Welcome to our home page and the Valley of the Sun !

Hi, were Bill and Lisa and we live in Phoenix, AZ . We have lots of hobbies, camping, boating , sports, tubing,  raising of Saint Bernard dogs, genealogy and we sell real estate in Arizona. Our family is ever growing and expanding and we really enjoy it.. We have 4 grandchildren and one more on the way. The grand  kids really enjoy Barbie and Goliath. They are both great with the kids, saints are the most patience with the kids crawling, sitting and riding on them. Anna would not know what to do with out Barbie. Anna shares everything with Barbie, Sometimes we wish she wouldn'tů but kids and dogs. We are looking for a sister for Barbie to play with and I'm sure Goliath won't mind.  We hope you enjoy hunting around our page.

Hello to all  Clients and Customers and Family that make all this possible,       Hi:  Amy , Julie, Judy, Christy, Matt, Shelly, Josh, Ken, Sid, J.R., Bob, Lynn, Debbie, and The Saint Bernard Club of Greater Phoenix.