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This is my Fraggle page. I have to admit that I am a Fraggle Freak. Though they don't often play Fraggle Rock on television anymore, I manage to catch it a few times now and again. While I was down at college, my roommate had "The Minstrels" on video and we watched it constantly. I guess that episode would have to be my favorite.
I love all of the major Fraggles, but I must say that Wembley is my utmost fave (If you couldn't already guess by my background!) He's SOOO cute and adorable!!!! Don't YOU think??

Wembley FraggleUpside Down!!Scared Wembley

Wembley is the worrier of the Fraggles, but he's so sweet in his character. He gets scared kind of easily, too. Gobo is his best friend, and Wembley would choose being with him than being alone!

Gobo Fraggle

This is Gobo Fraggle. As I said earlier, this is Wembley's best friend. Gobo is the adventuresome Fraggle, most likely because of his uncle Traveling Matt. Gobo is always getting postcards from his uncle, and then he goes off on his own adventures. He's the unofficial leader of the five major Fraggles. (Gobo, Wembley, Red, Boober, and Mokey)

Boober Fraggle and some Doozers

This is Boober Fraggle. He's the pessimist of the group. He's a very cautious Fraggle because he's always thinking something bad is gonna happen to him. Poor guy!!

Red Fraggle

This is Red Fraggle. She's a very carefree type of Fraggle. She reminds me of a cheerleader, always bouncy and full of energy! It sometimes seems she's always getting into some sort of trouble, though.....

Mokey Fraggle

This is Mokey Fraggle. Of the five main Fraggles, she's the artist and the philosopher of the group. This Fraggle dresses with a flowing style, as a dancer does. She's very graceful like one, also.

There are also other main characters in Fraggle Rock. These include the Doozers, little work-a-holics who build all day only to have the Fraggles eat their buildings; Ma, Pa, and Junior Gorg, big huge creatures who own the radish garden, which is where the Fraggles favorite food is grown; Doc and Sproket, human inventor and his dog and link to "outer space" for the Fraggles; and the Trash Heap and her two snivelling rats Philo and Grunge, Fraggles ask her for advice AFTER walking across Gorg territory!!
DoozerPa, Ma, and Junior Gorg
Doc and Sprocket
Jim Henson Productions

All the Fraggle Rock pictures, logo, etc. are copyrights of Jim Henson Productions. I am not an associate of the company, I just happen to love and admire all the Fraggles and hard work of its creators.


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