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1. Mr. Fischer m. _____ Unknown.

2.iChristianm. Magdalena Yoder
iiUlrichm. Mary Kennel

Second Generation

2. Christian Fisher m. Magdalena Yoder, b. ca 1724, Europe, (daughter of Mr. Yoder and " Barbara" Unknown). Christian died 1768, Tuscarawas Co., OH.

iVeronicab. 1750m. Ludwig Riehl
3.iiMagdalenab. 1752m. John Zug
iiiChristianb. 1757m. (1) Barbara Yoder
m. (2) Susanna Souder
ivPeterm. Barbara Souder (?)
vBarbaram. Christian Detweiler
viAnnam. Christian Kauffman
viiElizabethm. Abraham Kurtz

Third Generation
3. Magdalena Fisher b. 1752, PA, m. John Zug, b. 1756, Berks Co., PA, (son of John Zug and Veronica Unknown) d. 1823, Mifflin Co., PA. Magdalena died Mifflin Co., PA.

iDanielb. 1779m. Magdalena Lantz
iiChristianb. 1781m. Anna Lapp
iiiJohnb. 1783
ivMaryb. 1786m. Christian Esh
vMagdalenab. 1788m. Joseph Lapp
viElizabethb. 1790m. George Boller
viiJacobb. 1792m. (1) Elizabeth Evans
m. (2) Rebecca Yoder
m. (3) Catherine Kauffman
viiiBarbarab. 1795m. Jacob Plank

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