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PTR - Paid To Read
Get paid by checking your mail, clicking on the link and wait. While you can do anything you want.

Steps and Information:

  1. You sign-up (for free), then you get a $0 up to $40 signup bonus for free and for being referred.
  2. Now that you've already signed-up, you will be mailed with PTR's where advertisers pay you for visiting their website.

  3. Each e-mail you received is worth $0.05 to $0.20 USD (depending on the advertiser). Inside that email, there’s a link wherein you have to click it to earn and wait for the timer for your account to be credited.
  4. Earnings are usually $50 USD a month, just for clicking and waiting while you’re chatting and surfing ;).
  5. Pay-outs: they are the minimum value where you can cash-out your money. If ever you cash-out, some PTR’s don’t pay directly to your door (money orders or check). Instead, they use E-Gold. Don’t worry for I have defined the PTR programs properly whether they pay by E-Gold or door. If you wish to choose E-Gold then click this link :: E-Gold.
  6. There are 3 ways to earn:

     a. Click and wait.
     b. Get down lines/referrals.
     c. Click, wait and get down lines.

     The best method is (c) since you can earn faster, but still you can earn by method (a).

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