A little sprinkling of angel dust to start your viewing journey.

Have you ever said to yourself..."what a close call that was!" or..."wow what a lucky break!"..? Well maybe you should consider that those times weren't lucky at all but instead.....the work of your guardian angel!!


I believe in angels and the help that they can give
I believe God gives us one for as long as we shall live
I believe that angels come in forms some with wings and some without
I believe that angels guard us..of that I have no doubt
I believe that angels roam the earth ever watchful for despair
I believe that angels guard our land,our waters,and our air
I believe the angels shed a tear when the words..I don't believe..are said
I believe the angels hear all prayers,even ones said in our head

I believe that every shiny star is an angels twinkeling eye
I believe that angel pillows are the clouds up in the sky
I believe in angels presence and their love and comfort too
I believe God gave us each our own,one for me and one for you.
written by and 7copy;pansy1999

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers,for in doing so,
some have entertained angels unknowingly.

Angel beauty
Angel divine
Angel glory
Angel of mine
Angel grace
Angel above
Angel devotion
Angel Love


I fear not the darkness surrounding me,as I prepare to slumber for the night

For deep inside my believing mind,I can faintly see my angels light

Into sweet dreams the light carries me,blessed respite for my weary mind

And in my dreams I hear angelic singing,so pure..so sweet..so soft..devine

When the new dawn breaks with all its splendor,gently warming the earth with its great light

My deepest,heartfelt gratitude I give to my angel who guarded me through the night.

written by andİPANSY1999

When it comes to recognizing angels......insight is better than eyesight

It isnt the size of the gift that matters......it's the size of the heart that gives it

Angels know us better than we know ourselves

Guardian angels never take vacations so,they may not come when you call them but, they will come when you need them

Jumping to conclusions is not a physical excercise

Don't let the cute angels of Victorian art fool you.....God's angels are no wimps

When you believe in angels......you have friends in high places

It's not enough to see the roses

Take the time to smell them too!

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