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Would you like to join the Christian Holiday Webring? Do you make holiday graphics or have a holiday page? I hope you said yes! If you did then please read the following and then submit your site to me, and check your email.

To Be Added....

(1) Since this is a Christian webring, being a Christian is a basic that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died on the cross for your sins, and that salvation is only given by the grace of God to those who believe in His Son. These are the basic requirements of the Christian faith and are mandated by the Bible (KJV, NKJV, NIV, NAS);

(2) You need to have at least one holiday page at all times. In this I mean anything from Martin Luther King Jr. day and Christmas to the Canadian Thanksgiving. Loving home-like pages are encouraged!

(3)Make sure that you list in your page description and keywords if you have your own (you have made them yourself) holiday graphics or a personal holiday page, or both. This is so that when people are surfing through the ring they can go to just the type of page they want.

(4) Please make sure that you have only good, clean links on your page. If you use some sort of banner exchange, it needs to reflect an "any age viewing" content. if you have any questions about this, just email me and I will try and help. Also I ask that if you have any Halloween pages they only be in fun or give some sort of history on it.
This is a Christian webring. No scary Halloween graphics, skulls, witches and such!!!
To understand why I say no to these things, please check out Dave & Debbie's Halloween page here. I have no problem with little funny faced pumpkins and scarecrow people graphics, and All Saints Eve pages are great.

Ok, thats it! Use the submit form and you will be getting the code for CHW in your email in a few minutes or hours, depending on your server. PLEASE download the graphics for the ring onto your own computer (please do not alter them) and then email me to let me know you have placed the fragment on your page. You now have several different graphic holiday styles to choose from. Go [Here]for more holidays. I will be making more for the different holidays in the next few months. These are matching sets, please use them in that way.
God Bless,

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