had a feeling that he was in my line but had no proof. Well there he was!

Isaac W. Odom was born about 1804 in South Carolina. All the ODOM families that I have found came originally from the South & North Carolina area. No information has been found about his activities until 1837. By then he had come down through Georgia were he met and married his first wife Lucy Ann Blocker. Thanks to an eighth grade family history assignment given to Linda Gayle Gibbs which she completed and kept, I was able to learn that Auntie, Martha Ellen Odom, had given Blocker as her grandmother’s maiden name.

The earliest record that I managed to find on Isaac was his being part of a militia unit. This unit was founded in Dale County, Alabama in 1837. At this time the Seminole Indians from nearby Florida were attacking the lower region of Alabama. Isaac had located in Dale County by then and enlisted into the Alabama Militia to fight the Indians. He served in Captain Ledbetter’s Company of Wellborn’s Alabama Mounted Volunteers for 3 months in 1837. When he was released from the service, after the end of the conflict, he received his horse and gun as part payment for his services to the state. He returned to Dale County and started a family. The 1840 federal census of Dale County, Alabama lists the Isaac Odom family with one child under five years of age—Nancy.

By responding to the call to arms, Isaac was continuing an Odom tradition of military service that dates back to the Revolutionary War. At least six Odoms served in that war. Since Isaac’s time, his descendants have served in every major war the United States has been engaged.

Isaac’s first son, George Washington Odom was born in 1840 and Benjamin Franklin Odom was born April 3, 1841, in Elba, Coffee County, Alabama.

From 1842 to 1850 Isaac and Lucy raised a good crop of children. Sarah Caroline was born in 1846, Mary Jane in 1846, and William Allen in 1849. Sarah was to later marry Daniel I. Chisum, Mary Jane married William Harrelson, and William Allen married Amanda L. Adams.

At some time between 1840 and 1850 Isaac and his family moved from Dale County to Coffee County, Alabama. The above children are listed in the 1850 Census of Coffee County.

In 1851, Isaac Wilson Odom Jr. was born. Wilson, as he was called later married Jane E. Taylor. An interesting note here is that I have never seen Isaac’s complete name. Only by comparing two censuses was I able to determine that Wilson in one census and IW Odom Jr. in another was the same person. Thus the ‘W’ in Isaac’s name stood for Wilson. He almost always used IW Odom as his signature.

The year 1852 proved to be very good. Isaac received a land grant for 40 acres of land in Coffee County for his military service in the 1837 Indian War. Our government moved slow back then just like today. This land was located in SW ¼ of SE ¼ of Section 21 Township 6 Range 19. It would be interesting to know what this land is used for today. Note: Carlos remembers hearing a story about Isaac trading this land for a team of oxen.

Isaac bought land in 1854 in the Antioch area of Covington County. The legal description of this land was: All of NE ¼ of Section 29 T5 R 17. Another child, Martha Tilda Odom was born in 1854. She later married Thomas Raley.

Elizabeth Lavinia Odom was born in 1857. She was later to marry a Stephen William Etheridge born 15 January 1856 in Opp, Alabama.

Before the 1860 census, the family moved to Covington County, Alabama. The 1860 Census of Covington County, page 375, showed the family had land with a value of $150 and personal property valued at $360. The State Agricultural Census lists the Isaac Odom family in Covington County with the following assets,

Cash Value of farm $150    Cash value of farm Machinery $25

Value of Livestock $260    

Horses 1                   Milk Cows 4

Other Cattle 2         Swine 30

Indian Corn Bushels 120

George Washington and Benjamin Franklin Odom enlisted in Company ‘B’ 18th Regiment of the Alabama Volunteers. On July 26, 1861 in Andalusia, Alabama this unit was formed of men from Covington County and they selected name-The Covington Hunters. George was 20 and Benjamin was 19. George was killed in Tennessee. The unit fought in several major battles of the war. Benjamin lived until June 24, 1930. He was the father of at least 9 children.

In the latter stages of the Civil War when the tide had turned against the South, the call went out for all able bodied men regardless of age to form ‘Home Guard’ units to defend their county against Union forces. On August 10, 1864 such a unit was formed in Covington County of 82 men. The youngest man was 16, and at 59, Private Isaac Odom was one of the oldest. President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America had recently lowered and raised the age limitations from 16 to 60, respectively. This unit was called Company A, Covington County Reserves (FIRST CLASS). On the documentation that I found, Isaac was listed as having NO GUN.

In 1866 the state of Alabama conducted a special census to tally the injured and killed in the war. The Isaac Odom family reported no family members disabled and one member killed in the war. As I said earlier, this was George Washington Odom who was killed on the first day at the battle of Shiloh.

The Alfred Adams family also reported one member killed. This was William Allen’s wife family. Amanda’s brother was killed near Richmond, Virginia. William and Amanda named one of their children after him- Jonathan Wesley.

Since she is not listed in the 1870 Federal Census, Lucy must have died between the 1860 and the 1870 Census. Her tombstone is very worn and only partly readable. From what is evident 1863 would be a good guess as to when she died.

Another Georgia girl, Seala A {or Celia A. both spellings have been found}, was listed as Isaac’s wife in the 1870 census. She brought two children into the marriage with her. Her husband had recently been killed in the war. Her last name was Brooks and her maiden name was English. She was born in 1835. The children were Sarah Brooks born in 1860 and M. Evans Brooks born in 1861.

James Henry Odom was born in 1865 and a girl, Francis Missouri Gillespi Odom, was born in 1866. James married Annie M. Taylor and Francis married Andrew Jethro Etheridge. In 1869, Adeline Odom was born. This child is only listed in one census. She must have died at an early age.

The 1870 census also lists Amanda living with the family as she and William Allen had recently married. They were to later relocate to Dale County.

In 1872 Melissa was born, John Newman in 1874, and Joshua in 1878 for a known total of fifteen children. The two from Cecila’s first marriage makes a total of seventeen children. One census, 1866, listed 11 people at the time in the household-- 4 under 10 years of age.

Malissa was also to marry a Taylor, Wash, as had two other siblings. Ellie Lee Smith became Mrs. John Odom.

In 1880, fifteen years after the end of the Civil War, men of the South were required to sign an Oath of Allegiance to rejoin the union and to be allowed to vote. Isaac W., W.A., William, and Benjamin F. Odom signed the oath from Covington County, Alabama.

The 1890 Federal Census data was almost destroyed by fire. Information from this census would help answer many questions that remain about this family if it was available.

Isaac W. Odom died at the age of 86, September 8, 1885. He was buried in a cemetery located ½ mile from the Antioch Nazarene Church on land currently owned by Hollis Adams. The Opp, Alabama OPP NEWS in its Old Home Folks Day Edition of Thursday, August 2, 1984 ran an interesting article about this abandoned cemetery. This cemetery is within a mile of land that Isaac purchased in 1854.



Descendants of Isaac Wilson Odom



Generation No. 1


1.  ISAAC WILSON1 ODOM was born About 1804 in S.C., and died September 08, 1885 in Antioch, Covington Co. AL.  He married (1) LUCY ANN BLOCKER 1838, daughter of JOSEPH BLOCKER and LAVINIA HUDSON.  She was born 1820 in Georgia, and died July 27, 1863 in Covington Co., Al.  He married (2) MARTHA A. CELIA ENGLISH About 1864 in Covington Co., AL, daughter of JOHN J. ENGLISH.  She was born About 1839 in GA, and died December 06, 1909 in Antioch, Covington Co., AL.


Children of ISAAC ODOM and LUCY BLOCKER are:

2.            i.   NANCY L.2 ODOM, b. November 17, 1838, Elba, Coffee Co., AL.

              ii.   GEORGE W. ODOM, b. 1840, Alabama; d. April 06, 1862, Shiloh, Tennessee.

3.          iii.   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ODOM, b. April 03, 1841, AL; d. June 24, 1930, Red Level, Covington Co. AL.

4.           iv.   SARAH CAROLINE ODOM, b. May 15, 1844, AL; d. October 08, 1935, Covington County, AL.

5.            v.   MARY JANE ODOM, b. June 17, 1846, Alabama; d. March 14, 1917, Covington Co., Al.

6.           vi.   WILLIAM ALLEN ODOM, b. July 15, 1849, Coffee Co., AL; d. September 05, 1895, Clayhatchee, Dale Co. AL.

7.          vii.   ISAAC WILSON ODOM, JR., b. May 1851, Alabama.

8.         viii.   MARTHA TILDA ODOM, b. Aug 25,  1853, AL. d. January 25, 1934, Covington Co. Al.

9.           ix.   ELIZABETH LAVINA ODOM, b. September 02, 1858, Covington Co. AL; d. January 21, 1911, Dozier, AL.


Children of ISAAC ODOM and MARTHA ENGLISH are:

10.          x.   JAMES HENRY2 ODOM, b. January 1866, Alabama.

             xi.   ADELINE ODOM, b. 1869, Covington Co., Al.

11.         xii.   FRANCES MISSOURI GILLESPI ODOM, b. March 30, 1869, Alabama; d. December 24, 1943, Dozier, Covington Co., AL.

12.       xiii.   MALISSA ODOM, b. About 1872, Covington Co., Al.

13.        xiv.   JOHN NEWMAN ODOM, b. March 28, 1877, Covington Co., Al; d. March 08, 1940.

             xv.   JASPER ODOM, b. About 1878, Covington Co., Al.



Generation No. 2


2.  NANCY L.2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born November 17, 1838 in Elba, Coffee Co., AL.  She married GREY JERKINS WORLEY February 15, 1859, son of NICHOLS GILLISPI WORLEY.  He was born June 21, 1836 in AL, and died May 11, 1911 in Covington Co. AL.


Children of NANCY ODOM and GREY WORLEY are:

14.           i.   ELISHA SIMEON3 WORLEY, b. November 1859, Alabama; d. March 29, 1925, Covington Co., Al.

15.          ii.   LUCY ANN MARGARAT WORLEY, b. April 19, 1866; d. August 26, 1946.

             iii.   WILLIAM W. WORLEY, b. 1874.

              iv.   ARRIE WORLEY, b. 1878; m. HILLARY SAUERS.

               v.   ORPHA L. WORLEY, b. 1878; m. GREEN WORLEY.

              vi.   ISAAC G. WORLEY, b. September 1881.

             vii.   HENRY L WORLEY, b. May 1884.


3.  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born April 03, 1841 in AL, and died June 24, 1930 in Red Level, Covington Co. AL.  He married NANCY CAROLINE BOYETT October 06, 1865 in Harmony Church, Covington Co. AL.  She was born May 06, 1846 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL.



               i.   ELIZABETH3 ODOM, m. MANCIL.

              ii.   SAVANNAH ODOM, m. RAMER.

             iii.   W. A. ODOM.

              iv.   W. MATH ODOM.

16.          v.   TEMPIE ODOM, b. October 26, 1866; d. April 1938.

17.         vi.   GEORGE W. ODOM, b. October 13, 1870.

18.        vii.   BENJAMIN F. ODOM, JR, b. March 04, 1876; d. April 14, 1931.

            viii.   JOSEPH H. ODOM, b. 1879.

             ix.   D. E. ODOM, b. April 15, 1880, Covington Co. AL.

19.          x.   JESSIE MONROE/ WILLIAM AUSTIN ODOM, b. 1883; d. September 13, 1963, Highlandview, Gulf Co., FL.

20.         xi.   LONNIE STEVE ODOM, b. August 09, 1888; d. Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co., Al.

            xii.   LEVI ANTHERN ODOM, b. December 06, 1893; d. August 17, 1894.


4.  SARAH CAROLINE2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born May 15, 1844 in AL, and died October 08, 1935 in Covington County, AL.  She married DANIEL T. CHISUM.  He was born December 25, 1850 in Pensacola, FL, and died April 28, 1933 in Covington County, AL.


Children of SARAH ODOM and DANIEL CHISUM are:

               i.   EMOCH3 CHISUM, b. May 26, 1879, Covington County, AL; d. December 15, 1966, Covington County, AL; m. MARY BELL MOORE, January 26, 1902, Covington Co., AL.

21.          ii.   ISAAC HARMAN CHISUM, b. January 06, 1882, Covington County, AL; d. January 31, 1982, Andalusia, AL.

             iii.   DONIE CHISUM, b. 1884; d. 1969; m. ROACH AUGHTMAN.


5.  MARY JANE2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born June 17, 1846 in Alabama, and died March 14, 1917 in Covington Co., Al.  She married WILLIAM HARRELSON About 1861 in Covington Co., Al, son of ENOS HARRILSON and MARY BRADLY.  He was born February 1854 in Alabama, and died in Elba, Coffee Co., AL.



22.          i.   CHARITY D.3 HARRELSON, b. April 03, 1861, Covington Co., AL; d. April 28, 1954, Covington Co., AL.

              ii.   G. W. HARRELSON, b. September 03, 1874; d. September 06, 1874.

23.        iii.   LURETTHA ESTELLE HARRELSON, b. October 04, 1877, Opp, Covington Co., AL; d. May 05, 1970, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl.

24.         iv.   MARY F. HARRELSON, b. December 1880, Covington Co., Al.

               v.   SANFORD HARRELSON, b. June 1882; m. L. L. KIRKLAND, January 22, 1903, Covington Co., Al.

25.         vi.   ISAAC HARRELSON, b. November 1884, Covington Co., Al.


6.  WILLIAM ALLEN2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born July 15, 1849 in Coffee Co., AL, and died September 05, 1895 in Clayhatchee, Dale Co. AL.  He married AMANDA LUVENIA ANN ADAMS March 31, 1869, daughter of ALFRED ADAMS and SARAH WATSON.  She was born October 18, 1845 in Marion Co. GA, and died July 03, 1912 in Clayhatchee, Dale Co. AL.


Children of WILLIAM ODOM and AMANDA ADAMS are:

26.          i.   MARTHA ELLEN3 ODOM, b. 1871, Daleville, Dale Co. AL; d. June 10, 1964, Wewahitchka, FL.

27.         ii.   WILLIAM JESSE ODOM, b. July 20, 1875, Daleville, Dale Co. AL; d. February 27, 1960, Panama City, Bay Co. FL.          

28.        iii.   JONATHAN WESLEY ODOM, b. February 14, 1878; d. September 22, 1950, Millville, Bay Co., Fl.

              iv.   S. E. ODOM, b. July 08, 1882; d. August 06, 1882.

               v.   E. F. ODOM, b. 1884; d. 1884.


7.  ISAAC WILSON2 ODOM, JR. (ISAAC WILSON1) was born May 1851 in Alabama.  He married JANE ELIZABETH TAYLOR, daughter of WASHINGTON TAYLOR and ANNA DONALDSON.  She was born January 1853.


Children of ISAAC ODOM and JANE TAYLOR are:  


               i.   ANOTHER DAUGHTER3 ODOM.

29.         ii.   TEMPE LAVINIA ODOM, b. June 05, 1882, Covington Co. AL; d. September 14, 1967.

30.        iii.   ANNIE ELIZABETH ODOM, b. December 14, 1875, Covington Co., Al; d. September 16, 1962, Montgomery, AL.

31.         iv.   GEORGIA WASHINGTON ODOM, b. September 30, 1879, Laverne, Crenshaw Co., Al; d. December 15, 1944, New Orleans LA.

               v.   JAMES HENRY ODOM, b. September 1887; d. 1951.

32.         vi.   WILLIE L ODOM, b. December 12, 1889; d. March 25, 1972.

33.        vii.   JOHN RUFUS ODOM, b. November 06, 1893, Covington Co., Al; d. April 13, 1955.


8.  MARTHA TILDA2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born August 25, 1855 in AL.  She married ERVE THOMAS RALEY.  He was born Feb 2, 1856, and died Jan 17, 1911.


Children of MARTHA ODOM and ERVIN RALEY are:

               i.   ROXIE R RALEY, b. 1884; d. 1886.

              ii.   JAMES O. RALEY, b. 1886; d. 1944.

             iii.   ELIZABETH RALEY, b. 1888; d. 1965; m. MULKEY.

              iv.   ZULA T. RALEY, b. 1890; m. BLACKMON.

               v.   WILEY CLANTON RALEY, b. 1892; d. 1976; m. CORDIE BELL FRANKLIN.


9.  ELIZABETH LAVINA2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born September 02, 1858 in Covington Co. AL, and died January 21, 1911 in Dozier, AL.  She married STEPHEN WILLIAM ETHERIDGE December 20, 1881 in Crenshaw Co. AL, son of ELIJAH ETHERIDGE and TAMSIE ALIWINE.  He was born January 15, 1856 in Opp, Covington Co., AL, and died May 24, 1938 in Dozier, Covington Co., AL.  



34.          i.   LEE ANNA3 ETHERIDGE, b. March 29, 1889, AL; d. February 05, 1968.

35.         ii.   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ETHERIDGE, b. November 07, 1886, Dozier, Covington Co., AL; d. March 11, 1945, COLMUBUS GA.

36.        iii.   BERTHA ALETHA ETHERIDGE, b. November 23, 1899, Dozier, Covington Co., AL; d. April 25, 1988.

37.         iv.   GEORGE WASHINGTON ETHERIDGE, b. June 18, 1897; d. September 05, 1990.

               v.   JASPER W. ETHERIDGE, b. May 12, 1884; d. August 04, 1905.

38.         vi.   DANIEL WEBSTER ETHERIDGE, b. October 1882.

39.        vii.   MARY JANE ETHERIDGE, b. April 18, 1890, Dozier, Covington Co., AL.


10.  JAMES HENRY2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born January 1866 in Alabama.  He married ANNIE M. TAYLOR, daughter of WASHINGTON TAYLOR and ANNA DONALDSON. 


Children of JAMES ODOM and ANNIE TAYLOR are:

40.          i.   ADDIE O3 ODOM, b. February 1888, Covington Co., Al.

41.          ii.   BUENA MAE ODOM, b. July 1890, Covington Co., Al.

42.        iii.   BENJAMIN W. ODOM, b. October 17, 1891, Covington Co. AL; d. October 30, 1969.

43.         iv.   COLUMBUS J. ODOM, b. July 07, 1894, Covington Co. AL; d. January 15, 1974.

               v.   GREEN DANIEL ODOM, b. August 1896, Covington Co., Al.


11.  FRANCES MISSOURI GILLESPI2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born March 30, 1869 in Alabama, and died December 24, 1943 in Dozier, Covington Co., AL.  She married ANDREW JACOB ETHERIDGE January 22, 1888, son of ELIJAH ETHERIDGE and TAMSIE ALIWINE.  He was born March 1855.



               i.   WILLIE H.3 ETHERIDGE, b. July 1890.

              ii.   LEMMIE G. ETHERIDGE, b. September 21, 1894; d. December 04, 1945; m. FANNIE LOU SMITH, September 29, 1925, Searight, Covington, Co. AL; b. May 16, 1899, Alabama.

             iii.   JOHN H. ETHERIDGE, b. May 1895, AL; d. 1949, Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL; m. BESSIE L.; b. 1894.


12.  MALISSA2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born About 1872 in Covington Co., Al.  She married WASH TAYLOR. 



               i.   NOAH3 TAYLOR, b. About 1915, Covington Co. AL.


13.  JOHN NEWMAN2 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON1) was born March 28, 1877 in Covington Co., Al, and died March 08, 1940.  He married ELLIE LEE SMITH February 10, 1889, daughter of WILLIAM SMITH and SARAH SIMS.  She was born February 10, 1889, and died August 06, 1980.


Children of JOHN ODOM and ELLIE SMITH are:

               i.   COLUMBUS3 ODOM, m. ETHEL SISSON.


             iii.   JOHN HENRY ODOM, m. THELMA SMITH.

              iv.   EUNICE ROSELYN ODOM, b. August 25, 1912; m. VADEN HUGHES; b. February 22, 1909; d. January 05, 1970.

44.          v.   MYRTICE MAUREEN ODOM, b. May 02, 1914; d. March 23, 1988.

              vi.   WILLIAM MARVIN ODOM, b. 1916; m. MARTHA MAE STUCKEY.

45.        vii.   GASTON WILSON ODOM, b. 1918.

46.       viii.   SARA OLGA ODOM, b. February 26, 1923; d. June 30, 1985.

             ix.   FANNIE LEE ODOM, b. November 09, 1924; d. January 09, 1925.

              x.   DANIEL RAY ODOM, b. July 26, 1931; d. May 27, 1932.



Generation No. 3


14.  ELISHA SIMEON3 WORLEY (NANCY L.2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born November 1859 in Alabama, and died March 29, 1925 in Covington Co., Al.  He married (1) MITTIE F. HEMBY.  She was born January 1878, and died 1966.  He married (2) MARTHA CATHERINE ETHERIDGE December 22, 1881 in Crenshaw Co. AL, daughter of ELIJAH ETHERIDGE and TAMSIE ALIWINE.  She died August 10, 1892 in (of Dropsy).



               i.   GILLESPIE4 WORLEY.

              ii.   EDNA WORLEY.

             iii.   BRYANT E. WORLEY, b. February 14, 1900, Alabama; d. March 07, 1982; m. LUCILLE COLVIN; b. October 26, 1906; d. September 12, 1945.

              iv.   BERTIE  WORLEY, b. September 01, 1907; d. February 10, 1913.

               v.   MAMIE OLA WORLEY, b. September 07, 1907, Alabama; d. July 08, 1994, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; m. (1) JOHN BASTON BUTLER; b. August 04, 1904; d. April 23, 1979; m.  

              vi.   BASCOMB WORLEY, b. February 24, 1910; m. LUCILLE DRIGGERS.

             vii.   MILBURN ODEL WORLEY, b. 1913.

            viii.   RALPH DANIEL WORLEY, b. 1916.

             ix.   GILLISPIE WORLEY.



             xi.   ELVINA4 WORLEY, b. September 30, 1882, Covington Co., Al; d. January 28, 1947, Laurel Hill, Okaloosa Co., FL; m. HENRY M. MIKEL; b. August 30, 1876; d. June 23, 1927.

            xii.   HIRAM WILLIAM WORLEY, b. September 20, 1887; d. February 07, 1976; m. ANNIE LEE DELOACH, May 11, 1911; b. December 18, 1894; d. June 11, 1922, Elba, Coffee Co., AL..

           xiii.   MARY ELIZABETH WORLEY, b. June 03, 1890; d. January 07, 1987; m. BENJAMIN W. ODOM; b. October 17, 1891, Covington Co. AL; d. October 30, 1969.

            xiv.   LURIA WORLEY, b. April 03, 1892; d. April 06, 1982; m. ELISHA HOLLAND HENBY, May 11, 1913; b. December 25, 1894; d. December 03, 1984.


15.  LUCY ANN MARGARAT3 WORLEY (NANCY L.2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born April 19, 1866, and died August 26, 1946.  She married JAMES WESLEY TAYLOR.  He was born in Black Mountain, NC.



               i.   BYRON4 TAYLOR, b. 1894; m. ESTER FARNAM.


16.  TEMPIE3 ODOM (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born October 26, 1866, and died April 1938.  She married GEORGE E. M. HARRELSON.  He was born April 21, 1866, and died March 17, 1935.



               i.   LULA4 HARRELSON.

              ii.   ARMINTA A. "DOLLY" HARRELSON, b. March 22, 1889; d. January 11, 1969, Covington Co., AL; m. JAMES HENRY COLVIN, January 06, 1906, Covington Co., AL; b. February 05, 1877, Crenshaw co., AL; d. May 15, 1928.


17.  GEORGE W.3 ODOM (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born October 13, 1870.  He married ELIZA HARRISON.  She was born May 30, 1876.



               i.   BENNIE4 ODOM, m. PEARL JOHNSON.

              ii.   NALLER ODOM.

             iii.   GEORGE E. ODOM, b. April 26, 1893; d. April 11, 1965; m. CLYDE ADAMS; b. February 17, 1897; d. June 26, 1966.

              vi.   OSSIE ODOM, b. December 01, 1895; m. JONES.

             vii.   OLLIE CAROLINE ODOM, b. November 25, 1899; m. JAMES THOMAS DELOACH; b. June 16, 1879, Crenshaw Co. AL.

            viii.   BULEH ODOM, b. July 30, 1901.

             ix.   CARLIS ODOM, b. August 22, 1902; m. WILL DAVIS.

              x.   GROVER ODOM, b. February 04, 1906; d. October 20, 1967; m. BERTHA; b. January 04, 1914.

             xi.   DOZIER CLEVELAND ODOM, b. March 28, 1908; d. April 20, 1976; m. MARY JO DELOACH; b. August 05, 1910.

            xii.   MARY LAVONIA ODOM, b. April 09, 1913; m. MINN GRIMES.

           xiii.   TINIE BELL ODOM, b. May 01, 1922; d. November 02, 1938, Covington Co., AL; m. (1) LEWIS WOODHAM; m. (2) LEWIS WOODHAM.


18.  BENJAMIN F.3 ODOM, JR (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born March 04, 1876, and died April 14, 1931.  He married VERNIE L WIGGINS June 19, 1897.  She was born 1882.



               i.   AARON4 ODOM, b. 1905, Covington Co., Al.

              ii.   BERTHA M. ODOM, b. 1902, Covington Co., Al.

             iii.   BERTIE L. ODOM, b. 1908, Covington Co., Al.


19.  JESSIE MONROE/ WILLIAM AUSTIN3 ODOM (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born 1883, and died September 13, 1963 in Highlandview, Gulf Co., FL.  He married (1) SAMANTHA LOVEONA HENDERSON.  She was born December 05, 1885 in AL.  He married (2) MARY ALICE MCLENDON.  She was born July 03, 1891, and died March 03, 1980 in Port St. Joe, Gulf, co., FL.



               i.   CLORA MAE4 ODOM, b. December 20, 1907; d. May 31, 1985, Ca. m. STINES.

              ii.   ELEANOR BEA ODOM, b. September 01, 1912, Sanford, Covington Co., AL; m. (1) HERMAN DEAN; b. March 15, 1898; d. September 09, 1966; m. (2) HARRY P. BLOUNT; b. April 08, 1914; d. March 15, 1973; m. (3) ARCHIE STUART, May 27, 1927; b. July 12, 1906.

             iii.   VONCILE ODOM, b. May 28, 1915, Sanford, Covington Co., died 13 September 2004 in Opp, Covington
County, Alabama and buried in the Goodhope Cemetery Searight, Covington County,
 AL; m. JAMES ROBERT TAYLOR; b. January 14, 1914, Searight, Crenshaw Co., AL; d. September 03, 1985, Andalusia, Covington Co. AL.


Children of JESSIE ODOM and MARY MCLENDON are:

              iv.   BETTY4 ODOM, m. BOYD.

               v.   MARY ODOM, m. MAYFIELD.

              vi.   BEATRICE ODOM, m. STRANGE.

             vii.   MARLIN ODOM.

            viii.   ARLIN ODOM.

             ix.   BENJAMIN ODOM.


20.  LONNIE STEVE3 ODOM (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born August 09, 1888, and died in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co., Al.  He married VELMA GODWIN.  She was born July 21, 1907, and died in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co., Al.



               i.   JOHN GARLIN4 ODOM, b. October 30, 1939; m. REBECCA GAIL SHARP; b. January 27, 1940; d. September 21, 1989.


21.  ISAAC HARMAN3 CHISUM (SARAH CAROLINE2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born January 06, 1882 in Covington County, AL, and died January 31, 1982 in Andalusia, AL.  He married JEWELL MISSOURI HARRELSON April 13, 1902 in Covington Co., AL.  She was born July 07, 1880 in Covington County, AL, and died October 06, 1959 in Andalusia, AL.



               i.   ALLIE4 CHISUM.

              ii.   INFANT BABY CHISUM.

             iii.   NOBIE INEZ CHISUM, b. November 15, 1906, Covington County, AL; d. December 29, 1998, Andalusia, AL; m. HIRAM MCKENDLY CARTER.

              iv.   LEANA CHISUM, b. April 13, 1908, Covington County, AL; d. May 04, 1926; m. JOE EDWARD KILPATRICK.

               v.   WILEY ENOS CHISUM, b. February 26, 1910, Covington County, AL; d. January, Andalusia, AL; m. HAZEL ELDER.

              vi.   RILEY DANIEL CHISUM, b. April 01, 1912, Straughn, Covington County, AL; d. May 06, 1995, Andalusia, AL; m. BERTHA LOUISE STRAUGHN, November 06, 1932, Rev. W.E. Clarks Home; b. December 17, 1915, Straughn, Covington County, AL.

             vii.   LENA MAE CHISUM, b. April 18, 1917, Covington County, AL; m. CLEM DAVENPORT.

            viii.   MINNIE BELL CHISUM, b. December 23, 1919; m. JAMES W. MEADOWS, November 05, 1938, Kinston, AL.


22.  CHARITY D.3 HARRELSON (MARY JANE2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born April 03, 1861 in Covington Co., AL, and died April 28, 1954 in Covington Co., AL.  She married GEORGE D. ROBBINS About 1884 in Covington Co., Al.  He was born October 08, 1864 in Covington Co., Al, and died February 04, 1921 in Covington Co., Al.



               i.   HIRAM P.4 ROBBINS, b. April 25, 1885, Covington Co., Al; d. October 08, 1958, Covington Co., Al; m. NORA.

              ii.   WILLIE D. ROBBINS, b. May 1887, Covington Co., Al; m. OLIVE G. ROBBINS, About 1905, Alabama; b. 1891, Covington Co., Al.

             iii.   OLIVE M. ROBBINS, b. April 1890.

              iv.   JAMES WADE ROBBINS, b. September 1892, Covington Co., Al; m. ALVA M. ROBBINS, About 1913, Alabama; b. 1896, Covington Co., Al.

               v.   BESSIE M. ROBBINS, b. May 1895.

              vi.   GEORGE AUSTIN ROBBINS, b. May 02, 1898, Covington Co., Al; d. November 30, 1922, Covington Co., Al; m. UNKNOWN, April 03, 1921, Covington Co., Al.

             vii.   LENA D. ROBBINS, b. 1904.

            viii.   EDWARD J. ROBBINS, b. 1907.

             ix.   BESSIE ROBBINS, b. May 1895.


23.  LURETTHA ESTELLE3 HARRELSON (MARY JANE2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born October 04, 1877 in Opp, Covington Co., AL, and died May 05, 1970 in Panama City, Bay Co., Fl.  She married (1) WILLIAM JOSEPH ROBBINS May 14, 1894 in Walton County, FL.  He was born July 04, 1875 in Opp, Covington Co., AL, and died February 13, 1897 in Opp, Covington Co., AL.  She married (2) EDMUND PINKNEY HARRELSON April 07, 1901 in Covington Co., Al.  He was born April 27, 1868 in Covington Co., Al, and died February 15, 1950 in Panama City, Bay Co., Fl.



               i.   HARLIE4 LEE, ROBBINS, b. March 04, 1895, Opp, Covington Co., AL; d. August 07, 1975, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl; m. ETHELYN MAY FAIRCLOTH, December 27, 1920, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl; b. November 17, 1901, Donaldsonville, Decatur Co., GA; d. December 25, 1990, Parker, Bay Co., FL.

              ii.   JOSEPH RILEY ROBBINS, b. September 17, 1896, Opp, Covington Co., AL; m. ETHEL LUCILLE STRAUGHN, About 1924, Covington Co., Al; b. June 24, 1909, Covington Co., Al.



              iv.   JESSIE ESTELLE4 HARRELSON, b. February 04, 1902, Opp, Covington Co., AL; d. March 20, 1992, Callaway, Bay Co., FL; m. FRANK FOX.

               v.   LENA BELL HARRELSON, b. April 08, 1904, Ft. Walton Beach, Okaloosa Co., FL; m. ANDREW L. CREAMER, March 11, 1927, Blountstown, Calhoun Co., FL; b. July 03, 1902, Cairo Grady Co GA; d. November 28, 1954, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl.

              vi.   JAMES ALFRED HARRELSON, b. April 12, 1906, Laurel Hill, Okaloosa Co., FL; d. May 1939, Parker, Bay Co., FL; m. LENORA ORENE PITTS; b. April 01, 1910, Parker, Bay Co., FL.

             vii.   FREDIE ALBERT HARRELSON, b. February 29, 1908, Laurel Hill, Okaloosa Co., FL; m. VIDA ARGIE FREEMAN, May 29, 1947, Salinas CA; b. September 14, 1922, Russellville Polk Co Ark.

            viii.   MINNIE C. HARRELSON, b. January 23, 1910, Laurel Hill, Okaloosa Co., FL; d. April 01, 1987, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl; m. JOHN A. WARD, March 18, 1933; b. November 16, 1909, Covington Co., Al; d. November 05, 1986, Callaway, Bay Co., FL.

             ix.   AMY HARRELSON, b. August 05, 1912; m. LLOYD LUCAS.

              x.   EDWARD TRILBY HARRELSON, b. January 02, 1915, Opp, Covington Co., AL; m. LILLIAN FACINE; b. New Orleans LA.

             xi.   ETTINA MAE HARRELSON, b. January 22, 1917, Opp, Covington Co., AL; m. JOSEPH LUCAS.

            xii.   WILLIAM ORESTER HARRELSON, b. December 03, 1920, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. 1990, Gainesville, Alachua Co., FL; m. IRENE DAVIS; b. 1923, Parker, Bay Co., FL.


24.  MARY F.3 HARRELSON (MARY JANE2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born December 1880 in Covington Co., Al.  She married HARDY ROBBINS December 31, 1896 in Covington Co., Al.  He was born May 1852 in Opp, Covington Co., AL.



               i.   ROSIE LEE4 ROBBINS, b. February 1898.

              ii.   WILLIAM H. ROBBINS, b. 1904.

             iii.   THOMAS ROBBINS, b. 1907.


25.  ISAAC3 HARRELSON (MARY JANE2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born November 1884 in Covington Co., Al.  He married ANNIE WALLACE. 



               i.   CLAYTON4 HARRELSON.

              ii.   CORBIN HARRELSON.

             iii.   ROY HARRELSON.

              iv.   LILLIE MAE HARRELSON.


26.  MARTHA ELLEN3 ODOM (WILLIAM ALLEN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born 1871 in Daleville, Dale Co. AL, and died June 10, 1964 in Wewahitchka, FL.



               i.   JHON MARVIN4 ODOM, b. 1889; d. April 30, 1921.


27.  WILLIAM JESSE3 ODOM (WILLIAM ALLEN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born July 20, 1875 in Daleville, Dale Co. AL, and died February 27, 1960 in Panama City, Bay Co. FL.  He married (1) VERMELL LEE January 01, 1902, daughter of JEREMIAH LEE and MARTHA LEE.  She was born October 15, 1884, and died January 15, 1924 in Clayhatchee, Dale Co., AL.  He married (2) DOLLIE MAE GREATHOUSE July 11, 1934 in Enterprise, Coffee Co., AL, daughter of WILLIAM GREATHOUSE and SUSAN INGRAM.  She was born October 26, 1907 in Brundridge, Pike Co., AL, and died April 19, 1994 in Panama City, Bay Co., Fl.


Children of WILLIAM ODOM and VERMELL LEE are:

               i.   INFANT4 ODOM, b. June 30, 1904; d. Bef. May 02, 1910.

              ii.   ROY T ODOM, b. July 31, 1905, Dale Co., AL; d. May 17, 1979, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl; m. (2) FRANCIS KNIGHT; d. March 06, 1976, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl.

             iii.   CONNIE MAY ODOM, b. July 21, 1907; d. Bef. May 02, 1910.

              iv.   RALFHEE RAY ODOM, b. June 27, 1909.

               v.   CARLOS L ODOM, b. October 27, 1911, Dale Co., AL; d. July 03, 1999, Panama City, Bay County, FL..

              vi.   FLOSSIE ODOM, b. May 06, 1914, Dale Co., AL; d. November 10, 1976, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl; m. JOSEPH COWAN.

             vii.   JESSIE LEE ODOM, b. August 10, 1916, Dale Co., AL; m. ALLIE D. FOREHAND, April 22, 1934; b. May 30, 1907, Coffee Co., AL; d. March 13, 1977, Coffee Co., AL.

            viii.   ANNIE MERLE ODOM, b. April 03, 1919, Dale Co., AL; m. ALGUS FOREHAND, May 26, 1934; b. November 16, 1914; d. December 07, 1985.

             ix.   EUNICE MAXINE ODOM, b. August 23, 1922, Dale Co., AL; m. RICHARD ALLEN CASON, January 18, 1938; b. October 08, 1907.



              x.   WILLIAM EDWARD4 ODOM, b. April 16, 1935, Level Plains, Dale Co., AL; m. CAROL ANN BRUENING, September 17, 1955; b. November 03, 1939, Flandreau, S.D..

             xi.   JOHNNY WILLIAM ODOM, b. September 20, 1927, Enterprise, Coffee Co., AL; d. October 04, 1992, Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., KY; m. WANDA JOYCE HORN, September 29, 1949, Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., KY; b. August 11, 1931; d. May 11, 1992, Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., KY..

            xii.   BILLIE JEAN ODOM, b. January 15, 1947, Millville, Bay Co., FL; m. (1) SUZANNE BERNICE MCNEIL, May 23, 1970, Tampa, FL; b. April 12, 1951, Fairmont, WV; m. (2) SHERRY LYLELYNN MORRIS, March 16, 1979, Ft. Walton Beach, Okaloosa Co., FL; b. March 12, 1947, Thermopolis, N.Y..

           xiii.   MARY CHRISTINE ODOM, b. January 28, 1952, Panama City, Bay Co., FL; d. July 05, 1989, Lynn Haven, Bay Co., FL.


28.  JONATHAN WESLEY3 ODOM (WILLIAM ALLEN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born February 14, 1878, and died September 22, 1950 in Millville, Bay Co., Fl.  He married (1) NANCY ELIZABETH SPANN.  She was born February 06, 1877, and died December 04, 1940.  He married (2) KATIE LOU HARTZOG.  She died January 11, 1991.  He married (3) LIZZIE J. WALDEN June 22, 1899 in Alabama.  She was born November 06, 1880 in Alabama, and died January 17, 1908 in Alabama.


Children of JONATHAN ODOM and NANCY SPANN are:

               i.   LURA NARCISSIE4 ODOM, b. November 24, 1910; d. November 03, 1989; m. WILLIAM PERRY TAYLOR.

              ii.   JAMES W. ODOM, b. November 24, 1912; m. MARTHA TAYLOR.

             iii.   JOSHUA CLIFTON ODOM, b. May 19, 1914; d. July 16, 1968; m. NELLA VIRGINIA BRASWELL.

              iv.   ALFRED VAN BUREN ODOM, b. October 28, 1915; m. KATIE FINCH, November 05, 1938.



               v.   MAUDIE LUCILE4 ODOM, b. July 01, 1903; d. May 15, 1995, Panama City, Bay County, FL; m. WILLIAM ROBERT FINCH; b. March 08, 1902; d. May 07, 1979.

              vi.   CHARLES WILLIAM ODOM, b. September 14, 1906, Coffee Co., AL; d. January 24, 1985, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl; m. JOSIE ELIZABETH NICHOLS, August 01, 1925, Enterprise, Coffee Co., AL; b. January 25, 1910, Coffee Co., AL; d. April 04, 1987, Panama City, Bay Co., Fl.

             vii.   FLORID ODOM, b. November 25, 1908; d. May 27, 1909.


29.  TEMPE LAVINIA3 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born June 05, 1882 in Covington Co. AL, and died September 14, 1967.  She married JESSE EMANUEL CARTER.  He was born June 18, 1878, and died 1939


Children of TEMPE ODOM and JESSE CARTER are:

               i.   GEORGE WASHINGTON4 CARTER, b. February 13, 1904, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. May 20, 1905, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL.

              ii.   RAYMOND LORENZA CARTER, b. August 08, 1905, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. February 28, 1939, Florida; m. SYBIL GOODSON; d. 1993.

             iii.   HUBBERT W. CARTER, b. September 17, 1906, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. January 20, 1948, California; m. RUBY WIGGINS.

              iv.   AGNES ELIZABETH CARTER, b. December 05, 1907, Covington Co., Al; m. ROY COMER WESLEY, December 1931, Dozier, Covington Co., AL; b. December 12, 1907, Pike Co., AL; d. June 29, 1966, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL.

               v.   TRUDIE MAE CARTER, b. July 03, 1909, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. April 22, 1965, Seattle, WA; m. JOHN HOBSON CLARK; d. 1991.

              vi.   ZELNA CARTER, b. October 03, 1910, Andalusia, Covington Co. AL; d. December 24, 1919, Andalusia, Covington Co. AL.

             vii.   EMMITT O. CARTER, b. October 17, 1911, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. July 10, 1948, CA; m. AVIS CLARK.

            viii.   CORA LEE CARTER, b. September 25, 1913, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. June 11, 1971, Montgomery, AL; m. HENRY MERRILL COLVIN; b. December 09, 1910; d. October 26, 1988, Montgomery, AL..

             ix.   FLORA CARTER, b. July 17, 1915, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. July 12, 1916, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL.

              x.   RALPH CARTER, b. December 08, 1916, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. April 27, 1918, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL.

             xi.   MACIE CARTER, b. May 20, 1919, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. October 22, 1968; m. (1) JOHNNY HUNTER; m. (2) FELIX SANDLEY; b. January 29, 1919; d. 1995.

            xii.   CLIFTON W. CARTER, b. August 08, 1920, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. December 06, 1966, Seattle, WA; m. DORRIS.

           xiii.   OLGA FAYE CARTER, b. May 30, 1923, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; d. February 01, 1987, Slidell, LA; m. (1) DEWEY ELDRIDGE; b. May 18, 1925; d. March 31, 1989; m. (2) ERNEST O'DELL BARNHILL; b. February 28, 1924, Baker, Okaloosa Co., FL; d. January 25, 1958.


30.  ANNIE ELIZABETH3 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born December 14, 1875 in Covington Co., Al, and died September 16, 1962 in Montgomery, AL.  She married JAMES HENRY CLARK.  He was born January 22, 1861 in Covington Co., AL, and died August 18, 1944 in Dozier, Covington Co., AL.


Children of ANNIE ODOM and JAMES CLARK are:

               i.   INFANT4 CLARK.

              ii.   LONNIE RICHARD CLARK, b. May 18, 1897; d. March 10, 1986; m. DAISY IRENE ODOM, October 29, 1916; b. February 02, 1901; d. August 21, 1981.

             iii.   IDA ERA CLARK, b. July 16, 1898; D. 20 February 2000 m. HENRY COSTON KIMBRO, ! August 1915; b. 14 November 1894; d. 2 November 1943

              iv.   COLBERT CLARK, b. August 22, 1899; d. August 20, 1908.

               v.   HENRY NEAL CLARK, b. December 13, 1900; d. March 05, 1907.

              vi.   MILDRED LUCILE CLARK, b. February 05, 1905; m. HOMER KIMBRO; b. March 26, 1901; d. October 02, 1966.

             vii.   GERALD LOUIS CLARK, b. March 13, 1918; m. (1) VONCILE DAWKIS COBB; b. February 12, 1911; d. January 30, 1990; m. (2) PAULINE RUSHING; b. February 15, 1923.


31.  GEORGIA WASHINGTON3 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born September 30, 1879 in Laverne, Crenshaw Co., Al, and died December 15, 1944 in New Orleans LA.  She married GEORGE WASHINGTON WIGGINS 1907, son of SIMEON WIGGINS and NANCY HUDSON.  He was born September 08, 1857 in Thomasville, GA (?), and died December 19, 1924 in Opp, Alabama.



               i.   WILMA L4 WIGGINS, b. November 04, 1912, Andalusia, Alabama (Bethal Community-Babbie); d. May 28, 1987, Dothan, Alabama (Hospital); m. JAMES FRANKLIN CADE, September 21, 1932, Gretna, Louisiana; b. January 24, 1907, Opp, Alabama (Beulah Community); d. October 04, 1975, Opp, Alabama.

              ii.   CLYDIA ESTELL WIGGINS, b. December 16, 1908; m. (1) HOUSTON ISIAH HESTER, June 09, 1934, Andalusia, Alabama; b. October 28, 1906; d. July 22, 1966, Red Level, AL.; m. (2) HERMAN T. WILLSON, August 11, 1973, New Orleans, Louisiana.

             iii.   GEORGE RAY WIGGINS, b. October 12, 1910; d. December 24, 1987; m. ORENE AVANT, 1935, Opp, Alabama.

               v.   INFANT (DIED W/O NAMING) WIGGINS.

              vi.   OBIE JANE WIGGINS, b. August 24, 1918; m. JESSE JOSEPH GRABERT, May 28, 1937, Florala, Alabama; b. January 25, 1918, New Orleans, LA.

             vii.   ALFRED H. WIGGINS, b. December 03, 1913.


32.  WILLIE L3 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born December 12, 1889, and died March 25, 1972.  He married MATTIE OWENS, daughter of JOHN OWENS and SUZANNE ETHERIDGE.  She was born April 25, 1885 in AL, and died January 30, 1960.


Children of WILLIE ODOM and MATTIE OWENS are:

               i.   OLLIE4 ODOM, b. 1912.

              ii.   DOLLIE MAE ODOM, b. 1914, Covington Co., Al; m. RAY BAKER.

             iii.   LEROY ODOM, b. 1916, Covington Co., Al.

              iv.   TINA ODOM, b. 1918, Covington Co., Al.

               v.   MARY ALICE ODOM, b. March 23, 1921; m. JR. FRANK HAMMETT; b. April 18, 1919.

              vi.   ALICE FAYE ODOM, m. O. O. HAMMETT.


33.  JOHN RUFUS3 ODOM (ISAAC WILSON2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born November 06, 1893 in Covington Co., Al, and died April 13, 1955.  He married (1) DOLLIE ADAMS.    He married (2) LILLIE ELIZABETH BLOCKER.  She was born January 11, 1895 in Covington Co., Al, and died December 25, 1933 in Unmarked grave Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery. Harmony, AL.



               i.   LONNIE RUFUS4 ODOM, m. (1) PHILLIPA NELSON; m. (2) CONNIE PYLAND; b. St. Louis, MO.


Children of JOHN ODOM and LILLIE BLOCKER are:

              ii.   BELMER VELMA4 ODOM, m. CARTER MEDLEY.

             iii.   DEWEY WILSON ODOM, b. September 18, 1917; d. GA; m. JESSIE LEE BULLARD, February 11, 1940; b. November 06, 1917.

              iv.   WILLIE RAY ODOM, d. Infant, Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co., Al.

               v.   IDA MAE ODOM, d. Baker, Okaloosa Co., FL; m. JASPER ORESTER HARRELSON.

              vi.   JOHNNIE ABRON ODOM, b. August 23, 1928; m. ANNIE IRENE BRYANT, March 20, 1947; b. November 11, 1929, Coffee Co. AL  (above Elba); d. May 27, 1997.

             vii.   LOUIE HILTON ODOM, b. August 09, 1920; d. May 07, 1952; m. LEECY PEARL EDWARDS.

            viii.   ELMA LEE ODOM, m. YOUNG.

             ix.   ANNIE LAVINIA ODOM, b. October 16, 1923, Covington Co., Al; d. October 27, 1980, Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co., Al; m. (1) HUBERT HOLLOWAY; m. (2) RALPH CLEGHORN; b. February 11, 1912; d. September 15, 1975, Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co., Al..


34.  LEE ANNA3 ETHERIDGE (ELIZABETH LAVINA2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born March 29, 1889 in AL, and died February 05, 1968.  She married GEORGE W. COWART.  He was born April 09, 1888, and died April 03, 1918.



               i.   FLETCHER4 COWART.

              ii.   GLADYS COWART, b. March 16, 1908; d. November 02, 1987, Opp, Covington Co., AL; m. JOHN HARRISON JOHNSON, 1928; b. September 12, 1904, Crenshaw co., AL; d. February 17, 1963, Crenshaw co., AL.

             iii.   JOHN COWART, b. June 25, 1912; d. March 18, 1991; m. BERNICE HAMMETT; b. February 06, 1914.

              iv.   RUTH COWART, b. October 09, 1917, Crenshaw Co. AL; m. (1) DEWEY FINKLEY; m. (2) DEWEY ELVIN FINKLEY, June 16, 1934, Luverne, Crenshaw Co., AL; b. August 25, 1905, Crenshaw Co. AL; d. August 24, 1982, Montgomery Hosp., Montgomery Co., AL.

               v.   EVIE COWART, b. March 17, 1909; m. (1) ERNIE WALTER JOHNSON; m. (2) W. O. RAWLS.

              vi.   WILLIAM GASTON COWART, b. February 13, 1915; d. February 15, 1983; m. EMMA C. SMITH, November 23, 1935; b. May 16, 1919.


35.  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN3 ETHERIDGE (ELIZABETH LAVINA2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born November 07, 1886 in Dozier, Covington Co., AL, and died March 11, 1945 in COLMUBUS GA.  He married EFFIE ELMA SPORT January 21, 1912 in Sports,  Crenshaw Co., AL.  She was born January 29, 1885 in Leon, AL, and died July 20, 1942 in Sports, AL.



               i.   CARL4 ETHERIDGE, b. November 20, 1912, Crenshaw Co. AL; d. February 10, 1984, Montgomery, AL; m. (1) MYRTIS TURNER; m. (2) LUCILLE STEVENS.

              ii.   DIXON ETHERIDGE, b. November 07, 1914, Sports, AL; d. December 19, 1979, Dozier, Covington Co., AL; m. BERTIE B DEAN, September 18, 1943, Dozier, Covington Co., AL; b. December 31, 1922, Dozier, Covington Co., AL; d. October 29, 1987, Luverne, AL.

             iii.   BENNIE KATE ETHERIDGE, b. June 16, 1918; d. October 22, 1987; m. JOE REX KIMBRO, December 03, 1938.

              iv.   JOE TOM ETHERIDGE, b. March 02, 1920; d. May 03, 1987; m. MARY SUE ALLRED; d. April 24, 1987.

               v.   NEIL ETHERIDGE, b. January 24, 1924; d. July 15, 1972; m. LOUISE WEST.


36.  BERTHA ALETHA3 ETHERIDGE (ELIZABETH LAVINA2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born November 23, 1899 in Dozier, Covington Co., AL, and died April 25, 1988.  She married WILLIAM ROBERT SMITH March 31, 1918, son of WILLIAM SMITH and SARAH SIMS.  He was born November 12, 1890 in Alabama, and died December 07, 1966.



               i.   ERA4 SMITH, b. March 13, 1919.

              ii.   CLARENCE SMITH, b. August 02, 1920; d. March 21, 1980.

             iii.   HUGH DARRELL SMITH, b. April 22, 1922; d. June 15, 1992.

              iv.   ABBY LEE SMITH, b. October 21, 1926; m. FERRELL LANGSTON; b. January 09, 1921.

               v.   AUDRY LOU SMITH, b. December 13, 1928.

              vi.   RAY SMITH, b. May 23, 1931.

             vii.   GLENDA SMITH, b. September 13, 1935; m. CHARLES KENT BOWERS, August 03, 1951, Dozier, Crenshaw Co., AL; b. February 01, 1931.

            viii.   ETHERIDGE SMITH, b. September 12, 1939; m. SANDRA, Brewton, Escambia Co., AL.


37.  GEORGE WASHINGTON3 ETHERIDGE (ELIZABETH LAVINA2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born June 18, 1897, and died September 05, 1990.  He married AMBER BOZEMAN December 25, 1921, daughter of DANIEL BOZEMAN and MARGARET JORDAN.  She was born October 10, 1902, and died November 1983 in Montgomery, AL.



               i.   JR GEORGE WILLIAM4 ETHERIDGE.

              ii.   WILLIAM BOZEMAN ETHERIDGE, b. March 06, 1932; d. March 20, 2000, Hope Hull, Montgomery, AL; m. ETHEL KENNELY; d. July 14, 1997.






               i.   VIRGIE4 ETHERIDGE.

              ii.   JEWEL ETHERIDGE.

             iii.   EMMETT ETHERIDGE.

              iv.   ANNIE JO ETHERIDGE.

               v.   PRESTON ETHERIDGE.

              vi.   CHARLIE ETHERIDGE.

             vii.   FRANCES ETHERIDGE.


39.  MARY JANE3 ETHERIDGE (ELIZABETH LAVINA2 ODOM, ISAAC WILSON1) was born April 18, 1890 in Dozier, Covington Co., AL.  She married ERNEST SILVESTER SMITH November 10, 1907, son of WILLIAM SMITH and SARAH SIMS.  He was born September 08, 1883, and died November 22, 1964.



               i.   AUBREY4 SMITH, m. ELEANOR SMITH.

              ii.   GEORGE SMITH, m. (1) FLORENCE COOKE; m. (2) MAVIS JONES.

             iii.   MARY SMITH, m. DENNON ROBERSON.

              iv.   WILSON SMITH, m. GERALDINE HARRISON.

               v.   ZERLINE SMITH, m. WILLIAM STALLING.

              vi.   ROXY SMITH, b. November 21, 1924, Searight Rt., Covington Co., AL; m. EDISON BOZEMAN; b. September 30, 1909; d. March 16, 1980.

             vii.   VERA SMITH, b. October 19, 1908; d. September 08, 1909, Covington Co., Al.

            viii.   AMENITIUS SMITH, b. March 31, 1911; d. June 21, 1996; m. SAM H. MERRILL; b. August 17, 1909, Alabama; d. August 17, 1978.

             ix.   MORGAN SMITH, b. September 26, 1929; m. JULIA GEWIN.


40.  ADDIE O3 ODOM (JAMES HENRY2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born February 1888 in Covington Co., Al.  She married BEN JACKSON. 


Children of ADDIE ODOM and BEN JACKSON are:

               i.   LORENZO4 JACKSON.

              ii.   DANIEL JACKSON.

             iii.   LESSIE MAE JACKSON, m. GANTT.

              iv.   DESIE RAE JACKSON, m. MUSGROVE.

               v.   ESSIE RAE JACKSON.


41.  BUENA MAE3 ODOM (JAMES HENRY2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born July 1890 in Covington Co., Al.  She married JOHN MCDANIEL. 


Children of BUENA ODOM and JOHN MCDANIEL are:

               i.   RUBY CEILAANN4 MCDANIEL, m. LATINER.

              ii.   ERBIE MCDANIEL.

             iii.   WILLIAM HENRY McDANIEL.


42.  BENJAMIN W.3 ODOM (JAMES HENRY2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born October 17, 1891 in Covington Co. AL, and died October 30, 1969.  He married MARY ELIZABETH WORLEY, daughter of ELISHA WORLEY and MARTHA ETHERIDGE.  She was born June 03, 1890, and died January 07, 1987.


Children of BENJAMIN ODOM and MARY WORLEY are:

               i.   HERMAN LEE4 ODOM, b. 1912.

              ii.   HENRY VERNON ODOM, b. June 09, 1912; m. GUSTAVA ALLEN.

             iii.   BERTIE MAE ODOM, b. January 15, 1914; m. WILEY LANIER NEWBY; b. December 27, 1912; d. April 27, 1980.

              iv.   BONCILE ODOM, b. 1919.

               v.   MYRTICE LEE ODOM, b. October 03, 1920; m. ALBERT PHILLIPS.

              vi.   JAMES HENRY ODOM, b. October 10, 1922; m. ANNIE BELL SHIRRER.

             vii.   RUBY JEWEL ODOM, b. October 12, 1924; d. January 07, 1986; m. JAMES ORBAN OWENS; d. March 07, 1983.

            viii.   BUSTER ODOM, b. October 23, 1926; m. ALENE MORGAN.

             ix.   JACK ODOM, b. June 30, 1928; m. (1) ELIZABETH GOODSON; m. (2) NORA MAE MCVAY.

              x.   JIM ODOM, b. March 05, 1931; m. (1) JENELL ROGERS; m. (2) BETTY EVELYN WORLEY.


43.  COLUMBUS J.3 ODOM (JAMES HENRY2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born July 07, 1894 in Covington Co. AL, and died January 15, 1974.  He married (1) LILLIE SASSER.  She was born November 15, 1893, and died July 18, 1951.  He married (2) ANNIE CULPEPPER. 



               i.   BONNIE MAE4 ODOM.

              ii.   JAKE ODOM, d. Haines City, FL.

             iii.   ANNIE LEE ODOM, b. 1915.

              iv.   A. B. ODOM, b. December 10, 1916; m. DESSIE RAY GRICE.

               v.   R. D. ODOM, b. June 24, 1919; d. September 17, 1962; m. OLEAN GRICE.

              vi.   WILLENE ODOM, b. April 09, 1928; d. February 15, 1968, Antioch, Covington Co., AL.

             vii.   JAKE ODOM.


44.  MYRTICE MAUREEN3 ODOM (JOHN NEWMAN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born May 02, 1914, and died March 23, 1988.  She married (1) AUSTIN BOZEMAN, son of NEWT BOZEMAN and MARY PIERCE.  He was born 1908, and died September 11, 1940 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL.  She married (2) ERNEST WHEELER.  He was born August 01, 1919, and died October 30, 1997 in Dozier, Covington Co., AL.



               i.   MARLIN4 BOZEMAN.

              ii.   JR. AUSTIN BOZEMAN, m. JEAN HARPER.

             iii.   WILLIE RAY BOZEMAN, b. August 03, 1934; d. June 16, 1979.

              iv.   MAUREEN BOZEMAN, m. SORRELS.


45.  GASTON WILSON3 ODOM (JOHN NEWMAN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born 1918.  He married ANNIE MERLE WILLIAMS December 27, 1941 in Covington Co., AL, daughter of EMMETT WILLIAMS and ROSE CRUM.  She was born February 10, 1923 in Butler Co., AL.



               i.   WILSON RAY4 ODOM, b. January 26, 1943, Butler Co., AL; m. ELIZABETH ANN COLVIN; b. March 29, 1942, Escambia Co., FL.

              ii.   HAROLD JEAN ODOM, b. September 30, 1948, Butler Co., AL; m. (1) VICKIE MARGARET THIGPEN; b. January 10, 1949; m. (2) PATRICIA YVONNE WILLIAMS, 1974, Andalusia, Covington Co., AL; b. June 19.


46.  SARA OLGA3 ODOM (JOHN NEWMAN2, ISAAC WILSON1) was born February 26, 1923, and died June 30, 1985.  She married HOWARD GUNTER.  He was born February 26, 1923, and died June 30, 1985.


Children of SARA ODOM and HOWARD GUNTER are:

               i.   GROVER NEWMAN4 GUNTER, b. May 12, 1947.

              ii.   FLORA ANN GUNTER, b. July 09, 1949; m. AUBREY LEWIS OWENS, December 22, Covington Co., AL; b. December 24, 1946.

             iii.   FOY LEE GUNTER, b. November 23, 1952.  


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