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Flower Cathedral Window Quilt

My daughter had a few finished "Cathedral Window Quilt" squares from a friend who was making a bed quilt. She fell in love with the pattern so I thought I would give it a try. Here is my version. This is a great take along project to work with. Unlike traditional quilts, this requires no batting or backing. Have also added instruction for a second way of making the quilt square with the first few steps machine stitched
Several people have asked me how much yardage will be needed to make a "Cathedral Window Quilt". Here is a brief summary. You have to do the math depending on what size you are making. Remember a 12" square will be folded to about 5 1/2". So if a queen bedspread measures 102"x 115" you would need about 18-5 1/2" (divide 102 by 5.5=18)squares across and 20-5 1/2" (divide 115 by 5.5=20)squares for the lengeth, which is about 360 (20 x 18=360) total 5 1/2" squares. If you are using 36" wide muslin the yardage would be about 10 (360 divided by 1 yard = 10)yards. When I made my first "Cathidral Window Quilt" I did not do the math and did not buy enough. I bought my muslin from Jo-Ann Fabric when it was on sale for half price.

Here is a size chart for mattress, quilt, comforter and batting sizes along with the approximate yardage need to make your desired quilt or comforter.

Mattress Sizes

  • crib 27" x 52"
  • twin 39" x 75"
  • full 54" x 75"
  • queen 60" x 80"
  • king 72" x 84"

Bedspread and Comforter Sizes

  • twin bedspread 81" x 110"
  • twin comforter 68" x 86"
  • full bedspread 96" x 110"
  • full comforter 76" x 86"
  • queen bedspread 102" x 118"
  • queen comforter 86" x 92"
  • king bedspread 120" x 118"
  • king comforter 110" x 96"

Approximate Yardage Needed

  • twin 6 yards
  • full 8yards
  • queen 10 yards
  • king 12 yards
If quilt will come up over the pillow add 15" to 20" of fabric.

Batting Package Sizes

  • crib 45" x 60"
  • twin 72" x 90"
  • full 81" x 96"
  • queen 90" x 108"
  • king 120" x 120"

Instructions for Flower Cathedral Window Quilt

Step 1. The starting square of muslin may be any size you so desire. My preference is 12" square. Just remember you will be folding the fabric into itself twice. Start with sample square at least 8". I do not wash any of my fabric before I start my quilt. I wash the finished quilt, I prefer this, see results below.

Step 2. Fold each corner into the center point. Press.

Step 3. Fold corners in again and press. Try to keep sharp, crisp corners (personally I have never achieved four perfect corners). Machine or hand baste the centers in place.

Step 3. Hint--To make pressing easier pin to your ironing surface then press.

Step 4. With fold facing each other, hand stitch two of the squares together (if squares are not exactly the same size, maybe one 1/8" larger, just add a small tuck. Believe me, after washing and shrinking you will never know the difference). After joining, a square will be made where the two join, this is your window. Measure the window.

Step 5. After measuring, this will be the size to cut your flower fabric. I usually cut this about 1/4" to 1/2" smaller.
Step 6. Lay the flower fabric square in center of the two adjoining squares that make up the window. Pull back edges of window as shown and pin in place. Hand stitch around the window.
Step 7. Repeat this procedure until you have your desired length. For a table runner 10 is a good number.
Step 8. Sew these strips together with right sides facing. Now your window will be formed.
Step 9. Sew many together and you have a cathedral window quilt. This is a snapshot of my quilt in progress.
Step 10. The outside edge is completed with a triangle. I turn the long outside edge under first then procede with the other two sides. This is the edge of the table runner I made for my kitchen table.
The back of the quilt will have this quilted design. There is no need for batting and backing. It's a quilt as you go project.
After washing, the quilt will have that old time look.

This is a great take along quilt for traveling or watching TV because it is completely hand sewn.

Now that you have tried making the Cathedral Window completely hand stitched lets try doing the first few steps my machine.

Step 1. Fold square in half and machine stitch each side.
Step 2. Meet each stitched seam in the center. Machine stitch from center out on both sides leaving about a 2" opening.
Step 3. Turn to right side through the 2" opening. Press.
Continue with Step 3. above.

This is my preferred way of making a Cathedral Window Quilt. Good luck and happy quilting.

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