Georgia Bible Records

Bowden, Camilla Downing - 1933

(Wife of Hollis Hulin Bowden)
Present owner: Mrs. Albert Lee Hale, Watkinsville, Ga., Rte.1.


Carrie Lee -Died Dec. 26, 1933.
Herman -Died Mch. 21, 1938.
Mellie -Died-June 27th 1939.
Sarah Lee -Died June 17th 1940.
Cosby was killed Dec. 15th 1944 in Italy.
Adell died

Bowden, George W. - 1771

Family Bible record of GEORGE W. BOWDEN
Cornelia, Georgia
Present owner: Mrs. A. L. Hale, Watkinsville, Ga., Rte. 1.
George W. Bowden & Jane I. Estes was married January the 7th, 1858
Hollis H. Bowden & Camelia C. Downing were married August 17th, 1880 by the Rev. Mr. Cleveland.
James J. Bowden & Bessie J. Daniel were married Feb. 14th, 1887 by the Rev. A. D. Echols.
Charles Sweet and Annabel Bowden were married June 27, 1888 by Rev. J. H. Baxter.
Idus I. Bowden and Sallie T. Whelchel were married December 17th, 1891 by Rev. J. H. Little.
Hollis H. Bowden was born Nov. 28th, 1858
Idus I. Bowden was born Feb. 25th, 1860
James J. Bowden was born Dec. 25th, 1861
Annabel Lee Bowden was born March 11th, 1866. Sunday morning
George W. Bowden was born Sept. 29th, 1830
Jane I. Bowden was born Sept. 13th, 1830
George O. Bowden was born Sept. 4th, 1881
Hulin I. Bowden was born Arpil 4th, 1883
Carrie L. Bowden was born March 8th, 1885
Theodore J. Bowden was born Jany. 15th, 1887
(See note below)


George Warren Bowden died at his home in Cornelia, Ga. On the 10 Oct. 1903
R. N. Bowden died in Atlanta on the 19 July 1903
S. L. Bowden died at his home in Gandbury, Texas on the 12 July, 1903
Judge J. B. Estes died at his home in Gainesville on 15 September 1903
Jane J. Bowden died at her home in Cornelia, Ga. Aug 17, 1908 about 5 o'clock in the morning.
Eliza Estes Headen died at Tocca, Ga. Dec. 1909
Cynthia C. Brewer died March 20, 1911
Sallie Whelchel Bowden died July 1913
Idus I. Bowden died at his home in Buford, Ga. January 13, 1917
Bessie Daniel Bowden died at her home in New York Nov. 7, 1925
Annabel Lee Bowden Sweet died Dec. 11th, 1926 at her home in Athens, Ga.
Jas. Jackson Bowden died at Hulin Bowden's Oct. 22nd 1929 in Athens

Nathaniel Estes born May 15th, 1777 and Died Nov. 14th, 1841
Thos. Estes born March 4th, 1803. Died May 21st, 1841
Nancy Estes, Sen. born 26th Oct. 1771. Died July 31st, 1856
Nancy Richardson born July 8th 1806 and Died 4th March 1856
Eliz. Brown born July 1st, 1808 and Died Decr. 1st, 1856
From an obituary pasted in the Bible: "James G. Bowden a Deacon of the Presbyterian Church of Homer, Ga. Fell asleep in Jesus Monday night, January 4th, 1892. He was born March 27th, 1801 in North Carolina. He removed to South Carolina when 19 years of age ----- married Miss Eliza Forbes ----removed to what was then Franklin now Banks Co., Georgia. --- His aged wife had preceded him to heaven about fifteen years."

Note: Information given by Mrs. A. L. Hale, daughter of Hollis H. Bowden:
The four children listed before the deaths on page 1 are children of Hollis H. and Camelia C. Bowden. Six additional children are listed the Bible of Hollis Bowden.
Bible published 1860 by B. Lippincott, Philadelphia.

Bowden, Hollis Hulin - 1858

Family Bible record of HOLLIS HULIN BOWDEN
(Habersham, Co., Hall Co. Clarke Co. & Oconee Co., Ga.)
Present owner: Mrs. Albert Lee Hale.-Watkinsville, Ga. - R. F. D.
Bible -The World Syndicate Publishing Co. N.Y.
Hollis H. Bowden & Camilla C. Downing were married August the 17th 1880. Tuesday night.
Quillin Ledford & Carrie Lee Bowden were married 5th day Oct 1903. Monday Morn.
George O. Bowden & Cora Parks were married 22nd day of Dec. 1903 Tuesday.


Hollis H. Bowden was born November 28th 1858.
Camilla C. Bowden was born July 31st 1862.
1-George O. Bowden was born September 4th 1881. Sunday morning.
2-Hulin I. Bowden was born April 4th 1883 Wednesday Night.
3-Carrie Lee Bowden was born March 9th 1885 Monday Morning.
4-Theadore J. Bowden was born January 15th 1887 Saturday Morning.
5-Arthur L. Bowden was born May 9th 1889 Thursday morning.
6-Herman D. Bowden was born April 18th 1892 Monday morning.
7-Carl Micajah Bowden was born Sept. 15th 1894 Saturday Morning.
8-Jane Victoria Bowden was born Oct. 15th 1897 Friday Morning.
9-Jerusha Alline Bowden was born Nov. 5th 1899 Sunday night.
10-Roy Alva Bowden was born February 15th 1902 Saturday Night.


Charlie Sweet- Died May 7th 1894.
Harry Reeves Buice - Died August 25th 1895.
Julia A. Buice - Died October 3d 1895.
Edward C. Buice was killed Nov. 10th 1898.
George W. Bowden Died 10th day of Oct. 1909.

Bowden, James G. - 1810

Family record of JAMES G. BOWDEN
Franklin County (now Banks County) Georgia.
J. G. Bowden and J. E. Forbes was married December 29th 1822
J. G. Bowden was born Mar. The 27th, 1801
J. E. Bowden was born Aug the 10- 1805
Lorenza Bowden was born Oct. The 20th, 1823
A. B. Bowden was born Oct. The 20th, 1825
A. G. Bowden was born July the 18th, 1827
G. W. Bowden was born Sept. The 29th 1830
C. C. Bowden was born Apr the 4 - 1833
S. L. Bowden was born Feb 27 - 1836
R. N. Bowden was born Aug the 23 - 1838
W. P. Bowden was born July the 9 - 1842
J. H. Bowden was born Jan the 23 - 1845
J. E. Bowden Died Oct the 1st, 1879
Lorenza Bowden Died Feb. The 28th, 1826
W. P. Bowden Died June the 23 rd, 1845
J. H. Bowden Died Apr. The 15 th 1864
Cuntha Forbes Died Nov the 7, 1845
S. L. Bowden died the 12 of July at his home in Texas 1903
R. N. Bowden died the 19 of July at the Kings daughters home in Atlanta Ga. 1903

Brooks, W. W. - 1801

Family Bible record of W. W. BROOKS
Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
                    Born           Died          
W. W. Brooks           11-13-1826           5-1-1900
L. P. Brooks           11-3-1842          7-3-1908
Fanny Brooks           1-19-1864           1908
W. P. Brooks           12-4-1866           1924
A. L. Brooks           3-23-1869          2-2-1925
T. C. Brooks           6-29-1871           12-17-1936
T. H. Brooks           4-11-1873           1920
E. C. Brooks           8-4-1883           1923


W. W. Brooks Sept. 15, 1859 at Antioch, L. P. Armistead now Stephens.

Burger, David - 1720

Family Bible record of David Burger
Charleston, S. C.
Nicholas Burger, b 23 July 1720 m 4 Sept 1749 Jane b 5 Feb 1721 issue David Burger, b 5 Sept 1750 and arrived in Charles Town S. C., 3 of April 1774 from New York.
David Burger, d 24 Sept. 1804 age 55 yrs. M. Catherine Cleator 4 June 1775, she d 20 May 1777, age 27 yrs.
David Burger m 2nd Mary Elmes (b 1760) 6 Nov 1777 she d 21 Nov 1802, age 42 yrs,
1. David Devore Burger, son of David & Mary b and d 7 July 1778
2. John Burger, son of David & Mary b 16 July 1780 d May 1781
3. Thomas Elmes Burger, son of David and Mary b 18 June 1782 d 28 Aug 1783
4. Mary Burger, dau of David & Mary b 6 Nov. 1783 d 18 July 1785
5. William Burger, son of David & Mary b 3 Apr 1785 d 15 Mar 1816 age 30 yrs. 11 mo. 12 days
6. George Burger, son of David & Mary b 5 July 1886 d 11 Oct 1820 M 9 Aug 1813 Mary Jordan, St. Mary’s Ga. B. 26 June 1800 D 25 Feb 1825 age 24 y 7 m 29 d.
7. Harriet Burger, dau of David & Mary b. 1 Jan 1788 m. in New York Jacob Bininger of N.Y.
8. Charles Burger, son of David & Mary b 6 Apr 1789 d 26 Jan 1822 m in Charleston, 23 Dec 1813 Lavinia Lesterjette, of Orangeburg S. C.
9. Maria Burger, dau. Of David & Mary b. 20 Feb 1791 d. 16 Sept 1872 m in Charleston 9 Mar 1816 Samuel Alexander, b 27 Sept 1787 d 16 July 1866.
10. Samuel Burger, son of David & Mary, b. 6 Dec 1792 d 1 Jan 1846 m Elizabeth Gabeau, of Charleston
11. Charlotte Burger, dau of David & Mary, b 15 Dec 1794 d 27 Sept 1875
12. Robert Burger, son of David & Mary, b 8 Mar 1797 d 18 May 1828.

Bush, Wilie - 1807

Family Bible record of Wilie Bush
Oglethorpe Co., Georgia
Present Owner: J. H. Patman, Athens, Georgia.


Wilie Bush & his wife Elizabeth was married the 29th of Decm 1830
Isaac Thornton was married to his wife Jane the 15th of Mar. 1833


Wilie Bush was born the 6th of July 1807 A. D.
Elizabeth his wife was born the 25th of June 1814 A. D.
T. Jasper Bush was born the 1st May, 1832 A. D.
Mary Jane Bush Daughter of Wilie Bush and his wife Elizabeth was born the 29th of August 1833 A. D.
William Newton Bush was born the 26th of August 1835
Sophrona Josaphine Bush was born the 11th of May 1837
A premature Birth of a son that only lived a few hours born in Oct. 1838
Rebecca Ann Judson Bush was born the 13th of Oct. 1839
Wilie Harrison Bush was born the 10th Jan. 1841
Wade Bush was born 31 Jan. 1842
John E. Collier was born November 7th, 1852


Guy Bush was Born April 2nd 1884
Bessie Bush was born July 14th 1885
Edwin Bush was born ----


Thomas Jasper Bush Departed this Life the 30th Day of Jany 1835. Aged 2 years, 8 months & 29 Days,
Wilie Bush Departed this life the 10th Oct. 1841.
Elizabeth Collier Departed this life April 1st, 1868.
William Patman died Nov. 28, 1897
(Information contributed by Mr. J. H. Patman, grandson of Wilie and Elizabeth Bush:
Elizabeth Bush after the death of her husband Wilie Bush Married John Collier. One Child: John E. Collier)

Brown, Benjamin -1787

Family Bible record of BENJAMIN BROWN
Madison County, Georgia.
Present owner: Mrs. W. G. Barrett, Bishop, Georgia

Benjamin Brown & Anna Griffeth now Anna Brown was married December 22nd 1808
Richard T. Sorrels & Avelonah Brown now Avelonah Sorrels was married February 7th 1828
James Nun and Sarah Brown was married January the 2nd Day 1839.
Joseph Williams and Deademony Brown was married the 13th of August 1840
I. M. McGinnes and Ann Brown now Ann McGinnes was married 23rd January 1845
Nathanial Stricklin and Melita J. Brown was married 26 August 1841
Matthew Stricklin and Mary J. Stricklin was married 22 December 1842
Robert Y. Brown and Mary his wife was married 22nd December 1842
Zemmily B. Brown and David H. Payne was married 26 December 1850

Benjamin Brown was Born January 1st A. D. 1787
Anna Brown was born August 31st A. D. 1791
Avelonah Brown was born January 14th A. D. 1810
Sarah Brown was born September 9th 1811
Robert Y. Brown was born June 11th A. D. 1813
Lucy A. Brown was born June 25th A. D. 1815
James W. Brown was born 7th January (1845)?
Benjamin McGinnis
Desdemony Brown was born November 8th A. D. 1818
Miraan G. Brown was born February 28th A. D. 1823
Mary E. Brown was born February 26th A. D. 1825
Neomy A. Brown was born June 3rd 1827
Mality J. Brown was born 7th January 1830
Suseannah Emeline Brown was born June the 21st 1832
Zemmily B. Brown was born August 2nd 1834
Sarah Brown Nun (Nan) had a daughter borned November the 30th 1839. Elizabeth Ann.
Robert Y. Williams was born October the 16 in A. D. 1841
Mahuldoh I. Nun was born July the 8th 1842
Robert Jackson Sorrels was born May the 10th 1842
Darper L. Sorrels was born 26 November 1843
Rebecker A. Williams was born June 8th 1844
Oliver Strickland was born September 13th 1842
Desdemony M. Brown was borned the 9th November 1843
Avalone L. Brown was borned the 11th July 1845
Richard T. Sorrells was born 6th April 1848.

Elizabeth A. Nun departed this life December 3 Robert G. Brown departed this life December 18, 1856
Ann Sarah Griffeth departed this life January 16, 1858
Mirum J. Brown departed this life January 21, 1859
Benjamin Brown departed this life January 27, 1865
Richard T. Sorrells departed this life June 23, 1858
Zackariah F. Sorrells departed this life November 18, 1853

Coleman, Augustus A. - 1818

Family Bible record of AUGUSTUS A. COLEMAN
Jackson County, Georgia
Present owner: Mrs. W. A. Evans, 798 Baxter St., Athens, Ga.

William Evans to Selena Williams
Augustus A. Coleman to Ann Smith, June 22, 1851
James A. Evans to Georgia V. Coleman, November 17, 1876
Vera A. M. Evans to D. O. Dailey, December 15, 1902
Addie P. Evans to L. P. Hester, December 28, 1903
William A. Evans to Lulie Hawks, May 15th, 1904
John C. Evans to Ina Stone, April 25, 1907

Augustus A. Coleman. Jan. 15th, 1818
Ann Smith Coleman. Jan. 1st, 1825
William A. Coleman, June 27th, 1853
John F. Coleman. September 27th, 1855
Georgia V. Coleman. January 19th, 1858
Samuel A. Coleman. March 19th, 1860
Tulula F. Coleman. December 19th, 1862
William A. Evans. October 3rd, 1879
Addie P. Evans. February 1st, 1882
Vera A. M. Evans. May 31st, 1884
John C. Evans. June 26th, 1887
Mamie Lou Evans. December 10th, 1893
James A. Evans. December 3rd, 1854
Robert Evans. September 11th, 1856

Deaths Augustus A. Coleman. July 12, 1865
Ann Smith Coleman. January 15th, 1915
William A. Coleman. August 10, 1869
John F. Coleman. March 1st, 1894
Samuel A. Coleman ----
James A. Evans. August 6th, 1907
Vera A. M. E. Dailey, November 27th, 1922
Herbert Hester. November 28th, 1921
Addie P. E. Hester, October 17th, 1928
Louise Evans. January 9th, 1927
Georgia V. Coleman Evans, Jan. 8, 1931

Coleman, Robert L. - 1869

Family Bible record of Robert L. Coleman, Athens, Ga.
Present Owner, Mrs. Emma Coleman Winn, 285 Bloomfield St., Athens, Ga.

Robert L. Coleman & Emma Allgood was married August 1887
Willie L. D. Winn and Emma Coleman were unite in the holy bonds of Matrimony November 8 1896.
Fred R. Horton and Lola Winn were married July 3rd 1919.

Robert L. Coleman Bornd April the 25 1869 in the St of Georgia Jackson Co.
Albert Hamilton and Willie Elbert twin Sons of Willie and Emma Winn born November 12 1904
Idabel Lee Coleman was Bornd March 29, 1891 Athens Ga.
Sarah Elizabeth Winn, daughter of Willie and Emma Winn was born March 3rd 1906.

Robert L. Coleman Died July 26 1892 in Athens Ga
Robert Lee Coleman father of Henry Leonidas and Idabel Leona Coleman departed this life July 26 1892.
Charles Asa Second Son of Willie and Emma Winn departed this life November 24 1901.
Albert Hamilton twin son of Willie and Emma Winn died November 14 1904
Willie Elbert died December 22 1904
Willie L. Winn died April 3rd 1907

Athens, Ga

Willie L. D. Winn was born August 24 1869.
Emma Lizzie Allgood was born September 3rd 1870.
Robert Lee Coleman was born April 25 1869.
Henry Leonidas, first son of Robert and Emma Coleman born February 25 1889
Idabel Leona, first and only daughter of Robert and Emma Coleman born March 29 1891
Sadie Lola first daughter of Willis and Emma Winn born August 26 1897.
Charlie Asa first Son of Willis and Emma Winn born January 6 1900.
Omer Federick Second Son of Willie and Emma Winn born July 20 1902.

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