Joyce P. Hervey, Just Folk: The Crowell Family,

published 1984 , revised 2000, for web publication


C H A P T E R  X V I


The lineage of Audris Young, who married Leola Crowell, and the history of the associated Young family that settled in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, has been researched largely by Mrs. Mary Ellen (Caldwell) Souter, of Minden, Louisiana. Mrs. Souter has graciously shared her information for inclusion in this book.

Moses W. Young
(1760/70- ca. 1830/40)
possibly md. Mary __?__
(1784-after 1850)

                       ||  .. believed to be
                   ||  .. father of:

Moses William Young
(1819/21-after 1880)
md. 1839 to
Mary G. Edmonds/Edmondson


James Harrison Young
md. 1864 to
Mary Frances Greer


Jessie Moses Young
md. 1897 to
Mary Ann Rebecca Pace


Elra Audris Young

Ancestors of the Youngs who moved to Louisiana settled in Morgan County, Georgia probably between 1820 and 1830. They lived in North Carolina prior to moving to Georgia. Moses W. Young Sr. is believed to have been the earliest ancestor of this Young family to have lived in Georgia. His name was listed on the 1830 census of Morgan Co. (The designations of Sr. and Jr. do not appear in the census records. They are added here for clarification. There apparently was no need for a distinction in the records, because the elder Moses Young probably died while the younger Moses Young was still a minor.)


An attempt has been made to identify members of the family of Moses W. Young Sr. Since early census records (before 1850) contained only the names of the heads of households, and listed the remaining occupants of the house by age and sex, one cannot be certain who belongs to a particular family.

Moses Sr. had apparently died by 1840, as his name was not on the census that year. Mary Young was the only person by the name of Young who was listed as a head of household in Morgan County in 1840. She is believed to have been the widow of Moses Young, Sr. Evidence of Mary's connection with Moses W. Young, Sr. is found by examining the occupants of the homes located nearest to her on the 1840 and 1850 censuses. In 1850 Mary Young lived next to Moses W. Young, Jr. and his wife Mary (Edmondson) Young. (A look at the 1840 census revealed that the senior Mary Young lived close to Elijah Edmondson, who was probably the younger Mary's father. Mary and Moses, Jr. were married by 1840 and probably were living with Mary's family, thus accounting for the fact that the young Moses name did not appear as a head of household.) Also next to Mary Young, in 1850, was the family of Robert Harris, who was probably Mary's daughter and son- in-law. (Mary and Moses Young, Jr. named one of their sons Robert Harris Young.) Living in the same house with Mary in 1850 was the family of Richard Downs, who was most probably another daughter and son-in-law. The ages of each of these women and of Moses Young, Jr., as well as the age of an older daughter of Mary's, who lived with her in 1850, matched the ages of the children that were identified by age and sex on the 1830 census in the household of Moses W. Young, Sr. Only Mary's age, as given in 1850, did not match the age of someone living with Moses W. Young, Sr. in 1830. If, in fact, Mary was the wife of Moses W. Young, Sr., then she was either away from home when the census was taken, or the census taker recorded her age incorrectly, or he simply omitted her by mistake. In Moses' household in 1830 was listed a woman whose age was reported to be 60-70 years, but Mary would have been only 46 at that time. It seems to be rather doubtful that a person's age could be mistaken by that much.

The following is a proposed listing of the children of Moses W. Young, Sr. and Mary Young. (The name (Young) appearing in () is assumed; no record has been found definitely showing them to be named Young.)

1.  Annie Young; born ca. 1805, in North Carolina; age given as 45 on 1850 census, where she was living with Mary Young; could be one of the girls aged 20-30 named on 1830 census in household of Moses W. Young; probably the girl aged 30-40 living with Mary Young in 1840.

2.  Elizabeth (Young); born ca. 1806, in North Carolina; wife of Richard Downs, who was born in North Carolina ca. 1801; his occupation in 1850 was a coroner; they lived with Mary Young in 1850; Elizabeth could be one of the girls aged 20-30 named on 1830 census in household of Moses W. Young;

    Known issue, three (appeared on the 1850 census):

(1) Mary Downs; born ca. 1832, in GA.

(2) Oliver Downs; born ca. 1834, in GA.

(3) Elener Downs; born ca. 1841, in GA.

3.  Mary T. (Young); born ca. 1812 in GA; married Robert Harris, who was born ca. 1808 in GA; he was a farmer in 1850, owning $7500 worth of real estate; lived next to Mary Young in 1850; she could be the female age 15-20 named on the 1830 census in household of Moses W. Young, Sr;

    Known Issue, one (appeared on the 1850 census):

(1) Louisa E. Harris; born ca. 1830, in GA.

4.  Moses William Young, Jr.; born ca. 1819-21 in GA; died after 1880; married on 22 Oct. 1839, to Mary Edmondson, who was born 23 Aug. 1820 in GA; died 1902; he was probably the boy aged 5-10 named on the 1830 census in household of Moses W. Young Sr.; could have been in household of his father-in-law Elijah Edmonds in 1840, where there appeared a male age 20-30 and a female age 20-30 (probably his wife) and several boys under five, one of whom could be their first son, James Harrison Young; see later.

5.  Girl; born ca. 1820-25; named on 1830 census in household of Moses W. Young; had either died or married by 1840, as she was not in household with Mary Young.

6.  Margaret Young; born ca. 1826, in NC; could be the girl age 0-5 years listed on 1830 census in household of Moses W. Young, SR.; if not the girl aged 5-10 on the 1840 census with Mary Young, then she may have been the 10-15 year old girl, with her elder brother Moses in the household with Elijah Edmonds.

7.  Girl; born ca. 1835-40; unless this is Margaret (Young) named above, whose age was recorded incorrectly on the 1840 census, there was a younger girl who was living with Mary Young in 1840, but not in 1850.


Moses William Young, Jr. is the earliest proven Young ancestor of the Young family of Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. He was born about 1819-21 in Georgia, probably in Morgan County. It is conjectured that Moses Young, Jr. and his family were living with his wife's family in 1840, which could account for his name not appearing on the census. His name was on the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses of Morgan County. His occupation was listed variously as farmer, miller, and carpenter, so he possessed the skills required to survive in the agricultural society that Georgia was in the early 1800's. The chief crops of Morgan County were corn and cotton.

Members of the Moses W. Young, Jr. family lived near the town of Apalachee, in the Eastern part of Morgan County. In the book City of Apalachee, by Etta S. Few, published in 1926, appeared the following:

"The Youngs at one time lived about a quarter of a mile from Dr. Prior's home on a hill above Youngs Spring. Buck Young lived with his mother who was an herb doctor. Her other sons were Lige and Joe. Mrs. Pack Adair who lives here now is a descendant of the Youngs. Her children are Sarah Francis and Martha Ellen. A man named Norris lived on this place before the Youngs came here. He went west on a visit and died while away."

Buck was no doubt the nickname for one of the sons of Moses W. Young, Jr.. (Probably Buck was Robert Harris Young, since he was single and more likely to be living with his mother. Moses sons, James Harrison Young and Edmund Young moved to Walton County, Georgia and had families. His son William Taylor Young was called "Bill" and he also married and had a family. There is reportedly a Buck Young cemetery in Morgan County. Could that be the chain gang cemetery that Robert Harris Young was buried in ? ) Moses had sons named Elijah and Joseph, who are apparently the Lige and Joe mentioned in City of Apalachee. Mrs. Pack Adair was a daughter of Joseph Young and a granddaughter of Moses Young Jr.. A land record showed that Moses Young owned the land adjacent to a Prior family.

Moses W. Young, Jr. was married to Mary G. Edmonds in Morgan County on October 22, 1839. They were married by Robert A. Prior, Justice of the Peace. Moses' military papers named his wife as Mary Edmonson. The Young family Bible lists Mary G. Young's birthdate as August 23, 1820. She was born in Georgia. Mary was no doubt the "herb doctor," mentioned in the above quote. (See more on the Edmonds/Edmondson family later in this chapter.)

The children of Moses W. and Mary G. (Edmondson) Young were:

1.  James Harrison Young; born 19 Aug. 1840 in GA; died 21 Feb. 1916; was married to Mary Frances Greer in Walton County, GA on 24 April 1864 by William N. Fendergrass, J.P.; see later.

2.  Elijah D. Young; born 10 Jan. 1842, in GA; served in Cobbs Legion in the Civil War; married Mary Ann __?__, who was born ca. 1850 in GA;

    Known Issue, two:

(1) Nealy F. Young, (girl); born ca 1868 in GA.

(2) Netty(?) F. Young, (girl); born ca 1868 in GA.

3.  Sarah L. Young; born 10 July 1843 in GA; died of face cancer; did not marry; lived with her parents 1850-1880.

4.  William "Bill" Taylor Young; born 30 Aug. 1848 in Morgan County, GA; died 30 Apr. 1926, buried at the Prospect Cemetery, near the Fairplay Community in Madison, Morgan Co.; married on 4 Oct. 1890 in Morgan Co. to Dora Mahalie Hawk, who was born 11 Oct. 1865; died 4 Jan. 1944, buried with her husband at the Prospect Cem.;

    Known Issue, eight (probably not in order):

(1) Tom Young, eldest, rumored that he was illegitimate; married 1st __?__, 2nd Ethel Norris. (In the Alcovy Mt. Baptist Church cemetery is Thomas G. Young, born 3 July 1884, died 25 June 1963; also there was Ethel P. Young, born 6 Nov. 1895, died 24 Sept. 1953, who are probably the same.)

(2) Adolphus "Dock" McDonald Young; born 25 July 1898 in GA; died 22 Jan. 1975, buried at Sandy Creek Cem. North of Madison, Morgan Co., GA; married on 3 March 1918 to Sallie Adell Peters, who was born 27 Dec. 1900, daughter of George William Peters and Mary Elizabeth (Herndon).

(3) Willie Mae Young; married Harrison Broach.

(4) Maggie Young; married Charles Walker.

(5) Carrie Young; married Baby Conner.

(6) Ruth Young; married Pearcy McHugh.

(7) Agnes Young; married Lelious Peters.

(8) Alice Young; married Lonnie Welbourn.

5.  Margaret Young; born 184_(?).

6.  Mary E. Young; born 7 Sept. 1850 in GA; may be the Mary Young who married Kiah Burson on 8 Aug. 1875 in Madison Co., GA.

7.  Joseph F./W. Young; born 4 July 1852 in Morgan Co., GA; died 1937, in Butts Co., GA; buried at the Macedonia Baptist Church Cem.; married on 18 Oct. 1874 to Susan "Susie" Z. Daniel, who was born ca. 1850/51 in GA; died Dec. 1937 at Butts Co., GA.

    Issue, eight:

(1) Kate Young; born 1876 in Morgan Co., GA; married Jim Hester

(2) Walker D. Young; born 1878 in Morgan Co., GA; married Etta Whitlock.

(3) Ed H. Young; born Feb. 1880, in Morgan Co., GA; married 30 June 1900 in Morgan Co. to Bessie Conner.

(4) Joseph Carter Young; born 5 Aug. 1884 in Morgan Co., GA; died 18 Dec. 1943 in Butts Co., GA, buried at Braswell Church Cemetery in Walton Co.; married on 13 May 1906 in Morgan Co. to Ella Wilkins.

(5) Blanch Young; born May 1888 in Morgan Co., GA; married Tom Gordon.

(6) Vinnie Young; born July 1889 in Morgan Co., GA; married Fred Crawford.

(7) Bessie Young; born July 1891 in Morgan Co., GA; died Sept. 1983; married Pack Adair.

(8) Hines Young; born Oct. 1894 in Morgan Co., GA; died June 25, 1959; married Nannie Lue Clark

8.  Robert Harris Young; born 20 Aug. 1855 in GA; buried at a chain gang cemetery; never married; he lived with his sister Sallie until her death; worked with Walton County chain gang.

9.  Edmund Young; born 7 Jan. 1858 in GA; died 13 Jan. 1932, buried at the Alcovy Mountain Baptist Church Cem. East of Monroe, Walton Co., GA; married on 21 Dec. 1885 in Walton Co., GA to Hester "Hettie" Elizabeth Simons, who was born 25 June 1866; died 17 May 1944, buried at Alcovy Mt; she was the daughter of Andrew Simons and Susan (Israel).

    Issue, eight:

(1) Grover Cleveland Young

(2) James Lewis Young; born 18 July 1888, in Morgan Co., GA; died 19 Sept. 1965 in Newton Co., GA, buried at the Cornish Mt. Church in Walton Co., GA; married on 19 March 1910 to Roxie Ewing, who was born 7 Sept. 1886/87 in Newton Co., GA; died 3 Oct. 1969 in Newton Co., GA; daughter of Levi Ewing and Emma (Berry), buried at Cornish Mt.;

    Known Issue, two:

(a) Damon R. Young; born 21 Sept., 1911; died 24 Dec. 1975, buried at Cornish Mt. Church, Walton Co., GA.

(b) Agnes Young; married William Respass.

(c) Hazel Young; married Mr. Leverette

(3) Claude Riden Young; born 6 May 1890; died 21 Aug. 1977, buried at Corinth Memorial Gardens in Walton Co. GA; married Ola Mann.

(4) Billy Smith Young; married Lillian __?__.

(5) Andrew Moses Young; died and was cremated in California; married six times.

(6) Willie "Bill" Edna Young; married Howard Manghon; lived in Walton Co., GA in 1983.

(7) Minnie Ola Young; married Al Lackey; lived in Walton Co., GA in 1983.

(8) Ruby Young; born 27 Sept. 1902, in Walton Co., GA; died 1982; married (1st) Mr. Kitchens, (2nd) Marshall Starr.

10. Martha Susan Ellen Anderson Young; born 9 Mar. 1860 in GA; married William Adams on 24 May 1891 in Madison Co., GA.

11. Charley Young; a one-armed man; not named on census or recorded in the family Bible, but named as a child by grandchildren of Edmund Young.


Mary Edmonds/Edmondson was born 23 Aug. 1820, in Georgia, and married Moses William Young II on 22 Oct. 1839. It is conjectured that Mary was the daughter of Elijah and Rhoda Edmondson, since the Edmondson and Young families were close neighbors in 1840 and in 1850 and since Mary and Moses named their second son Elijah. The practice of naming the first son after his paternal grandfather and the second son after his maternal grandfather was commonly followed by many American families of the nineteenth century. Mary's family was residing in Morgan County, Georgia as early as 1840, and several Edmondson families were in the county in 1830.

Elijah Edmondson was born about 1794 in North Carolina. His wife, Rhoda, was born about 1805, and would have been only about 15 years old when Mary was born.

A possible listing of some of the children of Elijah and Rhoda Edmondson:

1.  Mary Edmonds/Edmondson; born 23 Aug. 1820, in GA; married Moses William Young on 22 Oct. 1839; they are assumed to have been living in the household of Elijah Edmondson in 1840, since Moses Young's name was not listed on the census that year; there were a male and female the correct ages to be Moses and Mary living in Elijah Edmondson's household; there was also an infant boy who could have been their first son James Harrison Young living in the household; (Mary Young, who was probably Moses Young's mother, lived next door to Elijah Edmondson in 1840); see earlier in this chapter for descendants.

2.  girl; born ca. 1820-25; 1840 census shows a girl aged 15-20 in Elijah Edmondson's household.

3.  James Edmonds; born ca. 1825 in GA; married Martha Clemons, who was born ca. 1830; shown living near Elijah Edmondson on 1850 census; he could be the male age 15-20 living in the household of Elijah Edmondson in 1840;

    Issue, one (named in 1850 census):

    (1) Jesse Edmonds; born ca. 1849.

4.  girl; born ca. 1825-30; 1840 census shows a girl aged 10-15 in Elijah Edmondson's household.

5.  girl; born ca. 1830-35; 1840 census shows 2 girls aged 5-10 in Elijah Edmondson's household.

6.  girl; born ca. 1830-35; 1840 census shows 2 girls aged 5-10 in Elijah Edmondson's household.

7.  William Edmondson; born ca. 1836; named on 1850 census in household of Elijah Edmondson.

8.  girl; born ca. 1835-1840; 1840 census shows a girl under 5 years old in Elijah Edmondson's household.

9.  Edward Edmondson; born ca. 1840; named on 1850 census in household with Elijah Edmondson.

10. Elizabeth Edmondson; born ca. 1844; named on 1850 census in household of Elijah Edmondson.

11. Lucinda Edmondson; born ca. 1846; named on 1850 census in household of Elijah Edmondson.



James Harrison Young was born on August 19, 1840 in Morgan County, Georgia and died on February 21, 1916 in Walton County, Georgia. He was the eldest child of Moses William Young and Mary G. (Edmonds/Edmondson) Young. He was married to Mary Frances Greer on April 24, 1864 in Walton County, Georgia, by William N. Fendergrass, Justice of the Peace. Mary Frances was the daughter of Jesse Mercer Greer and Nancy Hester (Sappington). She was born on June 17, 1842 in Georgia, and died on October 15, 1918 in Webster Parish, Louisiana. Her lineage is traced later in this book.

James Harrison Young served in Cobbs Legion in the Civil War. Towards the latter part of the Nineteenth century, Mary Frances, her children, and some of her brothers moved to Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. The story has been handed down that she left him after he had killed a man and because he did not stay at home to take care of his family. James had served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and perhaps the killing took place at that time. Whatever the circumstances, he was tormented for the rest of his life because of the deed.

James and his wife were never reconciled after they separated. She remained in Louisiana and raised their younger children alone. It was a difficult task for a woman alone to farm and support a family. They grew their own vegetables, but meat was scarce. Mary Frances would cook a single slice of bacon to grease the pan for baking bread, and the children had to take turns getting to eat the piece of bacon.

James did journey to Louisiana to visit his family at least twice in his later years. The first time he came, (the Youngs lived in Claiborne Parish, near Arcadia) he walked up to the house where his son Jesse Moses lived, and no one knew him. He asked for a drink of water. When his daughter- in-law discovered who he was she invited him in and sent her son Audris down to the field to get his father. Jesse ran all the way back to the house to meet his father, whom he had not seen since he was a young boy.

On his later visit, James stayed with his family for a while. His grandchildren remembered him going to sit in the cotton house all day and sometimes all night, talking to himself about the man he had killed. At night he would kneel down by his bed and pray. Sometimes, when he was upset by something, he would not even go to the house to eat. Then his granddaughter Bertha would often take his meals to him.

Eventually James went back to Georgia, where he remained until his death. A favorite pastime in his later years was fishing. Every Sunday he went fishing until one time when he hooked something that he thought was a dead man. It scared him so badly he never went again. He died shortly after that on February 21, 1916. He was buried in the Alcovy River Baptist Church Cemetery, near Social Circle, in Walton County, Georgia.

The children of James Harrison Young and Mary Frances (Greer) Young were:

1.  James Robert "Bob" Young; born 14 June 1865, Walton Co., GA; died 5 Apr. 1953, buried at the Arcadia Cem. in Bienville Par., LA; married Mary E. White, who was born 5 April 1865 in LA; died June 25, 1939, buried at the Arcadia Cem.;

    Issue, four:

(1) Rufus Young; born 29 Nov. 1892, in LA; died 4 Sept. 1958; married late in life at about age 50 to Mertia Baker. 

(2) Mary Florence Young; born 13 Dec. 1897, in LA; died 18 Feb. 1972; married Ollie or Allie Dobbins;

    Issue, two:

(a) Mildred Dobbins

(b) Marshall Dobbins; married Myrtis Calhoun; they had three children: Rita, Barry, and another son.

(3) Johnny R. Young; born ca. 1900; died 1941; married Allie Spurlock; lived at Hurricane, Claiborne Par., LA;

        Issue, two boys:

(a) Clifton Young

(b) Maynard Young

(4) Claude H. Young; born 21 Nov. 1904; married 21/22 Nov. 1922 to Lorene Simpson, daughter of Will & Harriett Simpson;

        Issue of Claude and Lorene Young, one:

        (a) Truis Young

2.  John William Young; born in Walton Co., GA; married Ola Lee Edmundson;

    Issue, five:

    (1) James Young;

    (2) Luther Young

    (3) Mary Young

    (4) Reba Young

    (5) Sallie Young

3.  Dora F. Young; born 21 May 1870, in Walton Co., GA; died 28 Mar. 1938, buried at Minden Cem.; (her obituary in the Minden, LA Herald of Friday, April 1, 1938, page 8, read, "Gilgal News. Mrs. H. H. Fuller, Correspondent. Just learned of the death of Mrs. Gray. She also lived here in our community for a long time. Her husband, Mr. Gray, died while they were living here. Her son and family, Mr. Jasper Cox are living here now. Mrs. Gray has lots of friends here who sympathize with the family"); Dora married (1st) 13 Dec. 1888 in Claiborne Par. to C. C. "Lum" Cox, who was born 25 July 1859 in LA; died 24 April 1910, perhaps buried at Macedonia Cem. in Claiborne Par. LA; Dora married (2nd) Mr. Gray;

    Issue, five (not in order):

(1) Anna Mae Cox; born 23 Sept. 1891, in LA; married Ludy D. Watson. (His obituary in the Minden, LA Press of 22 Mar. 1965 showed: Funeral services for Ludy D. Watson, 76, 3 p.m. Saturday (died Thursday). Services at Green Kleinegger with Rev. Truman Aldredge & Rev. S. B. Combs officiating. Burial Minden Cemetery. Survivors included his widow; 3 sons, Cleveland Watson of Minden, Lamar Watson of Marshall, Texas, Norman Watson of the U.S.A.F.; 2 daughters, Mrs. Lee Riggs of Minden; Mrs. E. J. Lousgan of Napoleonville; 4 brothers, Bert Watson of Sibley, LA, Joe Watson of Minden, Green Watson of Arcadia, Willie Watson of Bossier City; and one sister Mrs. Hattie Woodard of Arcadia).

(2) Gerald Cox

(3) Jasper Cox

(4) Gordon R. Cox; born ca. Jan. 1898 in LA.

(5) Addie Maude Cox; born ca. Apr. 1894 in LA; married Mr. Gant.

4.  Sallie Young; born 26 Sept. 1874, in Walton Co., GA; died 12 Nov. 1949; married 11 Sept. 1892, to Jasper B. McDow, who was born 27 Oct. 1871 in LA; died 29 Jan. 1938; he was the son of Ed McDow (1842-1900) and Elizabeth (Chandler) McDow (1831-1902); both Sallie and Jasper were buried at the Minden Cem.;

    Issue, nine:

(1) James William McDow; born 12 Aug. 1893; died 26 Nov. 1894.

(2) Eva Maud McDow; born 13 Aug. 1895; died 20 June 1896.

(3) Jesse Columbus McDow; born 15 Apr. 1897/98, in LA; died 29 July 1919; married in 1914 to Victoria Watson.

(4) Edward McDow; born and died 29 June 1900.

(5) Ethie Claire McDow; born 18 June 1902, at Hurricane, LA; died 8 July 1983 in Minden, LA, buried at Gardens of Memory Cem. in Minden; married Lester Lee, who was born 22 April 1897; died 13 Jan. 1967; he was the son of Jasper and Georgia (Bridwell) Lee; (Obituary from Shreveport Times, July 1983: "Ethie McDow Lee. Minden. Services for Ethie McDow Lee, 81, will be held at 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, July 12, 1983, at Rose-Neath Chapel in Minden. Officiating will be the Rev. B. Frank Walker. Burial will be at Gardens of Memory. Arrangements under the direction of Rose- Neath Funeral Home in Minden. She died July 8, 1983, in Minden after a lengthy illness. Mrs. Lee was born in Hurricane, La., was a homemaker, and a member of the Baptist Church. She is survived by four sons, Grady and Harvey Lee of Minden; William Joe Lee of Victorville, Calif.; Robert Wayne Lee of Magnolia, Texas; one daughter, Genice Cage of Minden; three sisters, Vina Sheppard, Aubry Fritz, and Vera Elkins all of Minden; nine grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Nephews serving as pallbearers will be Charles McDow, Don Fritz, David Lee, Danny Lee, Alvin Elkins, and Frank Harris").

        Issue, five:

(a) Grady Lee

(b) Harvey Lee

(c) Geneice Lee; married Jack Cage.

(d) William Joe Lee; married Nell Bailey.

(e)  Robert Wayne Lee.

(6) Vera Avis McDow; born 10 Sept. 1904; married 9 Nov. 1919 to Pierce Elkins

(7) Harfield R. McDow; born 10 Oct. 1907; died 18 Mar. 1936; married 10 July 1927 to __?__; (Obituary from The Webster Review, Friday, Mar. 20, 1936: "Well Known Man Dies Wednesday, Rites Held. Harfield McDow, 28, well known citizen of Minden died at the North La. Sanitarium, Wed. at 11:20 a.m. from double pneumonia, after 10 days illness. Funeral services were held at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon from the home on Bayou Ave. with Rev. H. E. Kirkpatrick officiating. Burial was under the direction of Dennis Funeral Home. Mr. McDow is a native of Minden and Webster Parish, having been born and reared here. He has been a member of First Baptist Church all his life. He attended the Minden High School. The deceased is survived by his widow and 1 son, Charles; mother and father, Mr. & Mrs. J. B. McDow; four sisters, Mrs. Lester Lee, Mrs. Pierce Elkins, both of near Minden and Mrs. Henson Mims and Mrs. William Fritz of Minden").

(8) Aubry (or Aubyn) Grace McDow; born 5 Oct. 1911; married 18 Aug. 1928 to William Fritz.

(9) Vinia Rufus McDow; born 15 Aug. 1914; married 7 Oct. 1933 to Henson Mims; married again to Mr. Sheppard.

5.  Nancy "Nannie" Effie Young; born 12 Jan. 1877, in Walton Co., GA; died 26 Apr. 1950, buried at Gilgal Cem.; married in 1895 to Sidney Charles Caldwell, who was born 24 Jan. 1874 in Claiborne Par., LA; died 4 Mar. 1936 in Webster Par., LA; (Obituary, Minden Herald, and Webster News, Friday, March 6, 1936. "Sidney Caldwell, 62, Dies Here Early Wednesday Morning. Sidney Charles Caldwell, 62, dropped dead Wednesday, as he entered the local sanitarium with his 2 sons. It was learned he had been ill for the last ten days. His sons started with him to the sanitarium at midnight. They said that he collapsed on the way. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Nannie Young Caldwell; three sons, Courtney, Claude and Sidney Franklin, and four grandchildren. Services were conducted at 10:00 a.m. Thursday in the Gilgal Church, three miles out on the Homer Road, with interment following in the Gilgal cemetery under the direction of the Butler Funeral Home. Rev. Clyde Caldwell, Pastor of the Arcadia Baptist Church, and Rev. H. E. Kirkpatrick, Pastor of the Minden Baptist Church officiated. Mr. Caldwell has been a resident here for the past 18 years. He was born January 24, 1874, in Arcadia, and was a well-known farmer").

Issue, eight:

(1) Robert Perry Caldwell; born 5 June 1896; died 2 Oct. 1918; unmarried; served as Pvt. in 114th French Mortar Battalion; died in France; interred in Gilgal Cem.

(2) Lizzie Caldwell; born 1898; died 1919; married 14 Mar. 1917 to Lee Burton.

(3) Ernest Christopher Caldwell; born 2 Jan. 1899; died in infancy on 8 Mar. 1902.

(4) Vera Caldwell; born about 1902; died about 1906.

(5) Vivian Caldwell; born about 1907; died about 1923; married 22 Feb. 1922 in Webster Par., LA to James Baker.

(6) Courtney Charlie Caldwell; born 1910; died 1958; married Daphine Hooter.

(7) Claudie Wilson Caldwell, Sr.; born 25 July 1912; died 2 Sept. 1954; PFC Comp. D 735 Tank Batn. in World War II; married (1st) Florence Miller; married again to Inez Causey.

(8) Sidney Franklin Caldwell; born 3 Aug. 1916; married (1st) to Clevie __?__; married 21 Jan. 1940 to Nellie Leona Culver(Obituary, from Minden, LA Press- Herald, Wed., Aug. 10, 1983: "Leona Caldwell. Leona Culver Caldwell, 77, passed away at 4:40 a.m. today at the Schumpert Medical Center in Shreveport following an extended illness. A longtime resident of Minden, she was a native of Bienville. She was the daughter of the late Clarence Culver and Alice Bryant Culver of Bienville. She was a homemaker and a member of the Parkway Baptist Church. Services will be at 10 a.m. Thursday (funeral was actually Friday) in the Rose Neath Minden Chapel with Rev. Don Woodard and Rev. Steve Rowe officiating. Burial will be in the Gilgal Cemetery. Survivors include her husband, Sidney F. Caldwell, Minden; three daughters, Mrs. Beatrice Siders, Tampa, Fla.; Mrs. Bobbie Chrusciel, Libertyville, Ill.; and Mrs. Mary Ellen Souter, Minden; one son, George N. Cole, Jr., Shreveport; one sister, Annie Cole, Rosepine; two brothers, Floyd Culver of Bienville and Lloyd Culver of Oak Grove; 18 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren");

Issue of Sidney and Leona Caldwell include:

(a) Mary Ellen Caldwell; married (1st) Mason Neathery; married (2nd) Charles Latson Souter, son of Willie F. Souter and Allie Exine (Wallis);

Issue, five:

(i) Nelwyn D. Neathery; married Charles W. Brewer; had one daughter Amy Michelle Brewer

(ii) Gary P. Neathery; married Linda Sue Hamner.

(iii) Myra E. Neathery; married Emmitt W. Vascocu, Jr.; no issue; married (2nd) Herschel Conrad Reeves Herschel had one son, Michael Joe Reeves.

(iv) Lisa G. Neathery; married James Carroll Stephens; had one daughter, Heather Elizabeth Stephens.

(v) Lori D. Souter

Stepchildren of Mary Ellen, children of Charles Souter and (1st wife) Patsy (Hardy):

(i) James L. Souter; married Judy Crisp; had one daughter Jennifer Lynn Souter,

(ii) Pamela K. Souter; married Marc Emrick

6.  Jesse Moses Young; born 19 Apr. 1879, in Walton Co., GA; died 9 Jan. 1935; married 7 Aug. 1897, to Mary Ann Rebecca Pace; see later.

7.  Henry Caleb Young; born 15 Dec. 1881, in Walton Co., GA; died 31 Oct. 1961; married 27 May 1901 to Ora Bell or Abel Spurlock, who was born 22 Feb. 19__; (Obituary, in Minden Herald, Thurs., Nov. 2, 1961: "Services for Henry C. Young, 79, a retired farmer who died Tuesday at his home after a lengthy illness were held at 3 p.m. yesterday in the Beech Springs Baptist Church with the Rev. Harold Padgett officiating. Burial was in Minden Cemetery under the direction of Green-Kleinegger Funeral Home. Survivors are his widow; two sons, Wm. R. Young of Minden, and C. A. Young of Zachary; six daughters, Mrs. O. N. Frye and Mrs. C. W. Miller of Shongaloo, Mrs. L. T. Pair of Homer, Mrs. J. A. Bailey and Mrs. B. C. Childs of Minden and Mrs. Charles Lewis of Kentucky; 30 grandchildren and 52 great grandchildren");

Issue, nine:

(1) Mattie Mae Young; born 16 Dec. 1901; died 1977; married Otho Neal Frye (Obituary, Shreveport Journal, Thurs., Feb. 17, 1977: Mrs. Mattie Y. Frye, 75, Springhill, died Wednesday morning. Services at 2 p.m. (Feb. 17) at the Springhill Baptist Church with the Revs. Harry Attebery and Jesse Burns officiating. Burial was to be in the Minden City Cemetery. Survivors were husband Otho N. Frye, 2 daughters, Mrs. Clarence T. Crump of Haynesville, Mrs. Roy Wright of Campti; 3 sisters, Mrs. L. P. Pair of Homer, Mrs. C. W. Miller of Shongaloo, Mrs. Thurston Childs of Minden; one brother C. A. Young of Monroe; 12 grand children and 13 great grandchildren.)

(2) William Rance Young; born 22 Jan. 1904; died 13 June 1969; married Ollie __?__.

(3) Puellar "Polly" Young; born 14 Aug. 1906; married Luther Paxton Pair.

(4) Barnelle Young; born 20 Apr. 1908; married (1st) Columbus Walter Miller; married (2nd) Otho Neal Frye.

(5) Auby Lucien Young; born 17 Apr. 1910; died 8 July 1969; married James Austin Bailey.

(6) Ione Marilla Young; born 8 June 1915; died 23 Aug. 1969; married Charles Bebe Lewis.

(7) Coahron Arvin Young; born 9 Feb. 1918; married Christine Johns.

(8) O'Leater Young; born 2 July 1920; married Bonnie Thurston Childs.

(9) Henry Caleb Young; born 8 Mar. 1924; died 22 Nov. 1945; unmarried.

6. Jesse Moses Young

Born on the 19th of April in 1879, in Walton County, Georgia, Jesse Moses Young was the sixth child of seven children born to James Harrison Young and his wife Mary Frances (Greer) Young. He was named for both his grandfathers.

When Jesse was about six years old, his mother left Georgia and moved to Louisiana with several of her brothers. Jesse did not see his father again for about 24 years, when he came to Louisiana to visit them about 1909.

Jesse married Mary Ann Rebecca Pace on August 17, 1897. Their marriage was recorded in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, at Arcadia, but they lived in Claiborne Parish, near Hurricane. Their children went to school and to the Baptist Church at Hurricane. Jesse farmed and kept boarders to support his family. He was described by his daughter-in-law, Leola (Crowell) Young as tall and thin, with a moustache. He was an easy-going man, and he worked hard. Early in his marriage, Jesse and Mary separated, because he had a drinking problem. Mary told him she would not be reconciled with him until he quit drinking. Perhaps she was aided a bit by fate, for one night Jesse had a vivid dream that he had died and gone to Hell. He could hear his hair singeing as he walked through the eternal flames. When he awakened he swore that he would never drink again.

Jesse developed heart trouble while he was still a relatively young man. He moved his family to Texas, around the Joaquin and Logansport area several times, but the climate in Texas did not agree with him and he had to take his family back to Louisiana. They were in Texas when their eldest son Audris finished the 8th grade (about 1914).

When Audris was seventeen years old (about 1918), the Young family again were living in Texas. After the U. S. entered World War I, Audris decided he wanted to be in the army, so he lied about his age and joined. His mother was so upset and made such a fuss about it, that Audris' father went to the Army post and brought Audris home after he had been gone only one month.

Jesse was seriously ill with a heart ailment and was under doctors orders not to do anything that required physical exertion. He was not to walk fast or too far, and most especially, he was not to work. During the Depression of the

early 1930's, there was scarcely enough money to buy his medicine. Their son, Jack, worked at the C.C.C. camp and sent money to them when he could. If the money did not come, Jesse did without the medicine.

In the winter of 1935, on January 9th, Jesse and his youngest son Preaus were cutting some small pine trees to make posts for a fence around their garden, when Jesse suffered a heart attack, fell over and died immediately. His wife, who was a rather large woman ran to him, having to crawl under a barbed wire fence to reach him, but he breathed only one time after she reached him.

About the same moment that Jesse died, his daughter-in- law, Leola Young, Audris' wife, was in her house at Watson's sawmill, not too far from Jesse's house. She had been doing the laundry and had a big pile of clothes in the middle of the floor. She turned towards the locked door and saw a vision of Jesse flash in front of the door for an instant. A little while later, Mr. Watson came to the house to tell them that Jesse had died.

After Jesse's death, Mary lived with her children, particularly with Hattie. She was a great story teller. Her granddaughter, Pauline Young, remembers sitting around the fireplace in their home at Hurricane (about 1934-1938) listening to "Grandma" tell stories about growing up in the woods where the wild animals, especially the panthers, howled at night.

Mary spent her last years living in Dubach with her daughter Gladys (Young) Jones. Gladys had divorced her husband when her children all left home, and was happy for her mother to stay with her. When Mary became sick and needed constant care, she was moved to the Meadowview Nursing home in Minden. She suffered a stroke in May 1964 and did not regain consciousness. She died about a week afterwards, on May 12, 1964, and was buried at the Hurricane Cemetery next to her husband. Several of her children are buried nearby.

Mary's obituary appeared in a newspaper: "Mrs. Mary Young Succumbs at 82. Special to the Journal. RUSTON. Mrs. Mary Young, 82, died at 3:15 a.m., today in Meadowview Nursing Home at Minden following a lengthy illness. She was a native of Natchitoches and a member of the Baptist Church. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Hurricane Baptist Church, Arcadia, with the Rev. D. A. Doughty officiating. Burial will be in Hurricane Cemetery, Arcadia under direction of Kilpatrick Funeral Home of Ruston. Survivors are three daughters, Mrs. Bertha Boyd, Bossier City, Mrs. Gladys Jones and Mrs. Hattie Colvin, both of Dubach; four sons, E. A. Young, Taylor, Dewey Young, Arcadia, Dallas Young, San Antonio, Tex., and Jack Young, Stockton, Calif.; and 29 grandchildren."

1.  Elra Audris Young; born 12 Mar. 1901, at Hurricane, Claiborne, LA; died 29 Nov. 1979, at Shreveport, LA; married on 26 Aug. 1920 in Bienville Par., LA to Leola Crowell. (Obituary: Sat., Dec. 1, 1979; "Elra Audris Young Sr.: Elra Audris Young, 78, of 706 Browning St., died Thursday in LSU Medical Center after a long illness. Born in Arcadia, he had been a resident of Shreveport for 15 years. He was a retired sawmill worker for Woodard-Walker Lumber Co., a member of the Grace Baptist Church and a 32nd degree Mason and member of the Cedar Grove Masonic Lodge. Services are scheduled for 2:30 p.m. today in the Southside Chapel of Rose-Neath Funeral Home with the Rev. Don Windham of the Grace Baptist Church and the Rev. Johnny Tipton of Grawood Baptist Church officiating. Burial will be in Forest Park West Cemetery with Masonic graveside rites. Survivors include his wife, Leola Young of Shreveport; three sons, E. A. Young Jr. of Ruston, and Ray Young and Gene Young, both of Shreveport; four daughters, Evelyn Rogers, Ruth Harrell and Pauline Crawford, all of Shreveport, and Mary Lee Wood of Cotton Valley; a sister, Gladys Jones of Farmerville; a brother Bud Campbell of Haynesville; 21 grandchildren; and 19 great- grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Audris Rene Young, Michael Young, Phillip Young, Ray Young Jr., Rickie Wood, Ronnie Wood, Mark Young and Tommy Skipworth.") (For descendants, see Leola (Crowell), Chapter 12, page 129.)

2.  Hattie Bell Young; born 26 Nov. 1902, in LA; died 20 Feb. 1975/76; married (1st) Norman Perry, whom she met and married after they had been writing letters to each other; they later divorced; married (2nd) on 11 May 1924 to Richard Colvin; (Obituary, "Mrs. Rich Colvin. RUSTON. Mrs. Rich Colvin, 72, of Dubach died Thursday. Funeral services will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the chapel of Kilpatrick Funeral Home with the Rev. Charles Upshaw officiating. Burial will be in the Fellowship Cemetery. Survivors include her husband; two daughters, Mrs. Sylvia Moss of Dubach and Mrs. Dorothy Cantrell of Shreveport; one son, Owen Perry of Minden; three brothers, E. A. Young Sr. of Shreveport, Dewey Young of Athens and Dallas Young of Haynesville; two sisters, Mrs. Gladys Jones of Dubach and Mrs. Bertha Boyd of Bossier City; nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren." Another Obituary, "Richard Colvin. RUSTON. Richard E. Colvin, 75, of Dubach died Friday. Funeral services will be at 3 p.m. Sunday in Kilpatrick's Funeral Home with the Rev. Charles Upshaw officiating. Burial will be in Fellowship Cemetery in Dubach. Survivors are two daughters, Mrs. Sylvia Moss of Dubach and Mrs. Dorothy Cantrell of Shreveport; one son, Owen Perry of Minden; two sisters, Dora Alexander of El Dorado, Ark., and Fannie Lee of Shreveport; two brothers, Will Colvin and Charlie Colvin, both of Dubach; nine grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.")

Issue, three:

(1) Owen Perry; married Syble Smith

(2) Sylvia Jerlyn Colvin; married (1st) Paul I. Harris; divorced; married (2nd) Mr. Moss; divorced

(3) Dorothy Colvin; married Leroy Cantrell; she worked as a secretary at L.S.U. Medical School in Shreveport, LA in 1980; had 2 children;

3.  Bertha Mae Young; born 1 Dec. 1904, in LA; died 20 May 1977; married John Wesley Boyd, who was a mechanic; they lived at Elm Grove, LA until John died; Bertha then moved to Bossier City; (Obituary: Shreveport Times, Sat., May 21, 1977: Mrs. Bertha Boyd. Funeral services for Mrs. Bertha Young Boyd, 73, will be held at 11:30 a.m. Saturday at the Bossier City Chapel of Rose-Neath Funeral Home. Burial will be in Hurricane Cemetery at Arcadia. Mrs. Boyd died Friday at Pilgrim Manor Nursing Home North in Bossier City after a long illness. She had been a resident of Bossier Parish since 1940. She was a member of Elm Grove Baptist Church. She was a native of Louisiana. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Lorez (sic) Neel of Sour Lake and Sarah Boyd of Bossier City; a sister, Mrs. Gladys Jones of Dubach, and two brothers, Audris Young of Shreveport and Dallas Young of Haynesville; two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.");

Issue, two:

(1) Lonez Boyd; married (1st) to Marshall Heflin; they had 2 girls; Marshall died of cancer; Lonez was married (2nd) to W. L. Neal, had no children.

(2) Inez Boyd.

4.  Harrison Dewey Young; born 30 Dec. 1906, in LA; died 10 May 1976, of bone cancer; he was a carpenter, a deacon in the Baptist Church, and a Mason; married 15 May 1927 to Cecil Ruth Speer, daughter of B. B. and Carrie Speer; (Obituary, "Dewey Young. HOMER. H. Dewey Young, 69, died Tuesday. Services will be at 3 p.m. Thursday at the Conger Funeral Home with the Revs. Charles Wallace and Archie Pippin officiating. Burial will be in the Hurricane Cemetery. Survivors include his widow; three sons, Ralph Young of Monroe, Rex Young of Homer and Freddy Young of Jackson, Miss.; two brothers, E. A. Young of Shreveport and Dallas Young of Haynesville; two sisters, Mrs. Bertha Boyd of Shreveport and Mrs. Gladey (sic) Jones of Dubach; seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.")

Issue, three:

(1) Ralph Young; married Bobbie __?__; had 2 girls and a boy.

(2) Rex Young; married, had 2 boys.

(3) Freddie Mac Young; marrie; had 2 daughters.

5.  Dallas Young (changed name to Bob Allen Campbell); born 28 Sept. 1909, twin, at Hurricane, Claiborne, LA; married (1st) on 28 Dec. 1929, to Christella Anglin (marriage recorded in Bienville Parish, LA); divorced; he joined the army, served a tour and settled in Arizona, where he married and ran a restaurant; during World War II he again entered the Army and was sent to the Philippines for 3-4 years; not having heard from him and believing him dead, his wife married again; while in the Philippines Dallas met Yaneko Makuchi, a Japanese nurse, who saved his life; after returning to the U.S., and finding his wife married, Dallas went to Japan to find the nurse who had saved his life; he found her and married her on 19 Feb. 1951 in Japan; they settled first in Colorado Springs, CO, before moving to Louisiana ca. 1960

Issue, three:

(1) Roy Joe Campbell

(2) Mana Sue Campbell

(3) Jon Alan Campbell; born 22 July 1962 at the U.S.A.F. Hospital at Alexandria, LA; died 11 May 1980 a few hours after attending his last senior class, when a pickup truck collided with the go-cart he was riding at Haynesville, LA; he was buried at New Ramah Cem. in Haynesville.

6.  Gladys Young; born 28 Sept. 1909, twin, at Hurricane, Claiborne, LA; died of cancer on 14 Mar. 1980, buried at the Fellowship Cem. in Dubach, LA; married Virgil Jones; she worked as a waitress in a cafe in Dubach;

Issue, four:

(1) Mildred Jones; married Robert Baker.

(2) Doris Jones

(3) Billy Jones

(4) Bobby Jones; married twice.

7.  James "Jack" Theron Young; born 25 Sept. 1912, at Joaquin, TX died 9 Feb. 1969, at Bernice, LA, buried at the Hurricane Cem., in Claiborne Par., LA; he was a carpenter and mechanic; married (1st) in Bienville Par., LA, on 7 Jan. 1932 to Helen Burnham, married (2nd) in Bienville Par., LA, on 14 Jan. 1933 to Elizabeth Alma McPherson, who was born 4 Aug. 1918 in Bienville Par., daughter of William Arthur McPherson and Emma (Culver) McPherson; married (3rd) to Louise Holloway; Jack and Louise moved to Stockton, California, where they separated and Jack returned to Dubach, LA; Jack was a gospel singer and guitarist;

Issue of Jack and Elizabeth Alma Young, four:

(1) James Wade Young; married Dora Ethelene Rials, daughter of Ethel Farrar Rials and Lurlene (Roberts).

(3) Jessie Marvin Young.

(4) Jacqueline Dean Young; married James Donald Bufkin, son of Robert Edward Bufkin and Rosa Bell (Moody).

Issue, three:

(a) Angela Kay Bufkin.

(b) James Allen Bufkin.

(c) Stacy Donald Bufkin.

    Issue of Jack and Louise Young, two:

(1) Thomas Young

(2) Fred Young

8.  Garland Preaus Young; born 18 June 1918, near Gibsland, Bienville Par., LA; died in Minden, LA ca. 1948 of lobar pneumonia, buried at Minden; he worked as a truck driver; married 1 July 1941, at Minden, LA, to Ineva Jones, who was born 11 July 1923, at Minden, daughter of Virgil J. Jones and Rena Nellie (McCrea); she was an L.P.N. nurse; (Obituary: "Last Rites Held Sunday for Preaus G. Young. Preaus Garland Young, 30, route three, Minden, died Saturday afternoon in a Minden sanitarium following a short illness. Funeral services were held at the Green-Kleinegger chapel Minden, at 3 p.m. Sunday, with the Rev. Tom Barnes, pastor of the Pentecostal church, officiating. Burial was in the Minden cemetery. Young is survived by his widow, Ineza (sic), of Minden; one son, Joe Allen Young, Minden; one daughter, Sue Ellen, also of Minden; his mother, Mrs. Mary Young, Minden; three brothers, H. D. Young of Arcadia, E. A. Young of Taylor, and Jack Young of Cullen; three sisters, Mrs. R. E. Colvin of Dubach, Mrs. John Boyd, Elm Grove, and Mrs. Virgil Jones of Minden.")

Issue, two:

(1) Joe Allen Young.

(2) Sue Ellen Young; married Richard Jackson

Issue, one adopted son, adopted 2 April 1974.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Records pertaining to the Young family

Bible Records

Young family Bible, published in 1829, provided by Mrs. Agnes (Young) Respass, of Mesa, Arizona, in a phone conversation with Mary Ellen Souter of Minden, LA:

MARY G. YOUNG, born Aug. 23, 1820, died 1902.
Children of M. W. YOUNG:

JAMES HARRISON YOUNG, born Aug. 19, 1840, died Feb. 21, 1916

ELIJAH D. YOUNG, born Jan. 10, 1842

SARAH L. YOUNG, born July 10, 1843

WILLIAM T. or F. YOUNG, born Aug. 30, 1848

MARGERET, born 184?(?)

MARY E., born Sept. 7, 1850

JOSEPH F. YOUNG, born July 4, 1852

ROBERT HARRIS, Aug. 20, 1855

EDMUND YOUNG, born Jan. 7, 1858, died Jan. 13, 1932


Bible of LEOLA (CROWELL) YOUNG, copied 18 June 1978 by Joyce Hervey:

J. G. CROWELL, born Dec. 19, 1875, died Jan. 18, 1964

MARY V. CROWELL, born June 2, 1875, died Oct. 31, 1964

MARY ANN YOUNG, born Feb. 7, 1882, died May 12, 1964

JESSE MOSES YOUNG, born April 19, 1879, died Jan. 9, 1935

ELRA A. YOUNG, born Mar. 12, 1901

LEOLA CROWELL, born July 4, 1904

EVELYN VELDA YOUNG, born Sept. 1, 1921

PAULINE HELEN YOUNG, born Nov. 14, 1925

ELRA A. YOUNG, JR., born Jan. 10, 1928

RAY M. YOUNG, born Oct. 2, 1929

MARY LEE YOUNG, born Sept. 16, 1931

MARIE YOUNG, born and died Mar. 29, 1935

LENNIE RUTH YOUNG, born May 29, 1938

GENE EDWIN YOUNG, born Oct. 11, 1942

EDWARD RAY MURRAY, born and died Feb. 11, 1942

Marriage Records

Morgan County, Georgia, MOSES W. YOUNG and Miss MARY EDMONDS married on 22 October 1839 by Robert A. Prior, J. P.

Walton County, Georgia, JAMES H. YOUNG and MARY F. GRIER married on 24 April 1864 by WILLIAM N. FENDERGRASS, J. P.

Bienville Parish, Louisiana

JESSE YOUNG and MARY PACE; Book H Pg. 84; married 7 Aug. 1897 by G. W. DOBBINS, J.P.

E. A. YOUNG & LEOLA CROWELL, Book M, pg. 480, married 26 Aug. 1920 by Rev. E. L. CARGILL; parents were MARY & GRIFFIN CROWELL, MARY & J. M. YOUNG.

Death Certificates

Webster Parish, LA, Reg. Dist. # 60-2416, File #21; Reg. No. 18268: MARY FRANCES YOUNG, resident of Webster Parish, Ward 4, female, white, widow of Jim Harrison Young, age about 76, born in Georgia, father JESSE GREER, born in Georgia; maiden name of mother (born in Georgia) not listed; Mary died on 15 Oct. 1918 at 10 a.m. of autointoxication; buried at the Hurricane Church on 16 Oct. 1918; doctor E. L. HARRINGTON signed death certificate; informant of death was HENRY R. YOUNG, of Minden, LA.

Cemetery Records

Hurricane Cem., located north of Arcadia, LA in Claiborne Parish; copied 20 Feb. 1976; revisited 6 June 1982.

MARY A. YOUNG; born Feb. 7, 1882

JESSIE M. YOUNG; born April 19, 1879, died Jan. 9, 1935.

JACK T. YOUNG; Sept. 25, 1912; Feb. 9, 1969.

M. F. YOUNG; June 17, 1842, Oct. 15, 1918.

MARIE, infant daughter of LEOLA & AUDRIS YOUNG; Mar. 29, 1935.

BERTHA YOUNG BOYD; Dec. 1, 1904, May 20, 1977 "Our Precious Mother"

JOHN WESLEY BOYD; Aug. 17, 1902, Nov. 20, 1961; "Our Beloved"

YOUNG, HARRISON DEWEY: Dec. 30, 1906; May 11, 1976 married May 15, 1927 CECIL RUTH SPEER

U. S. Census

1830 Morgan Co., GA

GEORGE W. YOUNG, age 20-30, also in household were 1 female 20-30, 1 male slave and 3 female slaves.

JAMES YOUNG, age 20-30, also in household were 2 males under 5 years old, 1 female 40-50, 1 female 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 male slave.

MOSES W. YOUNG, age 50-60, also in household were 1 male age 5-10, 1 female age 60-70, 2 females age 20-30, 1 female age 15-20, 1 female age 5-10, 1 female under 5 years of age.

HUMPHREY EDMONDSON, page 250, Notwpl

THOMAS EDMONDSON, page 264, Notwpl

WILLEY EDMONDSON, page 265, Notwpl

1830 Walton Co., GA

Copied from Census Index:

ASA EDMUNDS, page 129, Notwpl

AURILLA EDMUNDS, page 159, Notwpl

1840 Morgan Co., GA

E.D. 240, 399th Dist.: MARY YOUNG, head of household, no males listed, ages of females in household were: 1 female 50-60, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 5-10, no slaves.

E.D. 240, 399th Dist. (on same page of census with MARY YOUNG) was ELIJAH EDMONDS, 13 in household, including 3 engaged in agriculture, no slaves: 1 male 40-50, 1 male 20- 30, 1 male 15-20, 3 males under 5; 1 female 40-50, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 15-20; 1 female 10-15, 2 females 5-10, 1 female under 5.

Copied from Census index:

G. H. EDMONDSON, page 234, 281st Dist.

THOMAS EDMONDSON, page 234, 281st Dist.

(a Prior family appeared on the same page.)

1840 Walton Co., GA

Copied from census index:

DAVID YOUNG, page 128, Mountain Dist.

ASA T. EDMUND, page 096, Town Dist.

BURWELL W. EDMUND, page 131, Brooks Dist.

1850 Morgan Co., GA

E.D. 122, 62nd dist., 9 Sept., J. R. Baldwin, enum.: WILLIAM YOUNG, 29, m, w, carpenter, born GA; MARY, 30, f, GA; JAMES, 10, m, GA; ELIJAH, 8, m, GA; SARAH, 6, f, GA; WILLIAM, 1, m, GA.


E.D. 122, 62nd dist., ROBERT HARRIS, 42, m, w, farmer, $7500 real estate valuec born GA; MARY T., 38, f, GA; LOUISA E., 20, f, GA; WILLIAM WATKINS, 22, m, overseer, GA.

Copied from Census index:

JAMES EDMONDS, page 143, 62nd Dist.

ALLEN EDMONDSON, page 111, 62nd Dist.

GREEN B. EDMONDSON, page 123, 62nd Dist.

JOHN H. EDMONDSON, page 111, 62nd Dist.

SAMUEL EDMONDSON, page 107, 62nd Dist.

Copied from Early Georgia Marriages, page 268, a list of names appearing on the 1850 census of Morgan Co., GA:

ELIJAH EDMONDSON, born N.C., age 56; RHODA, age 45; WILLIAM, 14; EDWARD, 10; ELIZABETH, 6; LUCINDA, 4.



GREEN B. EDMONDSON, born GA, age 46; CYNTHIA, 40; JOHN, 14; MARK, 13; JUNNA(?), 12; NANCY, 11; SARAH, 7 or 9; ELIZABETH, 5; DINNAH, 2.

1850 Walton Co., GA

E.D. 19, 88 Divi., h.h. 264, 21 Sept.: ASA J. EDMONDS, 40, m, w, farmer, born GA; NANCY, 40, f, GA; HENRY, 19, m, GA, attended school; ANN C., 16, f, GA, att. sch.; FRANCIS C., 14, f, GA, att. sch.; JOHN A., 12, m, GA, att. sch.; WARREN(?) (part of name illegible), 10, m, GA, att. sch.; WILEY C., 8, m, GA, att. sch.; MAY W., 6, f, GA; MARTHA J., 3, f, GA.

Copied from Census index:

MAY EDMONDS, page 062, 88 Divi.

1860 Morgan Co., GA

Fairplay dist., pg. 36, 24 July: MOSES W. YOUNG, 39, m, miller, GA; MARY, 39, f, GA; ELIJAH, 17, m, GA; SARAH, 17, f, GA; WILLIAM, 11, m, GA; MARY E., 9. f, GA; JOSEPH, 7, m, GA; ROBERT, 5, m, GA; EDMOND, 2, m, GA; MARTHA, 2/12, f, GA.

1860 Walton Co., GA

Northern division, page 1055, 1 Aug., Arr. Brown, enum.: JAMES YOUNG, 47, m, w, farmer, 1000, 500, born GA; ELISA, 50, f, w, GA; WILLIAM, 24, m, w, cropper, GA; MARY, 23, f, e, GA; JOHN, 21, m, D laborer, GA; JANE, 18, f, GA; MARGARITT, 16, f, GA; ELISA, 14, f, GA; SUSAN, 12, f, GA; EDNA, 8, f, GA; JOSEPH, 5, m, GA.

Northern division, P.O. Monroe, pg. 186, 11 Aug.: THOMAS YOUNG, 20, m, w, farmer, -, 255, GA; SARAH, 31, f, w, GA; THOMAS FORESTER, 20, m, w, farm laborer, GA.

1870 Morgan Co., GA

Page 153, household 1234, 19 July: ELIJAH D. YOUNG, 28, m, w, farmer, GA; MARY ANN, 20, f, w, keeping house, GA; NEALY F., 2, f, w, GA; NETTY(?) F., 2, f, w, GA.

Page 126, household 1011: CATHERINE YOUNG, 32, f, w, GA; VIRGINIA, 11, f, w, GA; CLARA, 10, f, w, GA; WALEY H., 8, m, w, GA; FLORENCE, 6, f, w, GA. Page 134, household 1070: MOSES W. YOUNG, 49, m, w, carpenter & farming, GA; MARY, 49, f, w, keeping house, GA; WILLIAM T., 21, m, w, GA; JOSEPH F., 18, m, w, GA; SARAH L., 27, f, w, GA; MARY E., 19, f, w, GA; ROBERT H., 13, m, w, GA; EDMUND, 12, m, w, GA; SUSAN E., 10, f, w, GA.

1880 Morgan Co., GA

419th Dist., pg. 25, 12 June, household 182: M. W. YOUNG, w, m, 59, farming, GA; M. G., w, f, 60, wife, GA; S. L., w, f, 37, dtr., GA; WM. T., w, m, 31, son, GA; R. H., w, m, 26, son, GA; E., w, m, 21, son, GA; S. A., w, f, 20, dtr., GA.

1880 Walton Co., GA


Vol. 24, E.D. 114, pg. 30, #250 Brantleys: JAMES YOUNG, w, m, 51, GA; MARTHA, wife, 48, GA; TABITHA, dau., 17, GA; LENARD, son, 11, GA; MARY, dau., 6, GA.

1900 Claiborne Par., LA

Household 153, 15 June: JESSE YOUNG, w, m, born Jan. 1888(?), 22, married 4 yrs., born GA; MARY, wife, w, f, Feb. 1880, 22, LA.

Household 152: JASPER MC DOW, w, m, Apr. 1873, 27, married 5 yrs., born GA; SALLY, wife, w, f, May 1875, 25, GA; COLUMBUS, son, w, m, Mar. 1898, 2, LA.

Household 165: ROBERT YOUNG, w, m, Feb. 1866, 34, married 8 yrs., born GA; MARY, wife, w, f, May 1866, 34, LA; RUFUS, son, w, m, Mar. 1893, 6, LA; MARY, dau., w, f, Mar. 1897, 3, LA; JEFF MILES, boarder, w, m, Apr. 1863, 59(?), single, born SC.

Household 166: MARTHA YOUNG, w, f, Jan. 1845, 50 widow, GA; HENRY, son, w, m, Jan. 1884, 16, single, GA.

Household 176: C. C. COX, w, m, Jan. 1859, 41, married 15 yrs., born LA; DORA, w, f, Feb. 1871, 29, GA; ANNA, dtr., w, f, may 1892, 8 LA; ADA, dtr., w, f, Apr. 1894, 6, LA; GORDON R., son, w, m, Jan. 1898, 2, LA.