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William Barlow, IV, 1850-1926

William Barlow, IV, Obituary

Harriet Barlow Chauncey, 1889-1975

Waver J. Barlow, 1892-1968

Elizabeth Barlow Capps, 1895- 1978

Tom Watson Barlow, 1897-1973

Lurena Barlow Smith, 1898-1986

Needham Arnold Barlow, 1901-1982

Eunice Inez Barlow Booth, 1904-1965

Vivian Cleo Barlow, 1929-1982

Cleo Barlow Photos

Colleen Barlow, 1924-1941

Colleen Barlow Obituary

Barlow Family Album

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Civil War Ancestors

Julia Faye & Mary Frances Smith, daughters of Lurena Barlow

Needham Barlow

The Barlow boys liked to "frolic," were known to take a little nip, and liked the pretty women.  So says A. C. Smith, who at ninety-one years old still remembers frolicking with Waver, Tom, and Needham in Clinch County, Georgia.  Mr. Smith often accompanied one or more of the Barlow boys when they went to a gathering of young people, where they danced to the music of a fiddler, played games, and tried to impress the girls with their good looks and Barlow charm.

Bonnie Lanier & A. C. Smith 

The Barlow Clan at the Golden Wedding Anniversay of Needham and Brunell Barlow in 1973
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