Southampton Post Offices

Once there were four widely scattered post offices here in Southampton Township: Beans Cove, Chaneysville, Hewitt, and Elbinsville.

The isolated community of Beans Cove is situated between Tussey Mountain on the east, Evitts mountain on the west and Martin Hill on the north. This post office was established May 27, 1872 as Bean's Cove with William Donahue as the postmaster. Thomas Donahue took over Dec. 1,1894 when the name was changed to Beans Cove. It was closed on May 31, 1906 when the mail went to Flintstone, Md.

The Chaneysville Post Office was opened on July 13,1855 with Alexander Fletcher as the postmaster, then it closed Sept. 6,1858. Only to reopen Sept. 24,1860 with John H P Adams as postmaster. It was closed forever Nov. 15, 1938 when the mail from our township was delivered by the post office in Flintstone, Md. This continued until the late 70's.

Elbinsville post office served this sparsely settled area which today borders Mann Township. William Lashley was postmaster from May 7,1852-Sept.1,1879, he sent the mail to Chaneysville. Later on Jan. 21, 1880 it was re-established by David Tewell until Dec. 30, 1922 when the mail was routed to went to Flintstone, today this area is serviced by Artemas, Pa.

About eight miles south of Chaneysville is the Hewitt post office/store which is still standing at the intersection. The Hewitt post office was established on May 28, 1897 and was opened until May 31, 1907 with Postmaster Arthur McElfish. An interesting note...between Feb. 9 and May 28, 1897 the post office was originally established as McElfish! So after three short months McElfish became Hewitt. Between the post office and the Hewitt covered bridge stood the McElfish's grist mill, the Mason/Dixon line is not far away.

Today with the exception of Elbinsville, our mail comes through the Clearville Post Office.

source: B.McKain and his book the Penna. Postal History The Post Office & First Postmasters from 1775-1994 by Smith & Kay