The Bear and the Seal

The Bear and the Seal was a much publicized formation atop the Three Graces Rock in the central Garden zone. It was said to have originally been named "Seal Making Love to a Nun" by William E. Pabor, the original Secretary of the Colorado Springs Company and erstwhile promoter of the Pikes Peak region. Pabor's unfortunate choice of names got him into deep trouble with city founder, General William Palmer, and led to his premature departure from the area.

The Bear and the Seal

Because it could be seen from various points along the main carriage road leading into the Garden, the Bear and Seal formation became a favorite point of interest for many of the early tour guides. "See there!" they would say, "the bear and the seal; the bear taking his ease, and the seal crawling up to keep him company." Unfortunately, the seal broke apart in the spring of 1942. Two days of continuous rain seems to have loosened the formation, and the main body of the seal fell to its death during the night. The crash was distinctly heard at the nearby Hidden Inn. When morning came only a small part of the seal's tail remained in place atop the rock. The bear, meanwhile, slept on undisturbed.


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