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Buchanan Castle

photo copyright 1997 Quin McWhirter

Clarior Hinc Honos / Audaces Juvo

"There is a castle on a cloud,
I like to go there in my sleep,
Aren't any floors for me to sweep,
Not in my castle on a cloud"

from "Les Miserables"


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Since 12 Feb 1998

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    Me, Myself and I
    Here is just a wee bit of background on myself in case you're interested.

    Brave Clan Buchanan!
    This is one of my two Clan affiliations of which I am very proud.

    Clan MacLennan
    This is the second of my two Clan affiliations.

    Scotland Aye!
    Some of the finest Scottish links around. Anything from touring Scotland to learning Gaelic...from shopping for Scottish items to Scottish history!

    Genealogy Links
    Here are some of the best genealogy links on the Web. I hope that they may prove interesting and/or useful to you.

    Homepages of Friends of mine These are really well worth the visit! Please sign their guest books while visiting them.

    The Funny Side of the Street
    This page contains some of my favourite jokes which I hope will tickle your funny bone. Enjoy!

    Heart Tugs
    This page is dedicated to tid bits of a poignant nature which have touched my heart in some tender way. Hope that you will be touched by them too.

    Castles of Scotland
    Take a virtual tour of some of the many castles scattered throughout Scotland.

    Cooking Scottish
    For your culinary pleasure, some traditional Scottish recipes.

    My Utmost For His Highest
    This is a daily devotional written by one of our very own! Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) was born in Scotland and spent much of his childhood there. Truly an inspirational site to visit.

    Celtic Entertainment
    Visit some truly outstanding sites to be entertained in a Celtic fashion.

    Scottish and Celtic Games Listings
    The place to go to find upcoming Scottish and Celtic events and festivals

    The Scottish Lion
    My favorite Scottish catalog. You may request copies of their several catalogs by calling 1-800-355-7268. Their prices are no higher than anywhere else I have found and they have a tremendous selection to choose from. In one of their catalogs there are 13 pages of tartan thumbnail sketches to locate your own tartans from. Take a look!

    Here are some more of my websites which you may also enjoy visiting:

    Gathering of Scottish Clans
    This is my own Scottish forums site. You are encouraged to visit and join us there.

    The Rogues Gallery
    This is a gallery of folks who have been posters in Scottish forums sites that I frequent.

    L'amour! Toujours L'amour!
    This is my romance site featuring beautifully sweet old fashioned love song lyrics which may be sent between sweethearts as love letters.

    ladyinthemists' WW Point Counters
    This is my Weight Watchers forums site for those of you who, like me, want to loose unwanted pounds and get healthy. You are invited to join us there.


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March 8, 1933 - August 14, 2003

In memory of my dear longtime friend and great mentor,
Hal McClellan, the Hilander.
He will long be remembered by his many, many friends.
May you rest in peace, Hal, and breathe easy now.


I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Therefore, I wish to express my deep appreciation and thanks to those who have helped me in my efforts to get this site going. First, Antigone Yata who gave me the courage to want to begin. To Hal McClellan for his wonderful site which gave me inspiration as well as his personal assistance. To Kathleen, who has given me several "Heart Tugs" of my own. And last but most definitely not least, Juli Glas, without whose unselfish and most generous assistance this page would never have gotten off the ground. I owe them all a deep debt of gratitude.

If you have comments or questions, please feel free to email me!

Please come back and visit me again soon. Take care and God bless!


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