04 or 05/00/66 My mother gave birth in April or May of 1966 under a false name at least this is what she told my father. He did not know her at the time of the birth,but they were married in October 1966 and along came me in July 1967. He said that she wanted to get pregnate again soon! probably to help fill the void of being forced to give up a child by her own parents. I questioned my aunt about this and she nearly took my head off!! And I let it go for a little while,but now it is driving me crazy!!!! I just recently got a computer and really don't know anything about it. I found you by chance! I have found that searching is not easy by far and I have only just begun. I live in South Carolina now, not Florida(too hot!) and I am limited at what I can do until we make a trip back down there. Oh yeah, my mother doesn't know that my dad told me about this and I have areally hard time talking to her to begin with. So I can't just ask her about it! My husband is trying to be supportive, but you know people can only do so much. Any thing you could tell me about searching in Florida would be appreciated. The birth took place at St. Joseph's Hospital, Pt. Charlotte, Fl,under the name of Dorothy Bowman.Sorry for taking up so much space, but once I get started it is hard to stop. Thank you for all you have done!!!!
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