The Powell's

As you enter Sweet Root Park you will be amazed at the history that is surrounding you. The first explorers led by Thomas Powell made the dangerous 300 mile expedition from Jamestown, Virginia into this area as early as 1625. This was 50 years before William Penn received the charter for his colony.

Another Powell, Joseph led the first thirteen settlers into this area before he went back to Virginia. In 1737, he returned to the Sweet Root area with his brother George. Joseph, built a trading post situated near the Old Iroquois Indian Trail, on Little Sweet Root Creek at the foot of Tussey mountain.

On the path that leads to the broken down bridge is the "rabbit rock" which got it's name because of the giant rabbit track imprinted in the flat rock.

p> In the early 1900's this sawmill owned by the Greguss Kormierkowski family was located further upstream from the trading post.

Joseph Powell's 1st cousin was Robert Ray, who had a trading post near what is now Bedford. In Sept. 1756, Robert Ray got sick at his post and four men, Joseph Powell, John Perrin, Michael Huff, and a Mr. Vogan carried him to the Sweet Root area to the "Powell Trading Post". Ray stayed there until he felt better, he then walked 6 miles south of the post to his sister's home, Mrs. John Perrin. A few days later he died and was buried on the Perrin farm.

According to Mrs. Henry Nicum...

***Capt. John Powell came to Jamestown in command of a frigate, he brought with him, the first slave into the colony. (VA. history gives her name as Brass). John was Burgess in 1657-58 and in 1666 he was an Assemblyman of Elizabeth City,
***Capt. John Powell married a sister of Governor Argel, they had a son George in 1660.
***George Powell had two sons who settled in Southampton Twp., Joseph (who had the trading post) and George (who found the salt petre cave).
***Nathaniel Powell was governor and member of the Virginia Council in 1619 of Jamestown.
***Nathaniel had a son Thomas who arrived in Jamestown in the fall of 1620 commanding the "Seafoam", Five years later, Thomas led the expedition here.
***Joseph Powell was the son of George, grandson of John and a grand-nephew of Thomas Powell who led the expedition here in 1625.