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1. James "Jamy" Marion -- was this what Marion was called?
He married (1st) Manerva Overcash (2nd) he married Rebecca Cypert Rorie.
This is per marriage records.

Alexander "Bud" --married Temsey Overcash? or Williams?
What was her maiden name?

Preston M. "Press" - died while digging a well. This per write up in the Big Flat, AR homecoming book.
He married (1st) Mary Isabell Risner, (not Cunningham.) He married #2 Sarah "Sally" Morris.
Both of these in marriage records.

Martha Ella married in 1876 to James Larkin George per marriage records.

Mary Lucretia married William Columbus "Nig" Looney in 1881 per granddaughter, Mona Smith

Lee Roy Farris died August 28, 1939. This is on his stone.
His wife's maiden name was Watkins.

William Champion b. 02 May 1870 was called "Little Willie".
"Willie and Zillie" he and his wife were called.

Charles Horace was called "Charley Horse".
He died soon after he and Lucinda C. Morrison married.
She married (2nd) a Rorie soon after his death.
This per marriage records.

Sarah C. Farris, married Leroy Brown 11-19-1891 Stone co., AR. per marriage records.
Willie and Charley were born after her.

8. James Monroe "Munn" Farris (Davidson) was born Oct 31, 1824 in McNairy Co., Tennessee and died January 13, 1913 in Timbo, Stone Co., Arkansas.
He married Catherine Turner abt 1850, daughter of Nancy.

Notes for James Monroe "Munn" Farris:

Notes from Mona Smith (taken from the Farris family Home Page of Linda R. Thomas):
Bud Pounder was mean to his wife Jane and the kids.
James Monroe killed Bud.
They headed for AR after the killing.
James Monroe was acquitted.
The widow Jane and children lived next door to Champion Sr. in 1860.
In her household was a "Turner."

From D.A. Farris in Stone Co., Arkansas:

James Monore married Catherine Turner.
James killed his wife's sister's husband, Bud Pounder.
It was a bar fight with a knife involved.
Champ Farris (James Monroe's brother was in law enforcement and probably told James Monore to "go", and he came here to Arkansas for maybe 7 years.

From Robbie Sue Glover:

Champion appears to have gone to AR between 1870 and 1874.

Children of James Farris and Catherine Turner:

50. i. Mary Jane "Sissy" Farris, born 1850.
51. ii. Mastin Greenfield Farris, born 1850.
52. iii. Nancy Catherine Farris born 1857 in Stone County, Arkansas.
She married Wayne Crow.
53. iv. Margaret M. "Cootie" Farris, born january 1859 in Stone County, Arkansas.
54. v. Robert Looney Farris, born August 06, 1861 in Timbo, Stone Co., AR; died November 20, 1917 in Timbo, Stone Co., AR
55. vi. Nicholas Monore "Bolt" Farris, born June 1863 in Stone County, AR; died January 1928 in AR.
56. vii. Sarah C. "Sally" Farris, born 1866.
She married Doug "Dude" Holt Sept. 02, 1891 in Stone Co., AR.
57. viii. Susan B. Farris, born April 11, 1869; died May 19, 1940.
She married Franklin A. Looney.
58. ix. James Walter Farris, born May 2, 1870 in Stone County, Arkansas; died June 06, 1935 in Timbo, Stone County, AR.
59. x. Amanda Jane Farris, born 1872-1873 in Stone County, AR; died 1943.

D.A. comments:

Catherine Turner 1826-1894.
Was her father's name Mastin?
This was my great-grand mother.
Don't know if Munn was aquitted for the murder of Bud Pounder.
The Turner in the household with Jane Pounders was Nancy's brother. (think)
Jane was sis to Munn's wife.

The quote on this document is grapevine. Not direct quote.
Was Turner the maiden name of Catherine's mom?

Mastin Greenfield Farris was the first child. This per census records.

Mastin Farris:
born 1848 Franklin Co., AL.
He married (1st) Julia Lawrence in 1871,(2nd) md. S.N. Lawrence in 1888, and (3rd) Amanda Friar in 1893 per marriage records.

Mary Jane Farris:
born possible 1849.
Married Matt Dodson in 1915. This on headstone.

Margaret M. Farris:
md. John B. Looney in 1874 per marriage records.

Robert Looney Farris: aka Bob.
married Mary Queen in 1897 per marriage records.
Died from hanging himself per records.

Nicholas Monore Farris:
D.A.'s granddad.
Married Sarena Elizabeth Powell in 1886.

Sarah C. Farris:
Married (1st)Doug Holt 1891. this per marriage records.
Married (2nd) Dora Benbrook Broyles 1923.

Susan B. Farris:
married Robert Walter Looney 9-10-1891.
This per marriage records.

Laura Farris married Frank Looney.

James Walter Farris:
married Sarah Looney in 1893 per marriage records.
Amanda Jane Farris:
married James Franklin Morris in 1887 per marriage records.
D.A.'s records show that she died in 1933.

9. Louisa Farris (Davidson) was born 1832.
She married Benjamin Franklin Trammell in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi,
son of Hamilton Trammell and Elizabeth Kite.

Children of Louisa Farris and Benjamin Trammell are:

60. i. Mahala Trammell, born November 1856 i Iuka, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi; died Feb. 01, 1905 in Cass Co., TX.
61. ii. Lovic P. Trammell, born 1859 in Iuka, Tishomingo Co., MS; died 1922 in Cass Co., TX.

D.A. Comments:

Was this before Louisa was married?
D.A. has written a date for the marriage, but it was cut off while being copied.

10. Commodore Perry Farris (Davidson) was born 1834 in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi.
He married Sarah E. Edmonson,
daughter of John Edmonson and Mary.

Children of Commodore Farris and Sarah Edmonson are:

62. i. John Farris, born 1856.
He married Matilda Bollingoer June 27, 1887 in Stone county, AR
63. ii. Amanda H. Farris, born 1859.
She married J.R. Marris January 1887, in Stone county, AR.
64. iii.` Mary E. Farris, born 1861.
65. iv. Martha Ellen Farris, born 1864.

D.A. comments:

Sarah E. Edmonson is in question.
Sarah was born in 1840 in AL.
Was Sarah E. Edmonson maybe Overcash?

Born when Mom was 13 years old? Sarah Farris born 1853.

Amanda H. Farris is really Alex Monroe - not Amanda.
James Franklin Morris
married "Munn's" daugther Amanda on this date.

Mary E. Farris aka "Lizabeth"

11. Mahala Farris (Davidson) was born July 1834 in Crystal Springs, AR ; and died in Crystal Springs, AR.
She married James C. Trammell Feb. 12, 1857 in Tishomingo Co., MS,
son of Hamilton Trammell and Elizabeth Kite.

Notes for James C. Trammell:

The 1900 census shows they had 6 children, but only 5 were living.

More about James C. Trammell:
Occupation: Postmaster of Iuka County.

Children of Mahala Farris and James Trammell are:

66. i. Ctystal Elizabeth Trammell, born Dec. 11, 1859 in Sheridan, Grant Co., AR; died April 15, 1904 in Crystal Springs, AR.
67. ii. James Marion Trammell, born Sept 27, 1861.
68. iii. Leandrew Franklin Trammell, born May 1864.
69. iv. Joseph William Trammell, born December 2, 1867.
70. v. Clara Isabella Trammell, born May o3, 1870.

D.A. comments:

Child of Mahala Farris and James Trammell -- John Trammell after 1857.
Crystal Elizabeth Trammell -- is this Clarinda? Did she marry Robert Lewis Fulton?
Need follow on all children and verifying document or source.

* Who was Nancy Cathrine Turner b. 7-5-1879 MS md. 1901 to William Prentiss Byrd?

* Blassingame Hamm AFN2W4C-CQ microfilm #1394322
Who? *Elisha Davidson Farris b. 1798 -- AFN1C$N-GSB
*Submission #AF95-103552 T.J. Willmuth 14111Powers Lewiston 10 83501

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