17th Century Prayer

Lord Thou knowest better than I know myself,
That I am growing older and will some day be old.
Keep me from getting talkative and from  the fatal habit 
of thinking that I must say something on every subject 
and on every occasion.


Release me from craving to  try to sort out everybody's affairs
Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details.
Give me wings to get to the point. 

Seal my lips on aches and pains,
they are increasing and love of rehearsing them is becoming 
sweeter as the years go by.


I ask for Grace enough to listen to the tales of other's pains
 Help me to endure them with patience. but seal my lips on
my own aches and pains.  They are increasing and my love
  of rehearsing them is becoming  sweeter as the years go by.

Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be
mistaken.  Keep me reasonably sweet.
I do not want to be a saint, some of them are so hard to live with,
but a sour old person is one of the crowning works of the devil.


Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places
and talents in unexpected people.
Give me oh Lord,  the grace to tell them so.

Make me thoughtful and not moody, helpful but not bossy.
With my vast store of wisdom it seems a pity not to use it all,
but Thou knowest Lord, that I want a few friends at the end.



Every time I pass the Church
I pay a little visit.
So when at last I'm carried in,
The Lord won't say "Who is it."


Ten Commandments to cut stress.

Thou shalt not be perfect, nor even try to be.
Thou shalt not try to be all things to all people.
Thou shalt leave things undone that ought to be done.
Thou shalt not spread thyself too thin.


Thou shalt learn to say no.
Thou shalt schedule time for thyself
and thy supportive network.
Thou shalt switch off and do nothing regularly.

Thou shalt be boring, untidy, inelegant
and unattractive at times.
Thou shalt not even feel guilty.


Especially, though shalt not be thine own worst enemy,
but be thy best friend.


Prayer prescription.

If you would have God hear when you pray,
you must hear Him when He speaks.


Prayer does not need proof,  only practice.
Live prayerfully, the life you save,  may be your own.

A lot of kneeling keeps you in good standing
with God.


If you are too busy to pray, you are too busy.
You cannot stumble if you are on your knees.


A lot of prayers as we go through life
will save a big one in case of emergency.