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Russell, Lyn, Scott, Matthew and Brett Moan of

Myrtle Creek, Oregon

This page is designed to help pass photos to Family and Friends.

Our interests include: Boy Scouts,Computers,Digital Photography, Games(Matt),Drama and Humor(Scott).

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McPheat Photo Page for Pat Beattie
McPheat Photo page
Lyn's Photo page (not up yet)

Well I finally got back onto the Home Page today (11/1/98) to add some pictures of
Lyn's Grandmother's Side of the Family for a long lost relative Pat Beattie of Scotland!
And for William of Montana too!
Welcome to the family Pat and William!

The "Lyn's Page" will have some fairly current photos of Lyn's side of the family. ENJOY!

Genealogy page comming soon - BEFORE CHRISTMAS!
If you have any MOAN family genealogy please contact Russ

Help us build a master Genealogy file of ALL the MOANs!

A few favorite links

A couple of the photo's loaded so far.

Summer 97 Photo Page

Russell's Great Aunt and Uncles
1996 BSA Klondike Derby - Fire Building
1996 BSA Klondike Derby - Dog Food Shoot
Scott's Eagle Project Jan98 - Firepit #2
Scott's Eagle Project Jan98 - Adam Collins on Firepit #3

Christmas (1959?)
Mom, Dad and Ricky as baby

Family Picnic August 1995 - Mom's side of the family
Family Picnic August 1996 - The Entire Gang

Grand Canyon - 1997 Lyn, Scott, Matt and Brett

Email Lyn or Russ at lmoan@pioneer-net.com (and YES, This e-mail link finally WORKS!) .

Please send your comments and picture requests.


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