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We are committed to creating new generations of peaceful, responsible, compassionate children who have higher self-esteem and better cooperation skills through positive and effective parenting education classes, workshops, in-service programs and discussion groups.

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What People Are Saying:

"Excellent, Informative, Humorous, REAL!!  Liz Porcelli is a real-live mom with real effective parenting advice!"

Joy Calabrese, Parent
Summit, NJ

"Liz provided crystal clear images and spoke so well; I was able to easily picture each situation."

Judi Silver, Parent
New Brunswick, NJ

"This workshop was wonderful. I plan to apply these techniques at home and in my classroom. I also plan to share this information with my family and colleagues."

Stacy McCully, Teacher
Monroe, NJ

"As a result of attending this class I've discovered how my own behavior may escalate or de-escalate difficult situations at home and in the classroom. This is the 2nd time I've attended one of Mrs. Porcelli's programs ---- Terrific!"

Casey T. Sisio, Teacher
Somerville, NJ