The Family Bruckner

In the twelfth century, German Saxon freemen followed a few noble leaders from the city of Cologne and other areas of Germany to "the land behind the forests," in what is now Romania.

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Friedrich and Karolina Bruckner

Reverend Joseph Bruckner

Seven hundred years later, in 1806, the Reverend Joseph Bruckner was born in Rode, Transylvania. He lived, married, and died (18 October 1869) a German Saxon in Transylvania.

His wife, Anna Marie Schlattner (Czikeli), was of Saxon origin, as well. Her Transylvanian family, the Schlattner line, has been traced back to the 1600's.

Reverend Joseph Bruckner was principal of a school in Birthaelm, Transylvania, from 1830 through 1833 and it is believed that he was priest in the fortified church of that town, as well. He served as minister in Wolz from 1850-1860 and later in Schonau from 1860-1869.

Towns and churches were built like independent fortresses throughout the history of this area; these fortified communities served as protection against the marauding tribes which passed through the land time after time. A photograph of that church can be seen below.

Reverend Friedrich Wilhelm Bruckner

Joseph Bruckner's son, the Reverend Friedrich Wilhelm Bruckner (in photograph with his wife Karolina, top right), was born in 1845.

Himself the son of a Lutheran minister, Friedrich Bruckner married Karolina Schuller, the daughter of a Lutheran minister, Johann Schuller, as well. Johann Schuller's 1876 gravestone can be seen in a vineyard in the area of an Evangelical church in Gross Schergid.

 Birthaelm's fortified church where Joseph Bruckner served.