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The NSFL is the first stratomatic internet football 
league to be formed using the new computer game.
2008 Season Motto: Real Men Don't Kick Field Goals
Updated in red on 10/06/09
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We are using the 2008 season with version 9 of the computer football game. This will be our tenth season. We will be using the internet software which comes with the game. The 2008 regular season game is scheduled to begin late September 2008. All players will need the Stratomatic Football computer games latest version and the 2008 season. Cards and viewer are optional. Games equal to the actual season, sixteen games in 2008.

The league will be continuous ownership with the same franchise. We will be playing the seasons in chronological order.

Current NSFL Champion - 2007 New England Bradley Lane

List of owners for the 2008 season and actual 2008 W-L records.
Pittsburgh               12-4 Ron Martin New York(N)        12-4 Mike Kuduk 
New England         11-5 Bradley Lane Minnesota             10-6 Jay Reeder
New York(A)          9-7 Tom Cook Dallas                     9-7 Vic Artibey
Denver                    8-8 Don Morton Tampa Bay             9-7 Allan Deter
Seattle                   4-12 Dennis Crowley Chicago                  9-7 Rene Kondrat
Kansas City           2-14 Kurt Klein Washington            8-8 Gary Reeder
St. Louis                2-14 Kurt Klein Green Bay            6-10 Ron Dickinson

Games are to be played every 7 days. Three games per three week period. You may play out of order until the last few games of the season. Games played will be equal to that of the current season.

A schedule has already been made. The last four weeks of the season are mainly conference games. This will generate some playoff excitement at the end of the year. Two games against each team in your conference. Four games against the other conference weighted by the actual W-L record of 2008.

First place in each conference gets a bye. Next two highest records are wild card teams and play each other.  The winner plays the team with best record of the same conference. We will use a modified NFL tiebreaker system. If only TWO teams tie for the last wildcard the tiebreaker will be as follows. Head to head record, then record in conference. If still tied there will be a playoff game for the last spot.

Stock Teams - Continuous ownership. The team stays with the owner each year. This team is designated the “franchise
team”. The owner MUST play that team every year the owner and the team is available. (exception is the waiver team rule - see below)  The NSFL wants to promote continuous team ownership and discourage team hopping.

Waiver Rule - An owner may claim another owners franchise team as his waiver team. If that team then becomes available the owner with the earliest claim date MUST take the team. This team now becomes the “franchise team”. If the option for electing a waiver team is used it is a one time choice and cannot be changed. If an owner ends up with a waiver team that owner is not entitled to another waiver team ever.

Joe has Dallas as his franchise team
Sonny has Miami as his franchise team Dallas as his waiver team 11/2/01
Billy has Tampa Bay as his franchise team Dallas as his waiver team 11/22/01
Doug has Green Bay as his franchise team San Diego as his waiver team 11/2/01
Mark has San Diego as his franchise team

Joe quits.
Based on an earlier waiver team date Sonny gets Dallas, which becomes his franchise team. Sonny no longer is entitled to a waiver team EVER. Miami goes back into the team pool and may be picked up by new owners as a franchise team.

Main reason for waiver rule:
If someone wants to join the league but their favorite team is not available at that time this gives that person a chance to get their favorite team down the road. This is a one-time shot.

Back Up Managers
The league will try to have back up managers. These managers will play a game or take over a team if needed. These managers will become owners as soon as a franchise is available. Picks will be based on when the back up manager came into the league.

Rules House Rules 5 DBs or more limits
Penalties - yes Starting SE and FL may not go to the 3rd or 4th WR slot. 3rd/4th down or vs any 3/4 WR set
QB end runs limits - yes The starting Free Safety cannot play any other position. 3:00 left in the half, game, or overtime
RB Fatigue - yes Maximum of 3 Free Safety Blitzes per Half 6:00 left in the game and up by 9 or more points
Linebacker Run containment - yes Two double teams maximum unless in a 6 DB set. If offense is INSIDE the 10 or in a goal to go situation 3 double teams are allowed.
Updated Sack Rule - yes QB who enters game must stay in until drive ends or change of possession
Dump Off - yes
Variable Field Goal - yes

QB Pass Attempt Limits:
less than 25% of teams carded QB atts- 1st Quarter only
25% to 50% of teams carded QB atts- 1st Half only
greater than 50% of teams carded QB atts- no limit
adjust +/- 2% for each win over/under 8 wins
example- a team with 6 wins
the percentages are, less than <21%, 21% to 46%, >46% and up
these numbers will be used starting with the 2009 season instead of 20-40

******Special thanks to Nobis for his statkeeper******
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