I Corinthians

Chapter 3
1~~ And I {Paul}, brethren {members of the family of God},
could not speak unto you
as unto spiritual { a person controlled by the Spirit}
but, in contrast, as unto carnal
even as unto BABIES {nepios} in Christ.

{Note: In the Greek, nepios translated 'babies' means a young adult who knows nothing - stupidity! This is a VERY insulting word that Paul is using here.}

2~~ I have fed you with milk,
and not with solid food
for hitherto you were not able to take it in
and you are not able to bear it now.

3~~ For you are yet carnal!
For whereas there is among you
envying and strife {worst sins are mental attitude sins},
and divisions {taking sides in the strife},
are you not carnal
and keep on walking according to the standard of men?

4~~ For while one says, "I am of Paul".
And another, "I am of Apollos".
Are you not carnal?

5~~ Of what quality is Paul? {a pastor-teacher}
Of what quality is Apollos?
  {he was the pastor-teacher that ran the church after Paul}
But ministers!
To whom you believed {they brought many of these people to Christ} even as the Lord gave to each one.

6~~ I have planted . . .
Apollos watered {different jobs but on the same team},
but God gives the increase.

{Note: They are both members of God's team are NOTHING in themselves. All is dependent upon the grace of God and that is what is important.}

7~~ So then neither is he that plants any thing,
nor is he that waters any thing,
but God Who always provides the increase.

8~~ Now he that plants
and he that waters are ONE
  {both are in union with Christ and are on the same team}.
And every one shall receive his own reward
according to his own labor.

9~~ For we are co-workers together with God.
You are God's farm.
You are God's building.

10~~ According to the standard of the grace from the source of God which is given me - to my advantage -
as the wise master builder
  {Paul founded the church and was the 'architect'},
I have laid the foundation.
And another of the same kind {Apollos} built thereon.
But, in contrast, let every one . . . YOU
BEWARE how you build thereupon.

{Note: This is a warning to the Corinthians who are not doing a very good job of their building right now.}

11~~ For other foundation can no man lay
than that is laid -
which is Jesus Christ.

{Note: This is an idiom meaning there is only one foundation on which you may build your Christian service - the Lord Jesus Christ.}

{Production In and Out of the Spiritual Life}
12~~ Now if any one keeps on building upon this foundation:
  gold {deity},
  silver {redemption},
  precious stones {fruit of the Spirit} . . .
  wood {human good works},
  hay {energy for horses - represents energy of the flesh},
  stubble {human good works not done
  under the Filling of the Holy Spirit}.

13~~ Every man's work/production
shall become obvious for the day shall declare it,
because it shall receive revealing { be uncovered} in the fire.
And, the fire shall test every man's work of what quality it is.

{Note: The 'day' here is judgement day - sins are not mentioned on judgement day but we are evaluated. Production of the Spirit 'gold, silver and precious stones' shall go through the fire. Production of the flesh 'wood, hay, and stubble' shall burn away and be of no value to the believer in heaven.}

14~~ If any man's work abide {stands up}
which he has built thereupon {in time} . . .
he shall receive a reward.

15~~ If any man's production shall be burned,
he shall suffer loss {of reward}.
But he himself shall be saved
yet so as through fire.

{Note: You do not lose your salvation, just lose any rewards in heaven for 'works of the flesh'.}

{Pivotal verse - explains why}
16~~ Do you not KNOW that you {any believer}
keep on being a temple of God
and that the Spirit of God keeps on dwelling in you?

{Note: You must KNOW before you can DO in the Spirit.}

{False teaching - first reason why the Corinthians had failed at this point in time}
17~~ If any man corrupts
or leads mentally astray {with false doctrine}
the temple of God {body of the believer} . . .
HIM {the teacher} shall God destroy.
For the temple of God is holy -
which temple you are.

{Note: A believer who is a false teacher is disciplined in time. A non-believer who is a false teacher goes to the lake of fire.}

{Human viewpoint - Second Reason Why The Corinthians Failed}
18~~ Stop deceiving yourself!
If any man among you
seems to be wise in this world {human viewpoint},
let him become a fool
that he might become wise.

{Note: In Paul's satire, 'to become a fool' is to rely on God's viewpoint not your human viewpoint. This is to become oriented to the plan of God - grace - and to realize you know nothing originating from yourself or the 'world'.}

19~~ For the wisdom of this world is ridiculous with God.
For it is written {Job 5:13},
"He {God} takes the wise in their own craftiness".

{Note: This means that God uses their devices against them.}

20~~ And again {Psalm 94:11},
"The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise,
that they are vain or empty {futile or void of content}".

21~~ Therefore let no one glory in men.
For all things keep on being yours.

{Note: Don't follow the personality . . . follow the Bible doctrine - 'the all things'.}

22~~ Whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas {Peter}
or the world
or life or death
or things present or things to come -
all are yours.

{Note: If you are going to understand the things listed, you have to study and understand Bible doctrine - doesn't matter who is the teacher.}

23~~ And you all are Christ's -
and Christ is God's.

{Note: As a believer, you belong to Christ!}