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Earth-Spider Spitit incarated as a monster,
from "Tsuchi-Gumo" Kabuki play

For the people first visiting my Page...

You may wondering WHY TARANTULA AS PET ?! Read the following and judge bby yourself.

Top 10 reasons Tarantulas make good pets

10. Easy to feed- just a few crickets per week
9. No smelly cage
8. Don't need to go outside- no getting up in the middle of the night
7. No litter box to clean
6. Don't take up much space in the house
5. Very quiet-won't bark at the mailman
4. You don't have to walk them
3. Won't shed all over everything
2. They come in lots of colors and sizes
1. Your friends DON'T want to take them out and play with them

adopted from "Other Side of the Universe" page

I am convinced. I want to learn more.
I still don't understand. Need more information.

This page is for the world people to communicate with Asian enthusiasts of spiders (especially tarantulas and culture on spiders). We, Asians, are very much lacking the information on tarantulas, While there are growing numbers of tarantula keepers today in countries like Japan. Asian species are also my interests. Not much studies on Asian species have been shared worldwide.


At this moment, I have full English texts only in some pages.
I will keep updating my English pages by adding translation of
Japanese pages.

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