The Southampton Parent, Teacher, Association of Bedford County, Pa. was organized March 4, 1949. The first P.T.A. meeting was held in the Methodist Church, Chaneysville, Pa.

The temporary officers were:

    President: Wilbur E. Dicken

    Vice President: Stella Bennett

    Secretary: Mary Swartzwelder

    Treasurer: Leila Trail

P.T.A. members had to pay the National P.T.A. .35 per person to join. On May 14, 1949 there were 46 members with a balance of $11.90 in the treasury.

The first P.T.A. officers for the 1954-55 school term of the new Chaneysville Elementary School with a balance of $67.24 in their treasury were:

    President: Marvin Roberts

    Vice President: M. Cooper

    Secretary: Dorothy Hartsock

    Treasurer: Kenneth Hartsock