Assistant Surgeon Hamilton Swetnam

Military Record

From 1863-1864 he was an acting Assistant Surgeon with the 39th Ky Vols at Louisa and Paintsville, Kentucky. In 1872 he was an Assistant Surgeon with the 4th Infantry at Louisa, Ky.

Source: Application for Widows Pension per Record and Pension Office, Wash DC

From a medical ledger of Hamilton Swetnam:

1863- By order of Capt Patrick to care for the sick of Co G of the 14th Ky until Dec 2 then by order of Col Dills put in charge of the sick of the 14th, 39th and 45th Ky Regiments at Paintsville for two months.

1864 - By order of Lt Col Thomas of the 14th Ky Infantry to wait on the sick at Paintsville as Surgeon. Order mad on the 9th day of December 1874 and on the following day two companys of the 39th Ky Vol were placed in his care.

Note: Hamilton Swetnam is also on the roster as a Surgeon in the 65th Enrolled Militia (USA).


Hamilton Steven Swetnam was born on June 1, 1818 in Lawrence County, Kentucky. He was a son of Neri and Mildred Swetnam who settled in Blaine, Lawrence County, before he was born. Hamilton married Mary Jane Williams from Scott County, Virginia. They had at least six children.

Neri had a LARGE-LARGE amount of land in the Blaine area. He put in some of the roads in that area when he aqcuired the land. Neri and Mildred came from Virginia - Culpepper and King George Counties area.

Hamilton left Blaine about the age of twenty-one to team and chop wood for the iron furnances in Bath County. He married in 1848 and was teaching school in Morgan County in 1850. In about 1850 he began the study of medicine. He studied under a doctor in Bath County. Hamilton graduated in 1860 from Ohio Medical College and practiced in Johnson County. He returned to Louisa, Lawrence County and started practing medicine there. He also practiced medicine at West Liberty and Paintsville. Hamilton died on September 20, 1893 in Louisa, KY and is buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery.

Source of information: Carol Cassady

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