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The Oliver Hardy Festival

On the first Saturday of October, each year, the city of Harlem, Georgia celebrates the brithplace of Oliver Norvell Hardy (of Laurel and Hardy fame). Oliver Hardy was born in Harlem, and has always been a favorite son of this small community.

"Here's another fine mess you've gotten yourself into!" Oliver Hardy would have most likely said about the Festival honoring him. Harlem, a small town west of Augusta, is the birthplace of Oliver Hardy, the larger side of Laurel and Hardy, that most famous comedy duo that made successful comedy films for decades. The festival features over 200 craft booths filled with an usual assortment of crafts people, food vendors and novelty vendors. There is also a Look-A-Like contest, which has a lot of prominent citizens as contestants.

Admission: Free!
Parking: Free!
Public is welcome

To get to Harlem, take Exit #61, the Harlem/Appling exit, south from I-20. International flights arrive regularly at the Atlanta International Airport with connecting flights available to Augusta, Georgia.

For more information, call or write to:

Oliver Hardy Festival
City of Harlem
PO. Box 99
Harlem, Georgia 30814
(706) 556-3448
email: harlem_georgia@yahoo.com

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