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Hi! My name is Kelly and welcome to Wildefire's home of the little people! Wildefire kennels (and yes there is an E in our kennel name although people refuse to use it)is the breeder of champion Brussels Griffons and most recently the breeder of the all time winningest German Wirehaired Pointer in the history of the breed(U.S.)...BIS BISS CH. WILDEFIRES BENTLEY C.G.C......We also compete in agility. Our first agility champion is a standard poodle Wildefires Jon Henrie NAJ,OAJ. ...we will be posting pictures as often as we can....please stop by to see our progress.

As you can see,(or not see because I have not gotten things done yet) this site will always be under construction, Between caring for Grandma, the girls and all the 4-legged "little people" ,my boarding customers and thier parents around here, I don't have a lot of time left in the day.(smile)

I have been in love with the canine family since I was a child. I learned to walk by holding on to the collar of an old rescue greyhound named "Barney". As a child, he was my only friend and companion. I can remember many long walks we shared,the serious and fun talks and all the unconditional love he had to offer.

There are very few times in a persons life, when they are touched by that special bond created between them and their K-9 companion.I love watching a beautiful dog at work and playing.

The most unfortunate part of loving that special "friend" is that even with the advances in medicine the canine life is fairly short compared to ours.And I have lost many special K-9 friendsI'll never forget.

Wildefire Kennels came to be after my husband retired from the military.We had lots of fun with our dogs around the country while we were in the service.We met and made many friends and were able to play with many different breeds.My very first litter was whelped in 1962,my friend and companion Bridget had her babies in the closet.Sure wish I knew then what I know now, because she sure had the wool pulled over my eyes.

At Wildefire Kennels K-9 Park and Recreation Center we offer many different services. Agility Field,(membership is by the year). We offer boarding to K-9's 50 lbs or less.We have I/O runs, central air and heat.Our charges are per day.We have puppies occasionaly,(Brussels Griffons and Poodles)we do rescue work and help folks find puppies other than ours. All are pets and rescues are sold on spay/neutor contracts,show prospects are on private treaty. We at Wildefire hope you have enjoyed our pages.We will be updating them often as I can.Come back and see us.We love to hear from you. Kelly

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